Judgment Zone- Give the check to the guy

Monday, June 18th

Judgment Zone Case #618

At Chris Konya's part time gig bartending he was called out for handing the check to the guy at the table instead of the woman who asked for it.

Jerk or Justified?

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Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity yeah it is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Didn't show us. Iraq. In a situation where you are a certain people customers whether it's customer service on a ball and work all day long or working at a restaurant or bar. Lot of decision making us to go down because you're dealing with different types of people every single situation every single Dayton. I didn't realize Howell. Offensive this situation could be until. It was too late. Couple at the bar. One guy one girl girl goes to we have the check in the guy goes Arctic box from my stuff steal from me out to go box per share. So ago I. Come back with a check in the to go box and I gimbal the guy. And before a walk away the girl goes all you just assume that he's gonna pay. I think he and I kind of liked to laugh a little bit and she wasn't laughing back and that's when I then realized. I may have done. May have messed up. And thus you're in the judgments and slime in the judgments idea I mean I hate. I'd don't regret my actions I don't think I did anything wrong are really really don't all I did was kind of it's kind of a muscle memory and I'm just kind of playing the odds here that most of the time when there's a guy and girl. Having dinner or lunch the guy usually picks up the check so I just kind of went with my instinct of given the got to check. And I income obviously think come on completely justified but she wouldn't she was on the jury today that that was a jerk. So now are you pre pared whatever the verdict is in this case to change. You may have to change. How are you give somebody an attack. Yet if this is ruled a jerk move I world. Be that some you know I'll I'll I'll. I'll change and always this is it give it to whoever asked Florida put in the middle or whatever route. I'll never be able to assume that it's the guy ping again demonstrated the judgment so that's edit it as it's it's set in stone. Unless somebody argues that we. Should do an appeals or whatever it's called it yes it's shabby either were to Uganda as a man this is writes it is setting the law. Oh wait thank and I sings jerk move to get. I'll see how I see it that way its aid to if cool asks for the check. Should get it then you'll have never. Been put yourself in the situation again. This is in the ninety's. You know is this and you know Leave It to Beaver land where the guy pays for everything all the time. Yeah but as. I can assume that as I don't that was the first state or if they've been married for ten years. But I know that when I've been on dates or at dinner or lunches with Smith's girlfriends or my current girlfriend whatever who. It did. And open about putting in the middle or give it to the girl it puts everybody in an uncomfortable situation because it puts the grown uncomfortable situation like oh my gosh easy gonna pay it puts the guiding comfortable situation like having to fight for the checked it to pay him that dip back and forth thing and puts the server parts and earn a couple. I'm probable situation when you walk over and people try to annual credit card the same time then you got to pick. So I just made decision for everybody handed it to the guy. Tired so is it a slap in the face of the agency and a check over to the guy may not even considering anybody else at the table you always hand it to the mail. At the table 2222899. You are the jury see you have to decide. Chris Kenya's actions Jerker justified hide the buzz that he thanked. I've served as a warrior girth are totally justified. And out otherwise you're gonna get a split here 5050 the guys are gonna say it's justified in the women bachelor minister unjustifiable advertise some. If you head. Given the check to the woman this former house such a little fortunate that might give the committee. They yell and she don't support she asked for it he asked for the I mean to go box she asked for the check giver the checked no. All orders enthusiast that you actively check please. Hello to all that were first sent we have protect its still in most of it on effective motivator. And it's more electric. It's very knock on the way in order to force turnovers and I'll. And I have to make notes Sedaris and Gerri at this gentlemen calls up and adjustments and often and he never agrees with no exit. Well I don't do. All the other sort of part of the road. Good record as well just learning so yeah I'm. I remember we did tell you gentlemen. Or very good I don't know but I have guarantees. I can't answer that yet and Jerry Jerry justified and that Jack Covert too big guy at the table I the buds. I think he'd just been very because dumbed espionage you'd never know there might doubt that it bought a matter what you do. It. But the records show that did you or use the word book hurt in a court of law and the. Are your chair and you get inside the bird case jerk just. Vitamin bust this is not your Father's. Day and age where dad. Did everything he paid the bills until I mean it's at ease. Fighting for the women yes I am the woman in the room. You ethnic pig for a barrel traditional your varied and you know year of the year that. Debt TEU should of lived thirty years ago yeah yeah that's yeah. If I can I mean the head pay eat. Even if she was about to pay and you hit it to him a bit and Jesse and a Judith Jack. Yeah our. Guy and get the Jack who asks for any of the girl asked for the check your to girl you gotta be lit to roll in Suffolk pencil when that we. Where's the line between let's say misogynist stick and just. He you know what usually happens that's on concern