Judgment Zone- Calling Your Guy Chubby

Wednesday, September 12th

Judgment Zone Case #912

Konya says he gained 25lbs over the past few months so now he wants his girlfriend to call him chubby in an effort to motivate him to do something about it.

She is refusing saying that would be a Jerk move

What did the jury decide?

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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity and yeah it is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Didn't show. Car and the jury had to judge who buys this is the case number 9120. She's totally honest about his weight. Jerk. Or justified. Kanye brought this story up that you and your girlfriend or category around within us that's my dream girl right there girl tabulate yen a year status. Sorry maybe these. I like I am amazed they want that motivation but here's the thing I gained 25. Pounds since memorial. Yeah 5000 what from him too little one to 226. And still can't get my girlfriend Meredith is say that guy named chubby. On the gas I grab like looking at this being parents and that is that no you're not getting yeah. There are at this point. It's beyond being nice it's just Mac. Yeah well how what when you can make your belly button Yond squeezing Shaq I'm dead sex tape and a book on my stick and ball again. You know he really why why hurt you tell you know they're hiding your fat yes I'll do you jump she would be a huge issue I completely understand why she needs days messenger now. It would be justified on saying justified those women out there are brutally honest to there. Men to their husbands or boyfriends about them getting fatter. Just to let me say that and we me and could handle it matters and you can own. I. I yeah. I had it that seriously ill and yet there's so well at center. Listen but no no ego is so fragile you you've put up. It's huge aside now you don't watch your girlfriend being completely honest with viewing and I'll sit do you think if if we were married and I came up you like hey. And get squeezed. I don't. Hey what's going on witness chair we gonna do about it if I asked. Do I look ridiculous semester I look fat and mess yes that we could handle it a lot better than you guys you are. Trying to slam no way. Speak case this morning for that matter how bad it is about are you Jerker justified to be brutally honest with your husband an ice right you would be inch. Justified. Men. Men need this may need is motivation because now there's a goal on the chubby. And I guess I'll lose fifteen pounds and I'll do this now let us but if I was never in the deficit I can never be appalled. Zero point two point in the positive counteract that have not been impeached nothing did go for here. It only bring it up like remember when he called me fat. And it well it opens up a pandora's box out Allah opens they never forget something that we did fifteen years ago you bring back and within a few cats and how to do as is our number college you're on the jury. Is it totally justified or jerk move to totally honest about his weight. The women out there where this worked where that. Debt situation work we'll call 222289. And you'll call me and say yeah I told my husband was chubby and all of sudden. And he hit the Jimmy sort of lifting weights in the garage you sort of goal for Iran feels great mountain. There are women out there especially US and Israel west side woman thing that you do you know people materialistic superficial on stuff. Now. Dumb thing to do with your house don't you follow into Kanye strap you don't go to your red jabbing call about chubby cakes. I. She jerk or she justified the numbers due to to buzz let's go by the buster does but. Yeah honesty. It. You know I'm in do you know the backlash for calling your husband chubby. I you know and don't act. Out. It tells you to. The brave men and I have that. Gonna help honesty is that always the best policy there's only certain people in your lives that can be brutally honest and that is only your mother. And your girlfriend is not it it no Eugene you'll know you're gonna resents her heel surgery center because you've been at it used to call me chubby. You'll forget that you get our. Due to call you Chapman if he asks if you. Tasks like listen this is part of my process of changing myself I need that it's almost sounds like a lack of support but it's actually support so I see his point. Happy yeah. Let you know sometimes I think I wanna hear things I want honesty really join amnesty from my husband's donors for my mother well written because sometimes they think and mine that I didn't get what you did tell me that a lot like it does as you really don't. I need you to really tell me you look fantastic. Calls you to do I see this is what happens when you call the judgments on you Telus. If she Jerker justified for totally being honest about his weight and he wants it to be should be justified right. Qaeda buys. Our senior church has elevated their realizes in detail over his job and I don't want to tell me about instead you know and not you know mr. aspect. That open about it. So there's little the fight is is what you asked yeah just the body or being honest yes but our yeah yes she just organized you did you use the. All right besides belliard Turkey don't forget your career. Off dude kinda. How does a little bit right now dude to have its Allman. There a moment awful moments until they are. It's terrible it's sure. That's angered. Thanks man it's to Kosovo calling you choppy and now public she's out tester that. Adam's gonna look the minister to judge her saying what a horrible girlfriend do something about it need to it's just get a compliment me on my weight loss he has to be honest and always great game in weddings and shows the opposite way when it went if you have his downward spiral and you start to become depressed and you be more ice going for the guys can but that last -- Yeah. I don't think it buys mining your of the judgments on how do you vote Jerker justified. I think that there. To be completely as the column toaster from now on. Speaking contract I don't let my boyfriend are the kinds. Of my eating of rat on you or your black man. Daddy. It may I couldn't do that my husband Mike danger that maybe he's just too sensitive he he asks hey am I getting fat and to our standards if you're if his butt is getting too flat yeah. I'll work it out our let's go to some names I chubby. That's on is that apple aren't yet take a cakes. Well Scott you and this largesse some Allard and some are out. He liked that she has a very sweet voice I mean why she could say anything she just sounds so sweet. I go to the streets and out and you're on the judgments on jerk justified we are hot right. Now it. To call your husband facts to be honest guy his weight is a different I don't understand how honest how honesty could be. Could fall under the jerk well how could ever bought into the dirt column Linear heat I was on the line he's done incentive to you this your children. When your kid. Comes on with the musical instrument money yet how well do I play you music kids really. You suck so let's try another Jewish stink are now but if you practice you can. Graduate to being okay and it. And get a bags. And edit like Childress I'm not a yeah nine and a half years old and a. Here it is the final vote in many guys is injured or is it justified. For being totally honest about his weight Jerker justified. And thank you for. I'm gonna happen chocolate but I gotta say I get a it's gonna have the luck comes off the out of breath but still. Thank you.