Judgment Zone- The GIANT Inflatable Pool in Backyard

Thursday, July 19th

Judgment Zone Case #719

Today's trial is from a Facebook message we received:

Breakfast Buzz,

I feel as if I already lost this battle but it's not too late to see what your listeners think. Let me start with this... I love my wife, so very much. With that said I think I need a therapist at this point.

I work hard both at my job and at home to keep our family's house in the best shape possible, specifically my lawn. My beautiful, green perfectly cut lawn. Did I mention that I love my wife?

With that said, you can imagine the pit in my stomach… and the sweat dripping down my neck when I came home last week to a giant… blue… earth-crushing swimming pool dead center in my backyard.

I now lay awake at night, dreading the day where that pool comes down for the fall and I have to see the horror that it’s giant plastic mold did my precious blanket of green grass.

Now, I should mention that I love my wife- but I need this for JERK or JUSTIFIED.

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Yeah judgment zone. Coming from the bottomless and and Jack you can always reach out dressing give us your court case and will. Presented to the court and the jury will call in and decide to break your justified this one coming from. A buzz Lesnar who said that he plans to put his wife. In the judgments down to it. I feeling that I already lost this battle. But if it's not too late to see what you're listeners bank okay he messes de SE but let me start with best I love my wife so Vera yeah. Definitely we've got both within needs to our bat lately Scott often does a day. But. With that I yeah I think I need a therapist at this point. I work hard both in my jab and it home to keep our family's house in the best shape possible specifically might Lawton. My beautiful green it perfectly cut line and today mentioned that a love hate what I meet with who. That's added you can imagine the pit in my stomach this alleged your putting down from my knack. When I came home last week to a giant. Balloon. Earth crushing swimming pool dead center in the backyard. And I. In oh. I know labor H if and that's kids. Dreading the day we tip pool comes down for the fall and I have to see the horror. That's in giant plastic mold did I mention my precious blanket of green flap this. And my wife. But. Is she Jerker justified. I need verdict. Only. Some dramatic husbands can be sell for Kidd Jamal Angel Nieves on assuming that. She went out and bought. A big one of those pools and a box. Right somebody make it set up for the whole summer. Yeah like bigger than the kiddie pool I'm assuming there dedicated at all but not in above ground pool and get a letter ride it out if this guy is being this dramatic and it's just like a tiny little kitty poem but let's just. At that. The way he wrote it it sounds like yeah this is set us to come down for the faults I had as a rose is at the TV she put in the ring around its inflatable income that the filter they use of plug in and that's it. Oh boy. So he's. Obviously he is his lawn is green he's one of those guys who's always tending to his line he's crazy about that. And she threw up a pool in the backyard. So is the danger or justify ever be recording this precious works of art but he loves his wife and he guessed it Jesse data edited and there's been a heat wave. But I still. But I have to say she's she's a jerk. It's she's a jerk. She's a jerk is a lot more work that comes that goes into. Maintaining a lawn and then there is keeping cool. The some of their other ways you can keep cool for her for the kids order whoever she did this for. That you ought to destroy the guys in all big eight foot circle hooks and right in the middle of the line just. Ice it justified because that OK I have done this right I had I didn't have one of those medium sized ones but I had a the baby pool for the kids always had water in it and who set one place. And yak kills the grass underneath. But there's is some. Nurses stopped that you combine the store. That makes grass grow back. So who comes first in the family. Kids. Justify no way just if I most people say this is a jerk move justified to see it destroyed along 2899. And. You'd just you verdict in this case is life. I Jerker justified for just the row in a pool in the middle of the backyard in Killen is is grass we can't I'll share brass met you know really we can't judge her for not talking to him about it first right. That come into play. I think it's all part of it because obviously he was in far warned him because he said when it came home from work I just August so. It was kind of a surprise some back and be admiring your decision. Then. You have around you can't go around destroying men. The lawn of men who who the lawns of men who who work hard to keep up. Keep up with at all so you can Israel signs though that you do it all the time to slots because we wash the dishes between the house be look over our shoulder there's dishes in the sink in the house is a mess it William although all of the time. Dude do yet these ditches and make them or you'll have to kill grass. I the buzz what do you think Tareq are just five. Try to. I now I learn how to use a little aren't met but I'm paying. Kick but they and it has some error rate is more precious blades of glass who grass who live there shortly because of a swimming