Judgment Zone- He didn't rush home to help his wife

Thursday, March 1st


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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity and it is the middle ground between. You wish and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Judgments. Maybe 89 dubbed buzz is there's an insanity. OK except. It was to be very hard for me to present the case in an unbiased manner. In an effort not dissuade. The courts I build trust but indeed every content that's been. The new equipment. It's a husband does not rush home to his wife does that make his actions jerk or justified. Yesterday here at the station. Fellow coworker of mine both going down the stairs. The same time and heat is on a mission I mean he's Russian down the stairs and we did the little small talk Harry you have a and my wife just called she said the baby sick and she's starting to get taken so I didn't know if I can come home. So I naturally thought he was rushing out the door to help his earnings I told her I I work. All. We're just. You could put the good news. I keep my work. For not to pressure on Julius his wife who's a stay at home mom come and help her when she's sick in the baby sick does that make him a jerk. Or justified. Tutu Tutu we 99222 by its new jury. Obviously these are blocked but he's a jerk he does that work. He does that work he said today that it not a good day. I can't I can't drop everything and and and it's perfectly fine its obligation in those eight hours eight hours yesterday that was he was here. Was for work he's supposed to go home every single time his life gets sick when I'm on Kanye. Raises some bad flash card the rat like the white flag and says how. You know she's really stack. I disagree and yet I'm just don't do it just did. In out it is every mom is perfect and flawless ever needs anything shore guy every woman. Is perfect all guys sock B perimeter perfectly understand that's that's. I've not I don't know jerk jerk because you've got to when you get married even if not. You are. Responsible. For your family. So therefore when you know when duty calls you've got to zones sick not dying and I pulled over on the side of the road not trapped in a snowstorm but no gas. She says. It. Chizik you women are one of us men for being babies were sick but you won us the drop. A regular a busy work day. To come home and take care you've hit it means a serious. Hard it is to take care of your little moved when you're sick yourself I don't know I don't know that. Right but I can imagine it happens more than once or how often he's posted. Run away from work and work to go yeah it what is the majority what's the most he can he's not gonna perform surgery on her to make her feel better. It dummy manner of the babies so she can sleep and rest. And nature she has her chickens of at least leave the office for a couple of hours. This isn't fight this is good argument that you can never win that's why you have to just do it if you don't there will be held today. And what you know it's all that is again. You think they should he should just drop everything just because there's going to be hell to pay always in love tied to my age children first part of the argument that it's it's your response look at. Daisy duke is you want to did you hear about your life calls coming in if you wanna put your are justified on the fly as high the buzz your first heard Jerker justified. I amendment that they'd been it. I'm a mom. And I understand that if you don't know there hadn't abated there the if he's. Only one that we're. That and where they can make money from. Yeah and did any of war and applause we'll come. Under attack her and her hat on and out secret account they'll. There's got to be my sister error of moms we program out to the baby or something that's good point. Also her husband is in the number one person she's reunited when you meet my. Now he's not a play poker is not there I don't know what the guys need to make more money a poker game and pick. Expect that you have to do due to unanswered. Buster is Jerker justified to not go home. I'd be right. You got me. Oh I. Don't want how. A pulpit it Eric that are well on it yet but yet I. Can't because. In order order and. She's staying at home and she can't do her job and she needs help so therefore she's got our husband fortunately to call on to say listen cocky tainted baby I'm. I am over here. I think he's out I and everybody kept it on and we are Ehrlich and is able to be home yeah I mean it once and I'll I'll. That act is now home because they're almost all of it air out our Matt. Not you know a hot topic. Now. He's not got it out or if you added I'd early in the race. And I'm. I'm not sure how sick she is but juniors stink pretty much she needs to present her husband with a doctor's certificate. And I don't understand and an apple about every hour and a half. That's tonight this is tied to Gerri I manager equals a pretty much split when it comes to today's case the husband. In his actions are they Jerker justified he did not rush home to his wife. When she called him and said honey. Baby sick I'm getting sick can you just come home and he said. I work. Oh well. He's. It's gonna cost them a lot of money is in in the divorce it's a lot more expensive to go home to your. Are completely justified Kennedy can't be differently sick day as much as you want to be the perfect parent I know this that you guys don't. Is that the media for every sick day for a pretty. Recital or a baseball game or every event like Japanese those holes especially the sole provider for the family cnet's what's wrong you camp prior to his work over even though it's tempting because it's so stressful on the job you have to pull away and make your family. Number one priority and if you're quietly evidently Alex rate even if you live in the streets as long as we have no love this place. Family first and ask if it's your wife is reaching out to you obviously she doesn't feel good side. You know I mean I don't know chief feels so bad that she's she's desperate to year old. And you know not. Being married and having kids maybe it it. In your car to get may have ya I got to make it look. Him well a couple of times and your perfect did Jerry is on this I thought this is going to be a slam dunk this morning but it. Apparently is not because there has to it'll be honest that ability justified verdict to bring up ayello. Either but as a young judgments on jerk or justified for not going homestand at work. I think he's good Eric because most bad but I understand it now and remember that it sick delight. Bet if they if they are you come home. It bot I guidance that you're about am I believe. Also called me I go home. Though. And it's not like. It's it's not like you it's this like this the middle of the work day year your have done anyways so remains of how he does he has us well some great. On ease if you have to cancel a meeting or an appointment or deal with the fact or a VV chance of somebody. Thinking that you part of that quote unquote husband who Russia's public bulletin for anything that your right cut its work that. It's easy to be in the dark house a word commuters in home. The buys Jirga justified. And maybe. Yeah. RI RB. Jar. Yet to careful when your home but you can't throw down your income. And I mean it doesn't matter what it looks like and with the excuses the more days of work you missed it the worse he looked. As as an employee especially be able to make gloomy yeah especially if you don't make enough money by the hour what we're only talking salary with this specific guy but when you visit. I went worked full time and as a as a plumber by mr. Dan is the day's pay which is you know equal to. 20% of the income for the week that's a big chunk it. I became irate bombing at a deaf ears Kanye it's that I think. The verdict and. So when when when your significant other always. Drop everything stone says it's okay it's Jerry and it just.