with it is. I'm not turn up anybody I'm just trying to get the ball roll in on you get out here doing what you wanna do anything going on a two day I don't care. Who pays your money is just as green as terrorists and other way around I don't care it's 22 to bust a drug had a fight about money honestly you just before you can't compete until that's probably by his new with a better tipper was with a person it's clear how. Is kind of us and just just gave to the guy animal I've really can't explain why but I did and I just don't feel that it was wrong one out consciously you'll be thinking about. And if you're in the serving in mr. Leno will always be thinking about this kept college days and we are gonna find out. Are you a Jerker justified or has set the rules straight here are so 2222899. Jerker justified. I. I was attention but you're absolutely right this ship realized there gentler than competitor well. Seat my wife actually when we go want to eat she always pace. Which is also on which is fantastic but they always give the check to loudly demand let's just absorb. Let's just take an earned a okay and it and when she doesn't get the Jack she gets a bit offended because she asks for. And we console game like when I asked for the check in Taipei right she asks for the Shaq but is always still comes to me and it rubs and there are way we have to be cognizant that some jerk move. I latitude to do until late that night you are the next Germany. Danger could justify. I would sure am how I thought that was the jerk move I mean I just come up with statistics here. Yeah out what your lot. When I don't. Give does it damage and assuming employing the odds isn't there. No you know. What play the odds most of the time men at a check. I like a parrot. That that doesn't make sense 2% now what are you and saying this isn't I'm going with I mean I'd serve Pete I'd be hand checks over to people when he hours a week. For the last 5345. Years so statistically this is how it works at MI wrong for losing that debt because. You know this this one time out of ten or whatever the women the woman wants the pay and gets offended by not. You know for the check years. Right I know well now what is the trial is the child are you allowed to assume anymore. I yeah yeah no kidding I would love to play statistics. And had to dig a pleasure out and figure out what the exact middle between the two of them are not put the check perfectly in the middle to the centimeters. I was. Is your movie got a duplicate jump ball and basketball game when you take off uh oh. I guess our it's our way and I think ticket just that's what I understand if you would you want them to I say target and automatic doors open right. Home. And you know you want to just keep block because you know they're gonna open. It's the same thing is if you don't you walk into the door once out of one million times. I I equate that to with a woman not picking up the check that's often happens that's often meant pick up the check. So because I walk in the door and let base wants. I've enmity and Powell equipment and lost that very. You know slim chance of slim odds bet that's what it's like the last leg the last Carson huge because you assumed you can assume is his next to these three words ask you mean Angela that's Hezbollah's pretty good. And it's very interesting that it's all males the jury is full of mail turnout today in mines is. Very rare. Where the ladies and assist that you're an island women commit an offer maligned list because typically women. More times than not drink wine over beer. So is that the same thing. My misogynist Dick for that no I'm just playing the odds of what usually happens married Jerker justified to 222899. Would you think I've abuzz ticket justified. There. There's no women that are clones series. But it does why don't work for a long iron or. Are. Though it is. Not a big chair. I don't do. If two women. We're at the table having lunch and look at bill bars and women talking to about it and joke and one of the masks for the Jack could be given to the older woman. And I change in technologists are so that's the one you assume has more money or whatever and I'm saying. Odd now wait a minute. That's that's the problem is it what you do you assume that guy has more money until it gets said that. A 500 times in the last ten minutes and I'm playing playing the odds acute computer at a better analogy but I his playing. Just playing the odds are sensitive if this jury says that this is a jerk move is academy Blake. No wait it out Malick my husband got called out for wired did it ever bunch of people low lifting something heavy and he went to the guy. Do you land and can you tell me leftists and the girls standing there was like whoa what did you ask me. All every little too sensitive I did the best woman getting an idea I don't see anything wrong with quirky guy. Push Hillary but when when she asks for the Jack give it to her and you'll never get in trouble at packed 222289. And what do you think chair a justified and about. Didn't you ladies ask for the check and then not okay. Not all that you know that's something I haven't paid attention to but I I I'm gonna have to because. The only reason I gave it to him is because one of natural too because she's she's a week she did say we technically can we have the check. Yes we can you say Kanye you are yeah. Today I got the what do you think your justified. Or there's some legal dilemma here. There is no. Logical reason why be so I'd get beaten candidate to it but the paper she wanted to play that badly I'll get it it was over. Grab it and I'm and edit. May win the mailman clubs. Do you a couple of rushed to the mailbox and fight to pay the Bill Clinton. I years that's. About it aren't anywhere. Actually hop to take it would get Jack here. I don't wanna be one out of our if you don't it's and you. Well the learning did. Just about.