Judgment Zone- Breaking up with Ins Agent

Wednesday, January 10th


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Obligated. To. Use family members. If if a family member is let's say hairdresser you obligated to go to them. Well it's a 99 about as a breakfast buzz here's Jim and sandy if you have a family member who owns. A company you have to go to that. If you haven't. A sister who works in an insurance company. Used her away that's a difference. I hit a gap a day. Now being the owner of a company and in being employed by company I think that changes everything out of him my sisters is employed okay and on the company. Okay all right. But if you if you your sister. In her business. That it makes her look good because she's got more business for her car yeah she would've normally have a right. Very bad as my feet in my younger sister has worked at this company follower. Five plus years I mean it's. It's a long time. And for ever she's been my keep even from day one chizik painless and it made me look if you can't you know it I can take care of you with insurance anonymous because. Knowledge sorry it I'll be honest review and did one for her just get the job I'm really trust very my. I. Love you dearly and I went I made you know what part of seen the bullet for you black. Now when it comes to money are we catch not ever been more money and insurance. That yeah. All these years later. He still. I'm getting a new car now it's the whole insurance thing is is coming up again. I'm here click OK. Being. You have. Analogy need now you've ruined and I. It. Takes advantage of college she's like isn't she older than you were younger this my younger sister OK yet and she's like. She started there's an intern he had Rockport. Is an adult right usually. Is either under way as well. For a amber in her thirties listened yeah. Yeah. It's funny yet I'm still going five south yeah I assure you there. Meanwhile he's always glories in impressed us and our young you feel all the time. She's. My guy you and a used year it's horrible isn't it I. Feel you know it's weird because I like it does it it's splinters off until like you know you ceremony in the for something that you like say there in the in the fix it business very. And it doesn't. Turn I remember you and I have had discussion. We're only of course you go to family. So what I'm doing this whole insurance thing and flippant you know getting and you current Alan my sisters and I'm I'm your sister then can I please take care rear insurance and I'll take care of everything you have to do a Thain and I call everybody Al Al beat the clock and yet the company's income to the best rating them like. Op okay yeah just take care and its army. Shops or their horror stories with working with Stanley out their 2222899. Adler. This little it's different right if dale on the company. Being able poll so they can give you stuff for free a given unit costs or whatever but now that she just this employee there she while she can do her best she still has to do. You know please people ball I says he can't really call it all out for you in certain boundaries I have to say in any business but but I option given they're gonna DL. Family Guy or you live sweetheart image just to make money off of you right. Or does she take her she'd get the price so low that she just dig it's no commission on. Or whatever she gets I don't know how insurance again. I'll be honest it was a little weird when we were sitting doing the paperwork I snuck it. She's like okay so here's this and he. You'd like never taken a bath with your insurance agent before. Criminalize. Such an event that is just after you and your hero ginger agency. In a person's. Kid's diapers before. Or other divers Anderson themselves. With this part of stories fortune over family and we were fortune. It pay somebody pay your sister at a bad pain my sister and an imminent or even if it I averaged just give me the best deal. Let's go to calls to you by the time Martin. Hey. Wait actually is that why you have them. Or does it work or why give. Why give money to as somebody I don't know. Way candidate apparently. Brett give money so why not give it to my sister or are. They owned company. Do you acts act. Us discount or a freebie moment again. I actually. Actually it is that easy for you to say lie you're financially secure right now I'm assuming shortly viewers Welling in needed auto insurance. Now are you expecting a favor or break it. Helena come to have. Not really now why because everybody's. Everybody got to make everybody got an article why why why or why should be at a Disco. Wear and they're doing the same model worked as the next guy and. And the fact dead if you just let them equal money your Christmas gifts will be a little bit. This thing or if my sister only this company name it she peaking in the same grade she would give scab does an out and it just behind the blood. So all. Yeah but Stella and cannot depend upon illiquid debt targets for an accent Paula I knew though. That dog got your driving record and everything went bad so. Yeah. And I depends. Here so I'll deprived and I have been acted stare at it does depend on the businessmen who have won a little bit of favoritism in mind. Well certainly. A lesson in. Like your short short property and she is she's probably did you definitely disk album that's different but yeah yeah so yeah you would probably give you know the drama desk or the issues. Good since they're. Camera. And assure a couple aren't things that they should go on the bus during morning by the buys. Item we were that way all the contractors and it worked for him but to build business and the only getting irked me them. And it it. Educate he got to pay your bills he procedural I don't. Eight I I don't you'd think I mean no offense and number. You know I don't get it that acts as the. And you worked for the family business. Court ordered it and her I'm not. I wrote a bit much but we're we are. Did you ever heard of your blood perks blood work. If I don't know it. There really aren't there either side. Then you get a huge perk. The other side of the coin if you do decide to go with Stanley say you have in say your failing organs into a new industry that you can you can use a service they offer that you can use. Now what about the other side of the coin what about that the tide that your severing. I mean what's the what's the what's the moral procedure the moral steps need to take to sever those ties and I think Zandi. Is something or indeed. Did say something about. Pearl insurance company yeah you pay anything police said that. You said that your sister was taking care of everything. This is she said she does she does a so we can buy everything you mean everything yeah. Like she calls yet she calls I it's because the old insurance company she does at all and she just a look at that it is the old insurance company now well I you know we've been with them for. Ever resolve makes it works which links what's worse I field. Bad yeah but I you have to pick feeling you can even pick up a. Owning call to let them know they it is gonna beat him in the dust. If you don't. Ever have or if you know somebody who has just cut ties with the company they've been with for a long time with the riff. An insurance company with a hairdresser with an auto mechanic anything in. There's not person deserved