Judgment Zone- Do you HAVE to donate EVERY time you go to Church

Wednesday, March 14th


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There was no. You mentioned his fastest pace and as timeless as infinity and it is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Didn't show us. Yeah Mario boy hey there. Right. I deserve to me where it ended judgments now. A game you are gonna judge me really bad I know and a part of me feels very guilty for even thinking this way. But I'm going to be completely honest. I don't. I. T really donate to the church every time yeah. Crazy Italian and Catholic your guilt is just oozing out right now so. The patent. We go to church on Sundays and it is always week out aid doubt a conversation a discussion that happens right as Moroccan out the door. So. I don't know how your family does it but in my opinion leaders one drawer in the kitchen and that there may or may not be a small stash of money for when the Girl Scouts confident or whatever in net kids. Hardly ever in fair ball when there is money there I wanna keep it for those emergencies situations emergency Girl Scout Cookies situated on the set. Don't know how it is right here and kid needs a dollar for whatever you need a tank and how to turn. So every Sunday my husband grabs the money and at the shark would Evers in there. Not just a dollar to mean if there's a tent. And burgers but I've nothing lower than five. Sending him like honey yeah harassed and he again in mind and he gives me this look of like. Yeah we don't you go to church did you have actually they say you should get ten person it's a viewer. Come so you weigh the idea this five dollars. Will that hurt us. Yes we're going to get yes and of course it went make a scene break before we go to church so I just by by tang manner analyst Tony again. If. So you're in the judgment zone saying that you do not wanna give. Every time just some of the time. Donating and teaching your kids about. Giving. I'll accept the verdict if you call it. Jared is this building grounded you know like people on the node you know you're stake into the ground in the touch a couple of ordered some. Yet because when lightning strikes well I want to make sure that the building a tunnel now aren't shirt here and then just. Being kind of calling you jerk but that's total jerk. And trying to chill. No no your justified or not you. To go to church is not a cover charge for Jesus as there is that's reject that's a shakedown and a half. Silly somebody comes and it does you need to Jesus in your life is eat cleans your soul and not just want my money. You sat there and now. How bad is it in the collection basket is right party your face putt to drop the charge he asked. If you can't do day to get to revise jerk. I'd say jerk of justified you have to pay every time first you're up for grabs let's go hide advisor at the judgment Sony and San he is sitting. Right in the confessional. Married. At. Here. And singers at the bottom of despair I can't go to church. Out all. You. See. I can't. I. Okay. I'll. You're wired. It. The my. Eight. Our. Our. Out and it. 88. I know well out of. I'm telling you you mean are you 20000020. Win like sisters I know are related somehow almost not about us. Who's got talent and a lot of 10% who does the agent that I do. You aren't sure. They. Don't get on. All right it's a jerk is registered users and your first juror thank you know. What's your verdict Jerker justified. I would say justify it hasn't where does not say. That you have to pay into the church because it not mistaken it eases help the poor and you perm before anybody has money to give anybody yet. You can't help in the machine Gary kind of put some money to help the church keep going. Yeah but the thing within isn't quite that the church's epic is so big and expense so when if you have this belief. You can believe anywhere that would have to be here at twelve million dollar church. You know why it's it's it's a jerk move I think because if you do once. You gotta do it every time you can just go out. Some never do a great solutions got. German journal. If you if you have a little click here minority in the pocket change. But if you really truly don't have anything to you and you wanna go into how the warship they should accept you for what you are. And that you are down on your locker whatever the case may be a peek at the back. If you want to donate if god is your opinion you Gillick got a state need to let fine. But just because you do and I don't doesn't make me a jerk or sandy doesn't doesn't make merger it's completely justify it. Your jerk if you don't give every time. It's part of the deal they're trying to support our shortcut okay yeah. Let's examine that junior to an envelope did envelope we put on the envelope so they know who's good who's given it. Everybody and everybody's pushing the envelope so they can get credit bright and urges dumping in the bills. Like and he gets credit with an aggregate gross on you I see your. I get paid her story time for fairy tale. Sessions a small thing you'll now I believe in OK I am proud to say that I go to church by it why is it so I got I messed up in the head because my parents are so divided and at and asking mom I'm like mom I heard someone say that. What's it called again tie you tied this you should tied to whether you're down and out and don't have money. You're you're giving it to guide to hope that you. You've got all gods getting the money there there then we get it back to the church there's that little thing you go to that on the drive throughout the bank that little two and it shoots up to heaven and god. Just yeah. This is what this meant congress say it it was actually a financial podcast I was listening tears are these two ladies were saying in in you just give and god will provide you Seattle and dad will