pools. You say keep you know would it mean. To me. Should. Right mix doubles. Yeah. Yeah it's sway your decision kind and the collective groan that. An honor and yeah. Here. I'll let you are the jury to integrate nag nag at Jerker justified anything. What ever. Good good comeback. Model that would mean we'll look at it. What do you think your justified. Got. You do particularly on. Your but I do and it's located just destroy huge accident. Are you can always require yeah take partner you can do stuff to say it's so cool you did you could put the holes or something. Go play with your beer hat I came up on the up do your work did you live in an apartment don't even go there. Does this the guy is is live with it getting interior. Some personal note alleged personal trainer. I'll say yeah I'm led to ought UN or ask Scott that. Because keynote he's seen pictures of me lid thing I'd be very careful what you say. Did you client is always willing to call the radio hour on this hour. Our I've heard you have my clients are rate that don't even go to. Yeah if so fired tear caller reminding USC court seat tomorrow eaten but it took a justify. But do not I mean keep it buried there and I know you are you. She got they don't but I love that you are so she shouldn't act herbs. Yeah but doesn't she love her kids and doesn't he loved his kids what's more important kids are launched everybody. To bring us here at Spencer reported that got you know. Funny. You know there's got to be an expansion Arctic about that kind of move and Eric I mean how. Can't let that yeah. It. Yeah the the core of this just another little project you cut it yeah yeah landscape around. Gravel around. You know really. The cement act whose. Listen listen was it in the fall he takes it arm and what he's supposed to play grass seed in the fall. Perfect. That's propaganda they're gonna item has. Even made my primary planet I think the right to get the blow up. I don't think she should have. Your crop circle in the middle lost the race they really did take time. It's gonna be my. Or. It is struggling tied Yankee stranding court isn't coming back around to hear that guy didn't meet all good points in particular on on depth what do you think -- justifies. Wonder. Are you open them that the main thing and spoke wore when he says. We've got an outline match what would I want my old beta. Are making sure that. Well land mine permit extra mission if he's the one that takes care of the law and she should ask permission. And smile on and off the mine out that I Letterman movement do. I let her blue eat well. It's acting as a fact. Are they acting. But anyway so I wasn't the matter about the war but I also have a night. Concrete patio that that the war very nicely but he put it up the bill that would call it build build my grass before I had it in the brain that. My children at sites. It is gays. It and it. And I don't against you that you sent to grab it just yet well. Extermination anti lock out your patio door grab you all know a puzzle to you guys have kids. No we don't say it out it was just didn't strike it can choose for it was just for her enjoyment. As you are what are aren't you know did you enjoy the apple do you just this guy. You know what I number I number one minute and so my nieces. A aren't yet there are nieces. Now be about. And I knew I had to bring you almost claimed her nieces and you said my nieces that's actually correct I don't always everything it did she ask for a person to use your water to fill up. Almost. That it out of here. Is it yeah. I wrote bill OK we're done here they keep. But that's effects. Could miss six. Do you realize candid when you put the pool. I hit the grass and any which you don't see the dead grass because the pool is they are all summer. Then you take the pulled down in the fall it doesn't matter it's gonna snow. But how long does it take for that grass to catch up and be just as a late pick app I'm not familiar. Is it like paintings like if you put a hold the wall and Padgett and painted again just like you would with this grassy road again or water again were planted again whatever. It's it's still kind of off isn't so cut off from the rest of the grass that's been there. They eventually into kind of settles back in the event is over time I think it I'll kinda evens out what happens around us and president of the Dolly kinkle around killing a man I thought press Iceland just a. It's since getting temporarily then all of them are sprayed paint CN. That's aluminum look at the center field does that they be clean up the bare spots at the little spray paint. Now I don't that it happened now they're not on the look out my lawn from. Of the hunt to order feel less like an affront if I had a friend who did that would his bald spot at the. Oh I friendly crowds with the art when he takes you're deciding the verdict in this case is Jerker justified. All heard. And at. Write. Error here as she edged brag art and that's why. Did Jerry. He just made it conjures a god. There's one line and there. There are theories. That. Wait hold that as a let me just tell you that you hold the very near me. All year. Justified as them but that jerk but the fact that he didn't. Like it got it bad that there. It's in the middle of the law. Yeah. Yeah gaming icon. Tom goes into the rules on the house. Devil's in the needs those guys. Just. Yeah he's. Things that are jobless.