Judgment Zone- He's on trial for taking his Tailgate Buddy instead of Dad to the Bills playoff game

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Oh my goodness it. Judgments all of the new year it's a doozy already won yet at all since from the Buffalo Bills. But friend mark his jacket that Buffalo Bills fans season tickets. Yet it did anybody that he went to every game with for the last. X amount of seasons right it's forever. So as soon as the bills Donna they're going to the playoffs this year and Jacksonville will be the first game on Sunday. Mark blocked in two tickets to the game through two airline tickets. In a hotel and and now they're up over a thousand dollars us for going to get what we see here. So. Everyone's excited about this in the senate for mark except for mark's life. Marks less an upset because mark. Wife expected mark to bring. Another big Buffalo Bills fans instead of his tail gating body and carrying this out her name gang marks like expected. Mark to bring. His father in law her dad who's been a die hard bill citi's wealth for for years since just like every other Rochester area. And mark. Didn't even consider him. Mark for party blocked in all the plans first tailgating body. There's still time can he still Telus still getting bodies sorry. So I'm isn't there I think if the court rules. That he's a jerk. Prior in his mind already planning to go to still getting audience that his father not the court rules that he's a jerk. You still switch it right logistically speaking I believe you could. The only thing I can I can imagine being held up as the airline ticket usually name on the ticket and my have to cheat but I think it's probably doable. So yes so I guess this is a daring him. Orton verdict fair remark gap and it's a very important game for bills fans is Marca Jerker justified for. For bringing his for considering his tailgate. Buddy to go to the Jacksonville bills game on Sunday playoff game first one and seventeen years over his wife's father his father in law. I've had to drop the laws in my life some gold. I'm going first on this one mark is a jerk. And I'll tell you why. Because this friends come and go even best friends come and go sort of bottom Ozzy just that but it does and allies. To do everything you yeah. Retain. The other. Which could lead to divorce which could lead. To even more costs. You would not anticipate just because you didn't bring the father in law I injure 2222899. Your voting. Cindy. Now I am family family always comes fires not always listed as you walk down the aisle with no your wife you've listened to dinner freeze your butt off. Knew our field. Every single season withdrew it tailgating body. He was the one that's been or see it through thick and then. Season ticket holders to get everybody. Big day spent every Buffalo Bills made it good bad ugly cold on fire through a table drum. Self correct altogether. And way could she consider anybody else besides the guy's been there. Through the war of being a little bit Beardsley are not familiar with the rules of marriage Chris Kanye which is the we did you're not married just I am surprised that my heart. It is still very much have to run everything by your life first major decisions like this which is a major decision. There is something to be said for. Taking the father in law because. If it weren't for the father in law there would be no way. You never are yourself in front of gambling right whether its your direct Stanley war especially I would imagine the laws writes on. How could you. Even the packaging I wanna be yourself 100% in this situation that you've been waiting seventeen years for. He wants to see what he wants he wants to delay he wants it it's tailgate that we wants. Sleep how you know all that stuff British sharing a room and had a one hour. One hotel room but I'll tell their bulk married. And I as the jagr or Baghdad may be funny and I did just that but yeah. To juju enjoyed 99 due due to byes jerk or justified. Justified and I think it'll waste felt they were expecting them that they get other. All your major church street cute mother chose the spot treatment went Hearst sisters and all that crap I don't remember what the guy that. But mom hasn't been selling mama doesn't go to the spot once every seventeen years is take the father in law. Well that's our HR and hey you know what the other I have to come every Sunday we're now with C. Yeah else you can be married here and hopefully wherever. They should not justified drunk friend over dead drunk. Father in a jaw and when the most important raw. Allegedly. Okay you go to the bills game show our country our color patsy. Scenes even charge it's like going to war together imagine what would you say to the soldier who came back from my Iraq. Who wanted to you know who who may be fought on battlefields with them like the bubble. Those bands do in buffalo. You are field we yeah because go go because dodging bullets and being thrown onto a folding table and parking lot are exactly the same place hierarchy the commanding officer is more important. Well where does the committee of the other law commanding offer had excellent incident actually. Now we're all you yeah that the president Ali shall we go to the phones to do gentry I negative Jerry. It's got is her close to right showing Rick hi the rise Turkish testified. I think it'd dare I expect and I liked it and you really. Not I yeah I'd say a green you look I can't I thought I had a goat it in. It alone it will let pat out this trip up another check. Oh my yeah we can't play your husband in the judges on the market now has a whole new court cases that. Are things your vote. That sounds interesting another one by the buys Jerker justified. I'm really duck but I. Don't end up. And I expect to edit or Aiken and at that. Can you imagine if they would be other reroute and on the edit added I am taking my there are stacked it up French check. It's called it's called aid for preservation of your marriage. He cut you're married doesn't mean that you tactic. Mila I am not I'm not there are authentic act in a. And all. But yeah. Do you guys get together for the holidays. That will be a memory a conversation. Link. Only and member when we went to the bills' game do you think you pertain now you're really be star son in law beat you there's no other rock (%expletive) I don't see that there's another shed they could make a difference between being in the well or not in the well. And the left. Oh yeah it. I oil and that. Is it that went at it quit a Brittany it's that can bedroom apt but look like and you know why am I end up encouraged that. No I am not Otellini it is that it your body. Our thanks to thank you. Well yeah hi Gerri great time. Did write down amid all this is a huge huge one is beyond really though. Is it really is whatever the wife want to have a real quiet happier life hello again. True to some extent but puts you even bigger picture like you know it's sick it's not that every man has no Taiwanese like because once you get married it's that. You need to preserve that union that family that's way. Mark is a jerk for numbering his father in law. Senator bringing his body because his wife on. The jury closes and about sixty seconds so the jury is deciding the fate of this situation the bills go on to play which will probably be the patriots I believe after jacking them this is going to be set in stone that the do you wanna be stopped. Taking god knows who maybe your and it Dorsey. Exciting to go see the pills patriot. Seven royals Atlanta. Sunday right so we're gonna win on Sunday we know this right so why does he just take his body to the patriots came in and give dad you know the freeze and. If can't Dougherty in game Dougherty isn't sure if into is a big bills and take. And Dougherty why does this and why do men get to continue to make decisions for themselves so we grow up listening to our parents right. And then we get a girlfriend and were we have to listen to them. And then we get married and now we have to listen to them all and their parents as well. So until I am a father in law and law myself I can't make any decisions for myself that's pretty much our circuit was different B Stewart a circle. Straight down to accentuate that thank you are the jury. The final call a harm injury I advise jerk justify. The yeah wow he's OK you do time in her. You only got I mean the hot or not they've gone back when they went their. Way out of the seniors that aren't yes. Think John another. Reason why the father in law should dollars and earning his NB AD and are now enjoy are bigger. Barnes and enjoy in Jacksonville this weekend thanks to the jury of Rochester of the judgment on thank god. Thanks it was some advise. And tomorrow morning another judgment zones are about seven he would this year the jury from ninety kind of.