Judgment Zone- Can Your Kid Say NO to the Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 11th

Judgment Zone- Case #911

With all the school fundraisers your kids are "forced" to participate in can they say "No" to any of them?

Jerk or Justified?

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Yeah. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity and it is the middle ground between the valuation and criticism yeah. In which we call didn't. Show us. It's case 911 of the judgments on where you are. On the jury it's real easy to have to sit around the courthouse all day or two we've renamed because he just caught a 72 to Bosnia vote jerk. Or justified. Today on trial. All those fundraisers at the school. I remember dad should my kids had no less than three or four a year plus they are and Boy Scouts which meant five. Six. Depending on sports teams. The Washington trip. Got a foundries fund raise fund raise or you would Jerker justified. To bail on one of those enough is enough. We think. In fact. Testified at Kelly yeah we say justified. You're gonna feel so guilty in you don't want to say justified his eldest son and you gonna think that your an awful person not an awful person and there's just too many Derek. And he is in like for a sports sport is gonna do a fundraising event. People do you know oh what a lesson to teach your kids when the going gets tough quit. It's not quitting you know it's yes it is and the rest of the team is yeah start. Caddie hey do you really are recognized can start. Hey let's get right up. I want to get a job with an eye on the Clinton and I'll never get fired. It's a job it's uncertain what obviously they're part of a team and your team loses is as strong as the weakest link and you want it could be the weak link now how the pavement collects and cash fund raised. And do what you're supposed to deal with a jerk move. Who's really fund raising let's be completely honest it's on the parents. And the parents don't wanna find race. Any chance. For sports teams asking for money then you also have your class the school does their fundraising how many times. You can't. Yeah everybody that's possible prices to eight. Did your paycheck to every single charity that exists in Rochester on your markets and go need do is K. Okay this saying no thank you. It's a jerk move view are the one that put him in that. Sports so you can go to girls' night and Gillick all little metal collect. You know six you know let's public when he eighteenth if it's a little leg up to 600 dollars for her cheerleading team. Tell you I guess it charities theory to winery imports but she can't push charity on somebody like. Somebody can't tell my kid. Who define race for I want my kid to figure out. What she's passionate about him that you telling me what it's not about her to make you look good team decided. Whoever's in charge of the team its collective decision. Well both the call insect. K here's Jackie can't make it to the fund raising a red. Chinese are jerks and say justified OK you're the you're the jury right now a 222 Obama doesn't think her first car all good morning on the judgments on what do you. What do you think churkin justified to bail out one of the fund raisers. Oh. I I want and that's her art and I'd. Now. They might I at all. Okay now now. Now well now an. Alley and crack at that. The she yeah yeah I think. All I'll act is. Here. Or not. Out pattern on and out. About it. Six pizzas you can make it able to do or whatever he's doing well pizzas and then. I. And yeah that. Costly registered as they justified it starts to an island in this is the judgments on jerk or just a I'd advise churkin justified. Just described. I'm very tight lie and now you're talking about one kid epic 45. I have eight grand kids oh she's so every other week every unit of different people who work for his shoulder should have to find some brother gave people who worked at a little reconcile muscles and occupied. Yeah he's a go to person to call your grandparent. I couldn't. Security is not that bad on those big tub of popcorn for the holidays. Know now that that can afford them Jerker justified. Actually the Rochester. Or are. Joke later Jerry Steele was Allen told a radio right now my goodness that you haven't yet parents understand. The pressure of these orange fundraising friends. Is top down your kids. Go out street you know kids then it. Are underrated it's been like every other week or else. Here's the problem with a scenario is you parents can't deal with pressure does it now. He created us entitled. Payable on how well he did it in your well. Shaw talking off. Even in very good one out in the statement the parent that they kid out. Don't think now and giving us the right to say no thank you are the skills at that comes with this fund raising thing it's. It's obviously persistence it's. It's it's say hills and how to talk to people and stuff like that as a million skills that comes just to be faking the school for having you fund raise and ask for more fund raisers. All the value you get out of that. Never mind the Medicare and after fund raising to be like you've. I have more confidence now and it. I'll. The other parents about their parents take it worked and then shakedown on the co worker's mom look at the muscles I made holding people by the ankles and checking them upside down and their butts at. Both what you say you say I think you're fine justified for sang now you say your move your part of. Team be a good part of that and 222 Bly is what do you say is the jury ready or the cause they're huge or justified. And I hate that. I'm ray in I think that there are really important and a half acre. Thank you are to pull our. There's so many trees you can shake down when icy trees and link family member because. And. It. I. Aren't aren't not only that they have our community but have yet accountability. Thing that they're doing without bond money. And they opt. Burned out light but the rejection Asian curse that they. The lesson that the wind the well is dry ebitda is not going to the well. Everybody got no better. Thanks Mikhail. What do you say to judge to ignite Niger to justified. I wanna do any work for your kids because one quarter of life. I don't want that while they I don't. Or I I I am. Out there out act that adds that at all. Buy out option Dow is kind of annoying because. How much money would that haunts you personally if you have multiple kids multiple fundraising events mind. Seeing if it's hard you work it's amazing how many things and what you want for free. People tell me what I have to do with my money and I don't like begging people for money we'll I don't like is it any shame that there has to be for a bruising for and everything. Things cost money. For the bus when he traveled beautiful enough for that did you hear lady said. A good portion of this money goes to the company not even a school. I look at your at it. Or did you get something in return for your buying a product it's. I. Have that ill. And you eat. A lot you know why not at. Other. Congratulations are in touch magazine every week. And now I. Oh yeah. Q do you swing your vote to jerk. I'm getting my. Lag. And Zurich or justified. It injure. Yeah or pay under. Do I need you out back seat belt in the eager to get better at that are your elder and you and your children there are they make. But the links. Of the team is to give the best effort on the field are on the court or whenever. Not not going to Graham I'm asking for more money. That's why haven't seen it to learn how to work better with people that you don't barely match with the next. We match wit or fidelity right. What are bringing an end to lead them to work. Because they're trying to get tired out maybe that they can be regulate that underage being great big extra money and vote could. Big scheme court heard that call. Your coach earned jail yeah. It. Yeah that's the best. Bar and actually back here now. To do not legend are three account because there's a lot of people lining up to vote. Doubt these are a bunch a jerk routes king let's see it let's let's go to calls here try to buys are you gonna vote Jerker justified on bailing on one of the many. And maybe one of the many fundraisers it's your kids' school Jerker Joseph writes. I'm unclear how I. I wrote them all come home.