to be judged. Guys you're going for sandy not even pick up the phone call her old insurance agent to let her let him or her now. Bet she will no longer be in a relationship with them and break up a M and ask her CDs back. Sandy. Is in a judgments on. No we walked into this draft. So we're gonna debate that break out. So I was illusory and attack. You can you can tell them they you know it's stated Jerker justified or not. Picking up the phone and letting her old insurance company know that's who she's big lift for years decades generation. He or she will no longer be with them. To look at new girlfriend call fifteen years. Mentioned this extra space and has taught us insanity. System. Between evaluations and criticism. Doesn't early which we call didn't. Didn't judgments and. Justified for dumping a fifteen year relationship for a number that's not what she's on trial for exactly pals that's fine maybe minimize the chance NB a judgment zone. He puts any other on trial are kind yet TT T 2899 a part of the jury so sandy. Not only dumped her. Old insurance companies can be set using that word dom for the company that her system works for which I think he's perfectly fine heck yes I support the family. But the fact that you didn't make contact your old insurance company to let them know they doll. My sister's at the she takes carrots he doesn't do this all the time on when you with this insurance company. Fifteen years and Jack are so it. May be it's right maybe it's okay to do that jerk or just the budget the jury. It is awkward. Especially did nothing wrong with them they're great people they re nice people here. I enjoy me our conversation. Your totally Johnson aide is. Corey is all awkward can be nobody likes breaking up this is in my sister's gonna saying it doesn't add to that that's the business week I'll we'll take care of it. Dirty weren't exactly what they do and nobody wants. Confrontation this is like this is so justified in your fine this is like the new girlfriend. Calling the current girlfriend Ellen listen it is Edward dating now so. And get married and it's exactly and only a familiar with the term ghosting you may have heard your kids say it testing is when you're seeing somebody you're Texan and this is more for the dating life. And then you just stop you just completely stop without reason without ride without explanation you goes to Gerald insurance that you're a jerk for. That's your World Cup mile I don't want to ban to be like. Can we work something out what can we do for its I'd. It's hard for me to say no to people so a feeling then all of a sudden I have to insure. It's companies that I that I finished what is the threesome. Murat totally justified do the affected business is business. It and we had this as the you know that's an extra added thing I mean the you'll be able. You'll BI if something goes wrong you can get a hold of your family member in the Melvin business beyond business after you've been on you with them. An important things to not get fifteen years of this is kind of like a an insurance marriage so this is beyond business is business and again. Like your new wife cola dear. If you if you hear your current let go and it was and you run them paid attention to me in a while. Especially shop her features are my teachers are way better. But I'm fairly and apparently analogy going. Salas is crap I just deploy UR Alabama and cut down how do you buy this woman just 222 by strategic 2899. You're the jury there's no way that they don't want it call. This is just it's it's business it's not personally it's awkward even if I were to try to break out in the first couple years I looked at the blame I think you're justified because you know what. If you're if your company you have a new client I mean I think it's your responsibility if you juror and selling them taking their money. To make sure that everything's got its like just like a relationship but in a relationship same leg. All the flower stopped that the compliments are to slow down a little bit in not as romantic as it was. In the beginning of the relationship and that's where you were with your insurance company you're in the marriage portion where they don't have the tendency every need in nature readings okay. And be insecure. So he shot first thing slapped him in the face if you stay in this analogy she found. Another. Hirsch and to beat to get from it then it's time to break up he didn't immediately checked. Say goodbye doesn't matter it's laying on her their lighting your clothes on fire right now in your front lawn just faster it's all right justify the breaking your CD's and the club. If you and received back lol but it doesn't suit my car CEO Jack marriage. No matter what you say to that it's up to the jury 22 by what's your vote. Now. And I heard articles and articles or did you Dubai is is their number your injuries you weigh in on this either by as Jirga doesn't hide. Up by. Here Ernie an idiot parent company after I. Then let's not true. Back you know what Eric. Aren't out our XY. I was under the sand Ennis general Blake sandy do you know the first and last names of a lot of most of the people who work a deal with the insurance company. Yeah. A heated and personal really. Well. It's business like I said before I'd I'd I think another good way to look at it and because is is. Prince is a lot of businesses in business and then who's this is all day it's an ebb and flow. And they expect that it's you know it's not changing companies is about the notices about letting them know at least a all text and email. And buried there or about bank on top other island you know our app and you ain't gonna cut. And I think. Itemize jerk or justified. Error thank you some of decency and loyalty. Mark where I've worked very parent company and it happened on the side and they. And they call up to athletic but they got a bill. On Hollywood. Yeah that. And a lot of CDs back. And making them. I'm telling you this is gonna weigh in the other direction you're taking money out of this. Person or persons pockets here. You're doing and giving them a pay cut with audit if you don't pay cut next time we got paid here at the 99 the buzz what did you want to know why. What did you want to at least no lie even if you couldn't do anything about it. You know what if they were to fire me they're not going to give me and and done we will long meaning in just say. If yours in return I mean and what's the first thing you would say. Why and you're not gonna say it but that's exactly. I I. Phone call it word to me the phone call and say listen here this is what's going nine and then it. It would turning it into personal instead of business right now we still love my behalf. Which just purely. If I run into them mideast theme something that we can still hug and say hi. I not see how unfair that is though because it I mean it sure felt that you wanted to be personal when you want those personal friend rates that they gave you for the last decade and a half and but now when the hard part comes up always just business this is that is just dig my now and even know to Dubai is. She had a real touching was their insurance by the buzz Jerker justified and. Outstanding at slowly the bus. That's probably better and better but what are goal it would. And I behind. And justified wings out of judgments on every morning his time on the buzz.