Judgment Zone- Charging a 5yr old rent

Tuesday, January 23rd


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I did advise your and the judge of its own judgment you guys she makes her five year old daughter pay rent tying the bonds if she Jerker justified. Dump the I doesn't. Well. I can't say it but it is our own pay by eat she explained how he'd get her daughter. I Ballard that you need the hay and robotic or hurt that cut the belt and went he turned eight and now. She get that act on her bike. It's 3380. Interns to be here you know. Thank you. There was no. Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation and criticism. Are you which we. All didn't. Sure it's. I make my five year old pay rent she says. It's the judgments elements the SimCity 2222899. Years the jury appreciate Jerker she justified she thinks her five year old. Pay rent every week she gives it like a seven dollars. Allowance and then takes dollars or five dollars back dollar threat dollar for water dollar for electricity dollar for cable and dollar for food. The attitude she gets to keep and do whatever you want but she's fun she's still open event. And I can. He don't let you down you attempt to justify the budget queen did doesn't you don't like it Nat now I don't like it at all this is horrible now absolutely jarring I know what I'm all about finances in making sure my kids. Ire are Smart with their money. But a five year old ten it's too young wait too young kid comprehend. What that means that to damn a five year old. They're thinking Allison mommy gives me money antiques in a way it's just wanted to share because at that point. In your life you're still learning how to share so this is teaching the kid to take back what you get. Just I'm justified totaled two delegates completely justified it's a skill that's a life skill that be good at a budget to do to keep a budget so why not teach a skill early on the more you practice the better you are at it yet I skill you're absolutely Brent but SI advocate so what Bible was making seven dollars anyway this is all this is all just. Scale assault relatives it's like a thirteen year old making forty dollars a begin to mean so that but you'll never make money anyway at five years old so. In my in my opinion teach your five year old how to save. Lake if they give birth saying money or whatever. You know they don't even comprehend what a twenty dollar bill is to have. Five dollar bill they don't understand chain don't know what a penny the difference in a penny and a nickel and yet I you've learned that he had. If you teach them any grandma gave you fifty dollars are and a five dollars. On two putt three in the save jar and go spend two pet is okay but for what edging Ted you explain to them what it's for. Wolf I just lots of money at that point in that he wished you'd just watching does the number Graf. What may be more. Appealing for that child to know what the money's going toward instead of this lull just because one day it'll still be there and you can happen later. Is there a sense of chaos they don't and have a sense of gratification and a few few to give it to him and take it away don't need it later at age yeah attribute what are you kicking away from me what is the biggest stress right now. In your life in anybody's life. Still pay the bills. My would you make your five year old stressed about that. This horrible but who lived life and then you know be Smart their money need vs Juan is what you're teaching them at this point in in mind smack. You write sure. I can on jury GG yeah. Point 99 yards for the other corner. Only to hear your hide it buys jerk or justified. Cheated your. Thank you so much you start to make your leave at 1010% tip when you do you're only a five year old don't want a lot ought reap. Yeah Netflix or cables of it ain't free but hey I. Well today you know I think that got to get someone to tell it to be VHS senate candidate and alert you get a tick away your retirement money. Ha ha yeah you don't know that I think are absolutely right I think have been on the buy isn't much either buys a jerk ever justified. And. Also tried. They're great idea I think integrated shall have all the port on the ballot and he's got eight he'd eat chicken either buyer first do you car a used car. It uses provoked or should start college I think all parents do that has not worked well I think a lot of shorter so coddled. They go out and the world they have no clue what they're getting them over until as a neighbor back on the Canadian would go great or anybody. Jerker justified bed right here don't handed here. And that working there realise what really even do. Like I feel do you know make seven bucks a week. A lot to get duo that. But motherhood here and there. And we kid I bought. Is this mom a jerk or she justified. And cheer. I'm sure it happened. I'm Nicole obviously but the dog house and the smallest small claims court ever if you. Bounce house a McDonald's that medical. And now. Yeah all right the good things things you about really into the entire face of what she says I let my fight you'll pay rent. And sovereignty there and we sheets is seven dollars an ounce but explained that in the real world most people spend most your paycheck until Google spend on themselves so. They can give you 5000 dollar grant dollar for watered down with electricity doubt cable out of food. Maybe she should charge another dollar to you know because when you when you drive a car dollar when you go to restaurant Mel B seven million not. Q a little munchies at five years old phone don't expose them to be ugly underbelly of the quote real world on please let them chest beating. They've done this judgment soon your voting jerk protester trying to I feel jerk coming up you see I see this kick when she goes to kindergarten. This is probably five years old maybe just in kindergarten now. Here you can have you and him and means. And then she takes a while back Bonnie does this with me well yeah that it did. She's providing some kind of service. With the jelly beans. That's the parents because the mom is providing her with shelter and. And also the stuff these kids that just give it back to learn that's the kicker how would you consider Ager when the moms ultimately giving it back door. These savings further her kid any how for the few new images and have the means to do bull. Allowance and savings. Tina Dubai is it's completely justified to light skill it's like shooting a basketball or or driving a car. Literally learned about it the more practice you have the better. Developmentally children at five are like. Mean mine right. If they can't comprehend right in when you take something away if you lose something ticking away for them they they don't like that mimics and said they'll know they'll hate money kids get and they are issues. Q did you today's round not just an apparent Don time that's a damned sure maybe she aggressively writes the check or whatever to check isn't. 2042. She's gonna just did. Maybe a memo in the event and I'll pay you don't have to pay rent in the future an apparent that the over the retinal scans all of a pal on our face the truth the truth what do you think is she jerk or is she justified to did you 2899. Our agenda NC jerked myself just because it doesn't seem to me remember my kids were five they would even get. I mean I think I got on the piggy bank when they're little like that it. House and now it's kids now because of stuff that we don't do like this my kids. Third. Of us even well into two bugs. As my kids are living at their parents' house told the 35 years all this is. This is exactly why. Big idol. She's all for giving money to market because of the Bible that a contributor ranking house if you think there's sell his bushy Gucci goose of existence. And we deserve the ballots so this is this is all just the process the mom is using to teach the lesson and ultimately give back the money so beacon is gonna save money and responsibility. Learning discipline and that's what about a ballot stuff to Dubai is tied to adjusted I'd. Yes they're definitely okay and besides he's a decent pitching there I'm. Oh god yeah.