Judgment Zone- Dad brings his new girlfriend to his daughter's graduation ceremony

Tuesday, June 12th

Judgment Zone Case #612

Her ex-husband wants to bring the new girlfriend to their daughter's graduation ceremony

Is dad being a Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. System. Between the evaluation and criticism. Doesn't bury you which we call. All big and I'm sure. Today's case sends does anyone see any of the judgment sounding. Case number 612. Might bring back some bad memories. Or it might make you feel better knowing that you are not the only line. We felt horrible I tell us that contain. Sorry I don't mean to jump suit conclusions in the very dear OK so let me be unbiased straight out let me present the case and you have to decide if jerk. Or justified. 2222899. Buzz listener reached out to us and said next weekend her daughter is graduating. Pain weekend all focused on her daughter and a graduation ceremony and then they're gonna come out to eat afterwards the whole family okay. She says I am furious because my axe husband to. Is bringing his new girlfriend. My daughter's graduation ceremony. And this to go out after school. Jerk or justified to do 2289. Well. It's always coming from that point of view being divorced and that kind of stuff it's it's always awkward but. It did do that at. That point in time it would make you were jerk. I mean eventually. If this two ways to go if it's at it it's a bad break up and that. You know you or anybody around and it's pretty obvious but if you're trying to you know Edberg at a meeting with your access via a computer or you don't want to know. And we're ex is dating. Or whatever right it's definitely a jerk move. This is not the point in time that you do something like that jerk. It's justified I think it's justified I mean. He's just as much. A part of the graduates life then the mom and you know more than the end I'm assuming. And while we're positioning as a bad guy. Because. He's moving now with a slice faster than maybe someone else or whatever at whatever maybe I think in any case it's it's justified the more the merrier graduation anyway. You do 22899. Would you think hello the definitely hear my bit and that they had to run a girl aren't wired I'm greatly. Oh no. Oh yeah no. I don't know now before I cut away before they graduation ceremony did you ever meet this one mean before or resist the first time out. A letter yes same with this woman who who emailed us. He had purse prize and then because I know he was. Are even bad at eight I knew he was bringing bringing her I had to rearrange my party rally bad because I didn't want to hurry my par. Okay yeah that is isn't live right time I think the listener the buzz closer when she emailed tibbles she's at she's furious about this but. Is it the appropriate timing your daughter's graduation. I mean people stroke. Love the movie no end it specially after divorce especially after being off the beatings at this struggle so hard. With trying to find happiness again that you're gonna you're gonna limit to when they can interact with people that could potentially being in their lives forever. Well I think it's the it's incredibly selfish to sell to tell the the father of the graduate that he can't ring. Somebody to the graduation. Because it may make you feel uncomfortable let's be honest it's about you with the ex wife that Internet and you know. When when it comes cystic kitten doesn't care kids get and gives the kids graduate of the kids out on their high it's it's completely justify something south. It's sure cool for me and it gets about to graduate not to new girlfriend that nobody's ever met Bjorn sand in college on earlier saying it's about the graduates its that's the situation. If you don't get together after graduation. To listen and let did what the father Carl you know letting incumbent don't bring the new girlfriend. Does most of the invitations inviting for graduation party. Is it to graduate or the mom who's organizing the whole thing. Well a lot of it is probably on mom's shoulder as epidemic here why is all the control Lian monster mom gets to decide what neighbors come in what cousins are invited journalists to rip probably has to say I am suffering Erica that you. All right. So it dead it is so you can't assume that the graduates not OK with putting them that's almost an hour thanks. RE 2222899. What do you think how do you feel about this. Hi the buzz. Teacher it's about it makes children street I caught up. At all and it costly. In that Reid and the court and it girlfriend or girlfriend. It may it be that they are like big act in the middle and I ate at the my other. Hand. And my act in my kids are really comfortable. If the kids only feel it get to be in the middle if the parents make them feel like that now middle. Not true because it is actually boy. Boy I feel really bad and are. When that happened. And it just acted that write it I knew I even worse they'll be at epic Ali BE. A family and that way am I did it a lot her relationship at upper you know. Kitna looked everybody that by the new girlfriend now. My hair. I hope a lot of ex husbands are listening this morning since this case it ended that thought thought it would be right but he's OK for mom to bring the boyfriend is at a different case or what are. Oh not at all because. Air act gag. You're your daughter. Is now about the relationship right dockers and if you look at their popular. Get jacked at its relationship being in. Kids don't need bad. I wanna beat trauma but it's traumatize the Clinton middle part like at its support to be really happy about that. Yeah it's been gradually right and the man. Don't don't bring it then girlfriend. The boyfriend. Atlanta but really long term relationship for example and abort that lap. Aren't aren't accurate. They used so much for being on