Judgment Zone- Dad's plan for Father's Day

Thursday, June 14th

Judgment Zone Case #614

Dad plans to miss half of his daughter's soccer tournament and dance recital to go golfing with the guys on Father's Day

Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the valuation. Criticism. Are you which we call. We didn't. Judgments and. You have to decide if dad is being a jerk or if he's justified his plans for Father's Day or land them in the judgments. And so case number 6:14. This morning. So there is. Or a group of guys that they may or may not now Buchanan who are planning and spending their morning. On the golf course. Now the game of golf we now is not a short game. It takes a couple hours right after and fathers say that's that they idea. Group of guys they always go golfing together golf buddies and they run go golfing and others. But it's one of the guys who starters participating. And net a big soccer tournament this weekend. The lake front tournaments and you don't know into that when Sarah yep. And another daddy his daughter is performing and it recital this weekend. And they both are going to miss half of the game and half of the dance recital because they're golf thing something. Yeah. So cool what is justified Tutu Tutu right now and I say justified it's Father's Day. And dad's gift to do anything they want on Father's Day. And I know you and I rarely disagree on things. But I'm we have to say yeah. That's a jerk move since when is Father's Day it dated stop being a good dad. Is every other day of the year up front. Are you acting. As a good data or argued truly a good dad who wants to be there for your kids. Golf to golf you can golf any day you know of any day and you know you will call other days you're not gulping only on Father's Day. The schedule conflict should look should move in the favor of the kids even if it's Father's Day. Moms determined on Mother's Day ethnic can do anything they want mothers staying if they choose to go with the children to orange of tournament and that's and that's what they choose to do T and fathers stated father used to do a few months ago. Do you remember on Mother's Day this past Mother's Day they threatened us with soccer pitch and pitch and I adapted that never came differs about. Ed I was complaining I will admit I was complaining I was I was mad at the people who. Play in the tournament. But all of them moms called me up dad's a good handful or dead and made me feel guilty or guilty then. Felt about the even the thought of not going to became. So. And I conceded it is horrible. So just remember that conversation before you call up and vote jerk or justified but there's 22289. Father's Day. Debts should be the best dads they could be -- do we stop being patriots on Flag Day or fourth of July an hour or bigger patriot is Flag Day by the way do we stop. Being good humans on her birthday well some of you have seen your FaceBook posts. I am not a speed of ethnic beyond the same for Father's Day it's a jerk move here it says this season as what the calling season of doing things into your kids' sports so this one half of a day. We beat big hello the buzz jerk justified we're. Really. Otter. All my guide your Italian right because they're guilty as big. I'll wires Gil yeah the team we're just Irish capital punch in the face the yeah I met her husband said that. I am. At major justified we need to try and yes we all just not be in dads on Father's Day that it has just have our. My mom knew. Well I don't really hear it or high. Well as I got my Mac you know people at a I. I yet I don't why I. I'm content. And it that I want is out every. Now I have that they thought that I didn't own as a mom I wouldn't do. 2222899. Turkey justified high the buzz I. You know whatever your crazy. I want and that that might celebrate and be appealed to do whatever you are. Is supposed to be a better dad on Father's Day where more. Irish on Saint Patrick's Day we're in love on on Valentine's Day why eat less of the dad on Father's Day. Yeah a lot of them and watch it. Yeah. 264 days a year dads can be dad's except on this one day we could be what solely on. For adult it still want to be dads they're just acting the part. Is this past were more people are saying just about every yelling at me when I was complaining about this on your grandmother today. Do you do to graduate I know I would you think Jerker justify it. I am married here. Reality sorry I am I why why why is he jerked Regis he's gonna missed cat. Soccer tournament because he's finishing up gulping what his buddies. Because. I know you're getting at especially big for him. But that's what made because they're what made him a dad and most importantly. I might earn them or turn our back in that state and talents he remembers your kids are gonna remember everything. That you weren't there. Daily there it yeah they only remember when you are not. They do now but it feels so much better when they half hour and minute thank you your Ollie there you gave up there yes. You know why in did to miss half a turn him you know come and our too late you know Hopkins. That's recent don't by the way is very disruptive what does that pretty good in an out in the teens was after desert settled seven hours is in my. I. Okay thank you. You. So. I. OK so this probably is a case a court ruling that a lot of dads are hoping. To get a verdict odd because this will decide whether you are able to skip out on on your kids' activities for fathers they are not ready. 