Judgment Zone- Dad makes his kid run to school as punishment

Friday, March 9th


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There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the valuation. Criticism. Are you which we call. We didn't. It showed itself. That's right let's get to do it this sort of put this father in the judgment zone. This is a video that we caught on FaceBook. Listen to what he's explaining and then you decide who's the jury to do to rise to do with this day. But I don't do. You better listen cheered and 2018. Come dishonest selling control of us enough Torre got actually kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bowling which I do not tolerate cannot stand. And therefore. He has you don't run the school. No more right about one mile from the school so all week he's got the experience wearing the school and the good news is that yes he keeps a pretty good mile pace in six miles. An hour so far. Yesterday he was apparently a little crude for Michelle in the mornings. You know trading this morning he still gets run. This very ears just simple you know ironically since he's been running the school this week is there's been much better spent teachers have approved. Thumb of his behavior this week yes I got in trouble at school this week or last week he was just absolutely. Out of his mind. The kids ten years old. He makes a run a mile to school he's doing spots to stick I think troubled. For ten. Miles to school in the you know and as at that date that he Jay you made it do for an entire week. I even though easily kicked off the bus for three days meaning to a week. Run to school this backpack I'm in and don't that audio you just heard was from the date and it was raining. This is dead Jerker justified it's like military it to my dad used to say they would have to do any arming. The military book camper had never seen a more justified case the judgment on since it opened its doors justified. Refreshing. Enlightening. Inspiring. Justify justify justify justify ten years old yup. Love this and so much sandy. 222 buzz you're the jury 222289 and on my desk and Augusta. I'm so torn break out because when you first brought this up I could even my activity I was scared a home to what I was gonna see because you've. That getting beat. Because I did you want it to be only got his dad is. Something bad is happening behind closed door rooms and he's punishing you skin in the wrong way. I took and gotten like this kind of stuff. Proud of his behaviors changing. Mean it. Nobody is gonna see this is a jerk I nobody I think there's going to be some people have produced jerk move peerless and white academy think wait. Every day mildly he's ten and it's called exercise. The sun yeah. It's actually attend her old Asian exercise you exe is eight Eaton. Sixteen. Maybe 1610. A mile and a long long. It's not that lock around a mild winter wonder. Outside playing her in the snow or at the school or on the mall when it's that you know fun stuff miles nothing it's really not that far. For a week a week. Five days. And I don't know how he gets home from school. I think your tank is a guy yet had a mile. Circle off a little. If Sosa is the dead to me the kid ran to school the ten year old Jerker justified why the guys on the judgment zone. Yeah I got that. I am not great right at your help I think it doesn't I. Oh man I'm flying solo and an iron cut. Neeson. Younger and I. I. I. These dig it dad of the year but refreshing take on parenting. Told for the children of America this season this guy deserves a medal of honor. He did say that. It has been a noticeable difference from his teachers but this kid is is a very well mannered child now. I say justified kind of they know goods and I'm out of this. The appreciate. It. Dad trying to take action. In discipline his candor I appreciate dead I'd get it putts. This Timmy feels like it's more than just that first about this kid is ten years old and second this is public humiliation because he documented it in any app posted camping spot and here on the bus in Rochester new York and talking about this kitten so this is big old public humiliation. Didn't hear my kids have such awful moments where I unlike competing and screaming louder than they actors are fretting so bad and they're just being. Arable and I had done the punishments I have done the yelling. You know what I've found works best known. When I just try to give them love and have fun with just positive. A positive atmosphere in the house they are so well let me not that they ever got kicked up a bust or anything your polling but. Teach them things not just punished and now he's going to be angry an angry kid in the cell. Teacher. You're a 222 byes to teach you to grade 99 euros Jerry hello juror you're on this is ever see any jerk justified. I'm. Just yet and salty. Now. Why are and years. It. How many years really and it under an. Apparent early that. And a problem. At. Home. Only. I don't know why I'm here. I act. On hot. But yeah nearing the point and anything at all to give this kid decade of the bus three times and they got three warnings that there's no reason why so why don't she she. Isn't very good point 1010 years of his life and it really it's only three because up until eight and. There have always been known to school since OK let's three years at a preschool. He's noticed both NC was users are starting at six that's four years. I don't know do you have kids. Yeah. Don't you notice that we and you just create this positive fun atmosphere and you teach your child Palin's and just do good things in good things will happen just make positive good choices don't feel like showered them with blood and they will be kind of let individual. I know for from experienced little boys. Think that's fun to to bully people to make fun of people that's fun for them I mean yeah so we'll stay out the latest we allow that to be fun still and we don't snapple in the place that they're gonna think that's fun forever that's fun for little. And apt you are. Not currently working. And not about. I'm not that art and when you're at here aren't that wrote. Had. You don't run well. Figure out a way in March and may act it wearable and it probably not. Make a point. I'm all not at one in at I crank out something rock you at our riot. Sleep right. She's demanded the more charitable and kind OK so it's just you niece so far by the way. To carry a note to soon. And a well. All. Every on the world yeah that. Title by his job judge zone jerks or justified. Eight. Doesn't exist parenting with this parenting you speak of. It's just like to. Get it we did and it don't ignore ignoring it is going soft you do so. You're you'd get out pretty disparate air you know this Boehner. Aren't quite well. Out there are no don't oil and. You're gonna get more lows and really get to teach them why why is it bad let's do something nice for the kid that you bowling let's. Let's I don't know Macomb drama picture and I would you get ten years old doubts should. I. And oh yeah. You're gonna bode your own child at that point all. I response to do it. He you're gonna begin awkward situation a little bit there's always there's a bullet while there are collapsed and what school are days. Its outlook on life. So far. Yet think solely. Salary as a race to Dubai has had to buy this jerk adjusted cried on the judgments on. You'd ever really got excited I mean. Andy I bet you have additional lump it all up well our pop and bike and Bowden I believe somebody like here and they Wear brown a they made on what I want hadn't. I made them in the entire implored the toothbrush my eyes I made them write a letter to the girl I'd on the barrel potter how to hurt while Merck. And they had a return call Ole Bagram bring up. Hurry up her burden and are. No you have to be pumped money it is they've got to remember it or not live up on de big negativity. Everywhere wise and current your kitchen floor is mainly muscle offs he's. Is aggressively tee there are a lot of guys that could ask you mommy dearest appear on the judgment on who. I I I think adopt a bite of it on and and I'm not that it it if he'd he'd act them out and what they content and they have the they have to run a mile. Not right that they'll be well conditions exercise it releases. It's. Thank you itemize there and the judgment zone and surveillance in major could justify and. Definitely just I think. People need to be responsible for their behaviors and bottler at the age. On the father in the video went on to say as informants on. One of the things a dirty says you know it's kind of prepares to stop in their kids' friends disturbed in the parent. Teaching as late as conversation. She state run school Cade. The guys there's an audience that would have a conversation on the while spoken to them involved yeah. Two to Dubai this insult you properly and this case misery yes you wonder buster justified. Heads these are answered some more that's advised her to does have died at all. None of parenting and finally the final line either buys your judgment zone. What do you think Jerker justified. I. And I love it. Guys thanks so much hits that I've seen any I believe. You aren't just in the right place except the reality. If I had to give back. You.