Judgment Zone- Flatsceen TV marked wrong

Monday, February 12th


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Yeah. Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the little brown. Evaluation and criticism. Doesn't go in which we call. All big. And it sure. And kind of lives and I'm sandy. Last night your text from one of my iron from one of my friends. All excited going. Text me again. Sends me sending me pictures and is going. So locked into picture a TV sweet 75. Inch. Television. These ice leaking out about it egos you see anything that's war wrong in this picture. Like here. And I don't know bomb. This TV. These 2700. Something dollars it's a 75. Inch high and model. What my friend did. I think is gonna put him in the judgments on TE PO. Well he says on the photo easily if you notice anything wrong when this picture he took a picture of mayors of TV and above it what is the price. It was on display. In a price said that 2700. Dollars it said 548. Well obviously that price tag it's meant for something else not that TV. No buyer is C store it didn't like hot items we still listed out no yeah no and just let gonna try not and I don't know is it mainstream popular eager and national chain stores as the story levels. Yeah I think it does. So the so what does he do oh this is what's gonna put him of the judgments on. He runs to the service desk demands are now demands then goes to the upper manager to the supervisor. And says. That's the price I will pay for and nothing else give it to me. So by mistake they obviously the wrong price tag off. And he was the first one to notice it. And demanded that he pays that price and not 27 to 16100. Dollar mistake. He's been here a sudden you're you're just divide. The judge Bates yeah like waving them. The body better grab that wow I would react to make you know to two teams even know this and this is that. Being your decision where you think he's Jerker justified here he has a seven inch need to. Errors. Tool kit if it is right there you found gold that you won't stick. Since that's a mistake you're you're praying on someone's mistake. Listen you don't have to do now. I don't know how he went about it I don't know what it juror provide person he was demanding an Alec I wouldn't do that I would politely say. Is this TV 500 because it's marked 500. They honor IT. I via brag about it I would just be very pleasant. So you say if you were on this jury. It 222 buzz by the way. Callers you would say just mechanically it's adjustment like yeah. Courteous so you get your Curtis and respectfully he says whatever is somebody can lose their job over this that's a big now. I don't know there's humans at 16100 dollars to companies baby happens. You know X number of dollars that they know they're an injury funds and wasted what everything calling whenever you call it in the retail world and Iron Man are just Fisherman's Wharf we had you know we know that X number of dollars of panic would might be. Parachute controversial moment I hit it hard to pick up yeah yeah public. The person who did the TV thing like this reminds me of the people who try to sue for everything. Oh no soul now that's been the same thing that's why I think he's a jerk I don't see it as C I think he's a jerk because he actually took a picture of it and capitalized on it. Its price and the mistake of someone else is manager in him to the team took the manager back to display in the an already changed a price on someone already figured it out within a minute or two. And key that's Jessica somebody could just put that down to go it's up and maybe you get the other number for the price or whatever put it somewhere else. That's that's crappy that's a jerk move jerk or justified. Why. Going to call 2222899. Years and here you're the ultimate jury so you have the verdict in your hand you on the judgments on on the buy this morning Jerker justified. Go mortar got no MO RE. I've justified. That's messed up man or. There is alive. I wouldn't retail and an eight that you have the you have otter that that's why I mean that. That's the way they're. But it's a jerk into 16116100. Dollar per politely asked weightlifting in this TVs 500. While. I'm not I'm not wait he wanted to Alter it's it is quite spot. By our. There aren't ever told. You 2899. In order oh yeah. Exactly. That would create is it that. Mora and sleazy. And oral. A friend texted me last night. Says he got 82000. Plus dollar. Flat screen 75 inch TV. For 540 dollars because he marked wrong he knew how much it was he knew that they marked Iran so we demanded that price does that put him. Jerker justified to do to buy it's I'd advise Turkish justified. Yeah. 180100. Well in 100 dollar and. I didn't know mesh isn't Ali I just want to worked at the store that that the price you know and that's why anyone on our right. How could it sold. Its soul messed up that so messed up a view. It stinks like the last caller said morally it's just so wrong thank you by advised her justified. There and hit it out organs split down here in yeah there errands here and they aren't. Are there or is obligated captive my future. And even I'm not so yeah future. Or does it need it here has a seven inch TV that's a big difference. Knew that there are without. He knew I mean can I better and it has done and I don't think he. Is it your best Swede ES TV news. The big I think. If weird debating in not the and with me he went about. Getting the price because the way he went about getting the price demanding and being exact crazy cost American. It's hard to make dead. You know justify Matt but just the bottom line something is not right. It's not mark's right. What would it to inquire about can I get that price why wouldn't it be just a moment of this you know. Well that women put up a staying got to be like OK fine but to inquire. About it if I'm gonna go into the star and aid he'd think oh god these sneakers are gonna be a hundred dollars in their marked down to thirty by acts are Mike I'll make up. Today asked for ice is you know the land grab thirty dollars and they have a little pep in my step. The pinnacle quite a pick out. The budge on the judgment zone Jerker justified. All you people are sold selfish you know they train on the mistaken others 2000 government they get. I saw lots that it. About the 2000 dollar mistake is gonna somehow get translated to higher prices eventually to see how it all keep checking you for Oliver and our businesses for you know the mistakes not to go back and somehow that how it parent. EBay killer coming right anywhere in a Wal-Mart does ask that one little mistake it like it. They're right there at profit. Margin is very tick and what people say that so what is still there money that they're losing now because you're gonna go out search for. It doesn't mistakes the mistake or impact our corporation. Is much is it will help. Our ball. While. Or. I don't know how to take every count it as a compliment thank you a more condensed to two Jiabao. Jerry but the judgments are tied at buys. Are. Source planet I mean. Here. And on the call thank you hide the budge on the judgment zone Jirga justified. App. Tax help. Out all wearing. You say okay on. That note about what people Earl ray. Well. These are big differences. As they did is. My. Out in a. Mountain in an alarm about the property on word about that. I'll know more about that I'm not worried about the company the guy spoke in the cigar with the speed on the desk I'm worried about the kid. Who's paying you're trying to save money for college who made a mistake and I was gonna get fired because somebody wanted to take care of it. I don't love my. While it was I think you're sick way to fight at Conte and I am played with my expenses are stranded. And so. Right now. What's that. I. Oh my how does it matter if there's this big company or not it's your due you're ripping the Mathieu yeah the fire off. Her. I don't they got ripping. Op they did the date in May make on what spotty at that they. It would people say that the enemy as much money because that's their business that put the time for the last. Getting ripped documents. Whenever they got that's a I and make enough then yeah go too much money yet you aren't exactly. Army or any light and I just divide. And hi. We have a verdict aids. Yeah do you know light sweet. It's it's. This testimony. And it isn't that judgment zone weekday mornings just after seven yeah. So.