2222899. What do you think Durkin justified. I don't I don't double it's I don't play golf you know. Lab you really think I'll does. Or thereabouts seriously it is Father's Day let others do what they want they are with their children all year they're good dad. I would say 90%. That. You know let out their days and I'm sure the children all under par I'm. Just today is for the kids to to celebrate their father I mean you're gonna celebrate their father might have them. Not so let's or I was out of the day. How to learn a real little relate. You're gonna be the worst father my everybody's gonna notice I could throw a good bet there are. We genocide we did we edit got a date in my brother in laws every single year and other stake. Kids aren't. I was due to lower. Yeah yeah I think we're finally PME quietly cried on the thank all of you know I don't know. That's next day the girls were crying. Out. That's about his gold medalists are Aaron Jackson is not that he can go to Q. You listen. Listen little Chrissie I know we have a soccer tournament but going give daddy the best Father's Day gift ever go golf and. Okay dad. Blind IRA when he's linked to 22289. Hanging high the mr. justified. That. John I'm mini mart moms to conferences saying. It so you live. You did not have you back there about other now what happened that you put bumping on order. They would move it. OK so this happens all the time I wanna know who's organizing these dance recitals and soccer games and the cross tournaments and whatnot because. All these lands on day after Thanksgiving. Others ten mothers. Why do they do despite to because they've decided to volunteer to coach these things all this and they realize are now. That's what people get mandates that don't make your life altering. It. Justified thank you. Amazing how men don't have the guilt that women have. His last 2222899. Would you think had but mr. justified. I sent opt out. I. A crazy don't knots and just about what do you think. You're thank you someone with some sense some of planes in the head ticket justified by the ads. A Milliken well. I'd like had I not stopping another. You get the right verdict. Good jerk verdict by the by has jerk are justified I don't even we are winning as any. Three more three more to say injured and I don't think that this is a jerk move to exist ditching your kids throwing in the. Gutter abandoning them on and on Father's Day man I know what it's like to be left. On supports all week long my dad's that he was gonna pick me up to go hang out with him for the weekend no he went to Grateful Dead concert instead are Nellie got held up at the strip club instead now he picked. Came over me and that ruined me for life still. Those has slowly been swayed in violence here in what is it Jirga does the Bible. Actually. On the proxy. And you aren't aren't last semester and justified. OK at all it at a recital or is that a sporting event. OK so there's two dads here to day Eds this is first time ever and judgments on history were two dads take the stand one dead it's gonna miss half of the game. Leak later on tournament and the other or dead is missing happened dance for sale. I'll admit that dance recital at total jerk. I. What about soccer game editor soccer game they're more soccer. History title is the one time thing. That they my daughter entry title Saturday at her father as bad or no deal when you start. Time. There are three show that bears the cannon goes to light. Doesn't matter. How many times will she'd answer this answer so. Or. Nineteen times. Such OK they're. It is done I'm always surprised having memorized they've remember all those present a case of you only have one choice that you only have either Jerker justify. Well okay that the interest I don't debt to total jerk at that the only time they performed at the father will be their. It's his dad's a lump together it's guilty by association is gadgets though now that why are you can't. Create tinge of but I like I did you did you put a triple well it in the water no longer water excellent hey I'm keeping tally so I've put into your. Are driving this wrong and I'm surprised you're completely strain injury while you're gonna justified on the bus. Which one is that. Yeah.