Judgment Zone Jerk or Justified Driving Etiquette

Wednesday, December 6th


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When the wet is it. And bad things do. The rules change on the road. Driving etiquette it's that modified a little bit women's. Queen dear rainy years snowy. Inside 99 plus com yankees' slow down when you watch. You give yourself some braking distance that kind of thing. Without a doubt in every ten year on the ground and day every morning commute somebody does something. Had just either irritate you know. Or you think I had a chance to recruit food it's people are in their own little world. They're not respecting. Other people on the wrap your hair grew always want you know for the other guy defensive driving. But also like just. Just rude drivers like OK I know technically you don't have to move over but Jesse MI lane is running out and I need to emerged opinion be a little bit more polite yeah speed up for slowdown. So some guy yesterday where was ago when I think it was going to Greece so must've been what 390. Where. And got his job and a big old truck and you could tell but he was driving he probably was just driving a big truck for the first time that his life whose. Kind of like Ito's got to coasted over and what he's changing lanes and stuff and he ended up cutting is one guy off who's got a car that thing got the slow down stop so than the guy whipped around it was right side the passenger side. Sped up just a cut him back off I mean the whole on the road and it was meat from driving my car looking out. And seeing all this happen and I'd see a car for miles past it was just like a private cell ahead. And this guy just and they went and off the exit he had no reason to go back and Emily and other than to get. Revenge is to get that's pretty easy it's a dangerous. Always look out for okay who needs to trade emerging in my lane I will make a point to leave room for you know yeah because mine. I've got that's what you're supposed studio. Well yesterday what I witnessed offer Ollie you people it was exactly. 9438. And OK yesterday morning I North Plymouth. Right before the the foreign and the on ramp there tone to attack America. Handful of cars drove at exactly that time in all of you people. All of you people did something bad to. Talk to me it's to me. It was room it was disrespect problems in polite it was sexist borderline sacks this watch any film my friend. Aren't. Today. These people are sure to justify. We got now 888 tactically would be illegal what they did that I in my book when it was rainy yucky out. It was morally illegal minivan bigger courtroom that the whole 943 but AM and quickly make that into you this in the judgment of god. Dimension that's faster space and as timeless as infinity. Since the middle ground between the valuation and criticism. Are you which we call. All then you know for sure it's. In distance. Does driving at. I'd like to. Invite into the courtroom. Everybody who is on the road I North Plymouth avenue were right but foreign the foreign nine. On ramp at 940. Sorry amendment yesterday. My friend. Five but thank you. You my friends. As much as I dearly love Hewitt appreciate you for listening to the buzz every morning you were probably listening to Nicky at that time as much as I love you I am putting you on trial I am disappointed. In your behavior. On the road. What did they do I'm at that time yesterday morning it was starting to get really windy and rainy you know which is well. Yeah who don't want to be outside. In this pork woman now I met section of North Plymouth. At four lanes for Elian's right so. This woman was crossing the street in G. Was in the median and it was in a raised median chooses in the middle pretty much of the route in there waiting to cross. Continued across to get to her car that which was parallel parked on the side okay. A handful of cars are you people standing in vain in in the courtroom right now just. Went right by her. Just kept going in this port one. Raining it's windy she has no jacket and she just wants to quickly cross the street just slowdown in letter cross. You don't have to keep going. Wish. And they do reiterated her from continuing her and asked across the street right. And isn't technically there's no crosswalk apparent by the weather and the weather conditions if it was a nice sunny day mind she can wait all right. But she's pretty much standing in the middle of traffic in rainy windy yucky conditions letter cross slowdown. If it was dead. A goose crossing you would stop flying the Q and what. With the jury chained to juju buzz what do you think issues are these people always say everybody has played everybody has somewhere to be. So since that there was no cross thought they had the right way the people on the car. Completely justify what dated everybody here in the courtroom today. Completely justified but the rain didn't change here I'd change so gonna be at work at a certain time. But I'm gonna go to my boss is on ten minutes early casino the whole caught a lot of car stop angles I had to let somebody cross the street that's why I'm late boss. I'd say they're jerks did you stop for some especially you know someone in the rain trying to get across the