the jury. Ivan is actually has been months to bring his new girlfriend to his daughter's graduation ceremony what do you think is he being in there is a fact. I think it could end up on that and actors cannot wind is. Under even the boards are outline an improper men in that chair and what does that trial. Because at that point it's not really upped its parent. It more so with a child on autopilot and it child has not I'm honored at new boyfriend girlfriend there at banner he's you know. Or to about eighteen year old dramatic not a seven year old so. Don't know I I totally agree I issued it here she at act comfortable are there between new growth in Internet child. I burping here at mile lottery back there I haven't heard it here. I not. Send though listener who emailed us did it really specify how the daughter feels she just said that nobody's ever Matt had girlfriends so it's a new girlfriend I'm not sure how long they've been divorced but. With those facts on the table. What would you say what would what bubble would you. You know color and. It long and is the focus isn't on a new relationship and it about the child. I acted like I just because I edit button is situation where. They act out. Is that you can't do that the European I can't explain. It not and it's not their shared of course are resent. And yet live your life and be happy with the decision that you may. And you're gonna take a child in consideration of the Asian spirit as a puddle they are. I'm awesome thank you so much for being and the jury. Either because when you think Jerker justified AXA is a must bring the new girlfriend to the daughter's graduation when thank. I don't think they're an inept tax prevented. My AA content that ally they've been divorced in the daughter has been she and that's why doesn't matter. Get out of but the daughter. So that the daughter okay would they justify. Without knowing that piece of information because that any renown for daughter would really be completely honest. Without knowing that what would you say if you know the jury is looking TO for the marriage act. I QB Kyle is. Like go to die. It goes on and not at night after twelve years of school and it's a graduation it's all about. The graduate the son or daughter not brought down and his new girlfriend that you never Matt. What we don't know that she's never met her. We do know this is the new time everybody's daughter at her nobody has. Okay that it entered this. Market that is different. If my daughter knew her of the current girlfriend yes that's the issue is should bring her. But if the doctors never mattered yet have probably enter. Cut she slept my I think that would be cut back at the daughter and her. That it would be totally different area aren't perfect big you still lags up and you do that. I understand is when is the daughter small some hitherto not allowed to go anywhere and I mean as soon as we get to be the wedding is it going to be the college graduation went as well. Unless you're allowed to be a. Route they're better off hey we're assuming that this woman is assist this flame that's gonna happen this could be the future stepmother of this. It's graduation he beat his first mullah where they bond and and to build an amazing relationship that lasts a lifetime. Good but I also couldn't you know I'd find humorous about this. There are a lot of passionate women calling we are the acts instead well think Libya Nigeria Iran and answered your ray guy got really big ticket justified. I am I'm Dirk well I only hot. The new girlfriend. Little by this you know graduation coming. I know her and I'm going. Off Britt Reid should. Yeah could be your revamped as a legal and honest in a household before school graduation and this is a look. Yeah. Add picker upper class from finals. That's very valid point. I certainly do you think your justified. 8 year. And I am saying that the new Alpine and nobody and that her at all in soccer has the matter. And it you know and Kopper as well as well soccer but there are meetings that are either their. I mean funny how long wait let. I don't know. As the new girlfriend you'd wanna kind of go with the flow and go to something that's already established Ottawa as the new boyfriend a bomb ever in this position god forbid. I'll tell everybody have this special sit down dinner just to meet meet you need the senate. That's sort of elaborate. There are eat regularly by everybody. That I am waiting for. Yeah. Same as you are don't you don't we meet people we have no idea exists on I mean I've been a multiple weddings where the bride and groom doesn't even know I exist as the date or whatever maybe so let's. You're there are born Atlantic there in the are regularly. Yeah blowing very true. I. Would it dad is putting part of this bill does that have anything any let's say we can't we throw in this corner like she's just all we're gonna let dad come to this does mean. How an extra family and. There except for don't girl friend Mikey. Why he and girlfriend. And daughter. Were regret it in the I've got. A new girl there. Well my daughter right in there. That hey what are you are you know and then yeah. Emily saying it about other hot air. I argument is about taking the spotlight off of the ground but you don't think mom's gonna go off battered new blind she got. Felt the storm last night yeah lawnmower or grilled this. Blind to the graduation it's her body its satellite that. You up with her knee feels like. The person who emailed us. Is in disguise to beat him and then acts why I like it really is the girlfriend reaching out and take on in the stands seller for this. This is not an Aetna a owning a let you know I'd be out there are. So fun I wouldn't you think thank you so much for being imparted that Jerry and Kanye I am sorry but at this is my. Yeah unanimous yeah it's. Time for men's efforts.