some copper zinc for god bless it comes back to you somehow aren't so I'm telling my mother Agnes and in my mom is sound like a devout Catholic and she's like oh it's so beautiful yes yes have been my dad over years. I can't Lincoln financial guy. And then and then an app because there are Tebow who donate everything they have and then when they need the money no one there this Hebrew. Handling your media and we the most money in your bank account. I had exactly the oldest I don't doubt it so I don't know I'm putting it adds it's ended its in your hands I got your card. Like Alger justified it's ridiculous that God's trying to shake you down to two to buy this data released roll tide buys Camara Jerker justified. Oh god. That your shot all. I'm I'm broke out did he know it yet figured you know he eagle eagle weekly U bureau it would get other jobs are out which should. I. Say time and those are our armed. Generation that's why you're human question has been in church and your original crowd on younger guys and you got called out otherwise. Able Iraq. Yeah wrong. About oral. You don't see. It woke up at bat. Why does the church he'd be at two million dollar three million dollar building these giant structures. What are not only moral compass like here. Oh yeah at the same technology into our equipment out there are not all that. Not so every single time now how do you feel about that 10% rule whether you have it or not you just give. You know why I. Yeah Egypt he give you a lot I figured it out it's not about our instant gratification. It's about. No wonder you're you're giving choose to something get them a moral. Better and it through the whole area yeah. Not they are running out of the money give to your church doesn't just don't know priests pocket to go now and not always in the lighting the plea seeking and getting higher and the secretaries who goes back to the community when they have to help someone. Character art sales. I see it as a as he had good service you leave it to. UG two buzz thinking Q insane is it just paid for on the ball good moral compass that's what that the biggest racquet ever at the pet rock. Watching after the guys that produces this is it a pet rock we created rocks a guy like. Wyoming did Iraq itself the rock was created by Somali father and that's who created Iraq. In Brockton hospital and at that Cuba more calls you shoot you right now as an ally to do to buzz. By the buys Jerker but suffice but. I Bambi. I gotta go with complete here. Hi I'm not an extremely devout person I very rarely orchards but I grew law in a very strong or how old he and at least at my church. You don't get picked at random amount began you have applied to certain amount each year. And by the end of the year make that amount is moves. Tell you if it's hurt yeah and when I do go in Albany your holidays Christmas be your what are millions and can't even though I'm not done well I still don't yeah. OK so clean you out there you go haphazardly once in awhile to make yourself feel good but if you go after sending in it's always the last five dollars in the draw it. Yeah. No no Indy you've got all I know it could mean I don't feel good I go to church for I am not myself asked. They can you okay yeah hitter Turkey it is the go to this kind of jerk or justified. It's hard cop urged. The and were you should probably give it okay that would probably in the future that just are you didn't have cared and who you wanted to go to church. Okay here's a thing of haven't but I give in I give to charity I don't wanna say I never again and I don't believe in charity because that's not right. Every time and the funny back story because. My everything. You're are you at that church. I mean our church likely ordered them and their well being they Graham pageant. Day. You are kind of wonderful things with their church and I don't have money here's what I do your current. Well I mean if you really don't want to give your money be used in Europe are. Yeah. So you gotta give us one of the other Jerker justified log in and or are. Hey it's ridiculous. Hair cover for Turkey and it's it's church is not pearl like club it's too did you buys high the buys your not just humans are you vote Jirga justified. Not joked apart suing it's justified. I think they are not belong to the Christian book today our bit critical pre roll yeah. And and you have to credit that spoke out because people are took Cameron. Not that now it's a completely cure. Call our current yeah if you don't have the ear repute don't count. You don't hear the crow crow I'm not gonna fire power over during the time. Are you don't even know why you haven't looked at one let me I don't know economic or whatever good look at people you know nobody else let me tell you Arnold got built not what people. Because of who you are you're not part where he kept he kept collecting. Because you are honoring him. Thanks to him personally with the buzz site and advise Turkey justified. I got here and why it yeah you're in. That church and you opt. Donate your other and you might and at. You are. Tech community. Are registered. In an umbrella it will not go week we met in elevation and they Null or donate it and that it and I. You can not. It. I statements. And the mentally why is it and that's proof that did to shake yeah if it's tax deductible. Well that's pushing the contract. Got a text that. Her when you're when you're at it her community you know I'll let you know tiny. That you agreed to be Everett germs and it or you're paying public I don't know yet and it is at it but you don't happen. And hack it you are and member op tech community and our era. How I'm going to compassionate because after this. Feel guilty. This is I learned. I learned there was. And seeing. It just kinda know yeah I so I'd be has and it's a little beyond. It's earns the trust.