street after caught halfway to slow down let him go through and new. I agreed jerk. Knee jerk I I vote jerk we down for jerked out of guys. What in that woman get there earlier she could apart closer to where she needed to be didn't have to cross the street forge us. So let's she couldn't find a spot because she probably got to where she was going late everybody in Rochester. Until North Plymouth at 9:43 yesterday morning I pressed suffer from. Explain to their boss just that side. She was just trying to get to her car she had to she was forced across the street. Four lanes. Let her cross eyed about Jerker justified. I don't remember right our and I have no war at any Latin when I got here I do you adding our op. Okay it in LA and not all parents eat at the other train wreck our. Exactly your okay well I looked behind me there were no cars even calming does that change. But you're rally and she. All right. Want my whole milk are you willing to apnea related Elliott and. Mindedness and it was 943. Anybody who ran. You're candidate and Elaine at all I'm in. Anybody whipped around a corner out of a parking spot everybody's rust at that time. Well hi I want and I would be and that's waiting I want properly but I would be at Herat area. Adelaide and no leader Harry and better. And so your vote would be. I I expand greatly I would love it. I can't or I Obama went on pit. It's playing hot. Okay yeah I really know why you shouldn't just stop randomly in the crowd but I mean we've got to justify. It looks jury Georgie do 2899 juju to buzz from the thanks my itemized Jerker justified. It. Powell makes cents. Earlier order exactly. Blame her to what earlier in the day. It is pink jumpsuit on my own Jesus love it its oil lease she stood out in traffic this wasn't an causing brain surgery Atlanta. I think in the criminal justice system judgment based offenses are considered especially heinous and Rochester New York the dedicated radio hosts who investigate these vicious crimes. Our members of an Elite Squad. Known as the breakfast buzz these are their stories. General spot. Let's say. Even at a concert in her degree that the really bad and there's a long long line if there was somebody. In line in front of you to say only gash if you went on to when you go on my place that kind of out of the blue courtesy makes you feel it. Aren't good people in the world did that the bills game this weekend there because he's so we knew steaming on the side of the route trying to cross our associations say pretty much of the metal to run and a median trying to cross and you feel and so uncomfortable cause it's windy it's rainy you don't have a jacket and you just want across the street to DT your car boom and nobody. Is sliding YouTube cell. It's rude that your jerk if you don't do that that's what Scott and I say I imagine zone today jerk or justified but you are being. You're little chilly. Your Rochester area and use that's not an inch yes it was an even Chile. The rain rain is worse than channel I don't teach you what ever injured entire day short tenure glasses so worse so does being late or. Causing an accident like that last woman said. And everybody just runs smoothly then nobody has to worry about let anybody go on it and that. You can listen and so the jury right now is not in our favor Scotty that he should say you know it is really heavily weighed justified so may guy. Take this opportunity for closing arguments absolutely. You said in vowed to justified to and you are pretty much same that you value animal life more than human. Because most everybody would stopper. Geese. Even a pop sound blue cross around him what would you do you would just up right. Safer not sick right now you're thinking. I want to care for that thing. So nobody stopped for this war and this human life. Holidays. Holidays. Wish you allowed to. Hear what we're. This nest but Kelly and from the guy that didn't thirty days of a cutting his challenge this fall into the category of stopping and let the best in the tablet crosses street. Across the street to did you buzz and these people are pretty justified as an alternate card last Holliday Garrett iPhone that I had to pay his debt doesn't buy really get a monthly unit. Hi the buys. The first and not letting pedestrians are hot. Eight terror because not only edit your debt up oh well. That was in tactically cross walks out she's Jay walking he was a moral courtroom yeah. I'm OK where a lie and we'll take it will take a dirt lot. In the put your final verdict now that. Gary. Does this and he said jerk recent you're just apologize now amount to justify side to Leo on. We are buying were well honey do you have behind Jerry. And we next call is going to decide whether it's OK let's some poor woman stranded in the middle of the street and sit there and give her glasses wet record wet. Yeah you're the MVP juror rain now if you're in the next year to two to bust your comes with goats to get a high the buys juror or justify why. He lives the work that's going to be. She's great she's always any cards yeah current. So that's a good job at depth here OK tomorrow morning judgments don't we can devote just call you did you guys. Can chime in jerks or justified no tomorrow and the.