Judgment Zone- Giving Neighbor Your Stuff to Sell at Their Garage Sale

Friday, June 8th

Judgment Zone Case #608

Is it Jerk or Justifed to bring your stuff over to your neighbors garage sale to sell?

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Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation and criticism. Are you which we call. All big. And I'm sure. The auto rod sale this weekend and who was ever had a garage sale. Or bought I mean if you've ever been exposed to the drug sale. You'll are welcome to be on this jury at 222289. Ending its its America immunity haven't ever experienced any of this. You can slow the opinion that matters because that's. Who we are the country all we have opinions out course we deal and we says that we've never even experience or wrong I experts this girl it method to TT 28. 99. I was he went to my girlfriend's parents' house and they're having a garage sale and I noticed. Other abuse of the rest of the neighborhood was having one tool was one of those situation OK so hasn't bopping around the different drug sales I noticed that. A couple of the set ups. Army for whatever reason had. Labels on some of the items that said certain people's names and finally when I get to. You know the second or third one that had this scenario going on ask the goal was at saint Michael and why does that. You know box of video games say Jerry and why does that armoire sitters say Karen. And blue one the one. Household explain it to know all this were selling this for our friends who couldn't set up detect them and walk around the garage sale and on the autism is more more I'm not begin to think in. So these people. Data switching up early on a Saturday morning. Any early because this crud ciller's go up early and they are big they got out of doing all that work. By asking their neighbor who was having a garage sale to sell there items for them. As a big and about this more and more funding and that's that's that's kind of it's kind of rude but I think. Or I mean or is it I've never had a Roxanne I hope this is a want him Watson the other thing. I don't know all this is taking advantage so why not bring it to the judgments on and hear what all of Rochester has to say what the jury. Of the social norm in Rochester has to say about it itself jerk or justified. Or asking your neighbor. To sell your items for you at their garage sales so you don't have to set one up yourself to 222899. She. Must've thought I had neighbors help neighbors. It helps everybody. And it happened honest never even thought about it cross street neighbors like yeah. It is an argument that sure no problem did you ask them hey do you want me to sell them our date just were bold enough to say. And you. They were old enough to say. They didn't learn is that that that that's something bold it's just normal kind of being on like hey we got these that we got these this Bibi stuff you really cute compute we sell over there much as we have a garage sale but we'd love to cleaners some of our stuff out. We you and we're not sure absolutely. I'm offered neighbors helping neighbors but this is I feel like it's crossing that line realistically it's a bit to get more than asking for a cup sugar. It's (%expletive) if they asked yeah absolutely let me ask you hate list and then I mean having your garage sale do you have any stuff that's completely different for you allude to take the initiative. And sank and I put my stuff here yeah. I would much rather rest. Of CC jerk I do I didn't have to side with her this time I don't like cat. You know I would feel more comfortable. Asking listen we saw my kids by quarter have your garage shell then asking them for a couple of shorter are you going to a re out you know why because you're giving me. Something that you borrow your Omani. And most likely I'm gonna give a bacteria obviously your debris cup sugar back. So your asking them to give up part of something they've worked money to pay for doing time you're you're taken their time yet but if they what it's gonna sell itself at some like to have to send them a cut pocket. Pardon me to give them a cut of the sales call. How wealthy now this is even larger now. Did you 228 and the jurors are making their way into the courtroom. Is it jerk war justified. To ask your neighbor who was having a garage sale to sell your items for you so you don't have to have one yourself high Jerker justified. Why did you know your neighbors. Not a problem because they're gonna do the man in texture or you're gonna go that mixture is volatile man on Iran. Yeah well what fjord that neighbor her. Who never has dress just because it's a pain in the cool low and you don't wanna set it out and don't wanna waste your weekend. Clearly you know that you're stuck gonna get all because you're neighbors cannot do it and when you out because they always hope. Particularly our neighborhood at. You are not offended. It's not. Our right putt buster justified. Hi I was there it was just by yeah sure you know you begin your neighbors and then in my attract more people to it even. Basis and I never really thing to do. It's taking advantage of a neighbor you are on the dirty cheat you do too late night magnet but. Yeah all night what is happening listen if the jury doesn't really officially ruled this to be justified. I'm wording my neighbors I don't know I cramp in your driveway in. Our eyes on you asking that sneak in and spoil it for the all that big this is sure. Ali it's especially big I. It went when my neighbor game or Jimmy at a memorial by Q&A cable like a little kids little guy god he had a hole just off yanked on and it increased the optics of our garage so made it look bigger. So when you run to Wagner is to go shopping in my aunt you know what signature at wegmans here's my shopping Kevin yeah I sides it. Yeah all let you drag me to work every day is indeed drive right by where I have to Wear you to buy cars managing the gas. Yeah garage sell once right in and year and if somebody is being it's only right to work once that's fine. Justified by the buster justified. Honestly I think it depends on their relationship between beanie bird. Eat out a neighbor and you don't have enough it'll build and and then maverick and that neighbor but it testified. Took some believe the only person I would only ask a family member because. We're family it's just written in the fine print you can did you manage your family and doesn't matter ticking and it. Can take advantage the buzz Jerker justified. Justified. Only at new app and then you go over there and how dumb it. All while in this case the people that. The people weren't there there were a little stickers on their items that specified it that it was there item that was being sold so they weren't there to drive so the person. Who was holes in the grass it was made in the whole operation. Generic okay there. I write up UN I believe it's here but yet you and I are in the minority Ed and. Yes. And.