Judgment Zone- the borrowed power washer

Tuesday, May 15th

Judgment Zone Case #514

You loan your power washer to a friend and that friend lends it to his brother

What did the jury decide? Jerk or Justified?


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Masters series and as timeless as infinity and yeah yeah it is the middle ground. And between the valuation. Hurry which we call. I'm judgment. So. The person you are your jewels as in the judgments on this morning so it's not. Tim following your fuels it's what they do wind you're too old while they have. Your justified you have. And decide if cases this morning case number 514 and that doesn't sound so I got a message from soup. A FaceBook message and she set an emigre judgment sound Jerker justified. What my husband's friend did with our power washer has me so annoyed and I can't believe how disrespectful a friend can be. He asked to borrow our new power washer at the end of last season. Well he never gave it back we honestly forgotten in do you think anything on it until my husband needed it over the weekend well. His friend doesn't happen anymore. Because he'll lent it to his brother who. That's how air power wash your she grabbed me he just can't lend it to someone else to borrow without asking asked he said his brother needed it in a pinch. His brother's reliant though his brother did drop it back out better house but I'm still so annoyed by it. South. The friend who borrowed the power like a jerk or justified. Or haven't used for years. Now you and a buzz is an insanity. Eight. And try to put myself in that it's that's jurist or move you can't like keep the cast and afford it why why even stop. Libya is you'll end up on the West Coast by the time. You know I mean I trust in my property if you ask me to borrow a per washes aren't cheap this group are harsher and they're they're not that. They're kind of fragile in early a lot of parts. To it's a jerk move things. I know we all know that if anything goes wrong with it it's the person who borrowed it initially is responsible for it. So with that responsibility here almost welcome to do with it what you police aren't on the surface is gonna sound like a jerk move but. Why it's family so you know it's it's it's a trust worth anything until yeah it's it's it's just. It's just do well as the lender you kind of can assume this is gonna happen they're gonna do stuff with it whenever they want because you wanted today and it's it's justified if it does sound editor both did have to keep. Passing a follower but it if you think about it you can't call the guy jerk it's justified. Spent 300 dollars on a piece of equipment Uganda what you ask me yeah aide Scott can primary car wash and your record gas time. You can Burma power washer. Now my sister's coming up power I should just broke and needing can I borrow one do you have any. You have won eleven tour and if something goes wrong then IE as the person who lent it still has to be responsible Aaron attacked if anything goes on to did you do a 99 this happens you because they know a lot of when you live in a neighborhood that's what happens you just. Lend out your you'll see your neighbor. Well they pass it on to someone else Jerker justified to do to doing nine's Dave -- anymore. In a pinch. I mean what are you supposed to do get approval from the original owner and you documentation and get a signature I was gonna. It's it's common courtesy and not not in you know. Firmament so that's not yours is strategic joint and I think our first good juror on the line item is the judge of its own and possess any what you're what you call Jerker justified. Here that your church. What's the what's the worst that can happen every. And it doesn't help the floor it's isn't tech it's my power washer while borrowing you can do with that well actually yeah I'll call. I doll that late king attic is at their power washer is your. Borrowing it gesture still willing to pay for a large just by your own. If something goes wrong with that. Chris you're gonna you gonna deterred on this. The driver then I got him I can screw you. Did you enjoy it's I'm Joshua zones are insane. Here. What's the big deal laurel alert friends Stanley floor. I'm not there is talk you are or not whoever you choose well there's your judgment on it. Don't trust. You don't you trust me in my judgment doesn't she did your trust me enough to lend it to me now you should just be a pilot to someone else. No address you used it but if you shut everybody out there but the bell. Well debate is that bet you are not I didn't go out about you. People are so possessive and hey. No accident that the minute you did you buzz is a number of the judgments owned insurer. And. I'm tired whatever I want you all might cool because this actually happened to you on the had a nice and it held craftsman truck it. I won't amount to a bloody. Do you all know local ace hardware. So my only real hard program allows us to. And every. And my. I'm sorry I didn't Milo you might tool but I could forget the Mac. Back I mean Sewell and sue FaceBook message just and she said that her husband Dick get the power wash your back. But you know from the brother now from the friend. Who do you let did. Yeah he's. Says that it will interrogate the real job. And you got to bring back we're just good yeah but man it made him alone if you're going all the pressure wash or your brother Lee looked like Rangel first. Well so I. It's hard to called jerk it does on the surface seem like it's a jerk move but I've. Don it I would be hypocritical I five cents Jun oh yeah I didn't let me dad power pack before I got my new vehicle my Jeep was like. Let whenever it could. Bring down at any second so it's really does big power pack there was an air compressor plus battery. Jumper cables. It was haven't issues and this car is so would I likely aren't. Are supposed to do on broke down the side of the road you'll still get permission a permission slip from her dad first. I did think dad would not because time is a good kid question is did you tell him do you think eighty. I did and I never know you loan into all out to someone did that it's in touch yeah. On their judgment you yeah trust them enough with your two won't trust you. And today. I got behavior bar in the full idea alone and outed like your brother just do what the original guy that departed from Knoll and Barack. And that they don't call it justified and that was the case. I'll hang out there exempt. You asked out hey Danielle like trying to embarrass his cars Emery eat eerie in a spot where you're gonna say yes so I don't. Yeah I understand a big deal being ordered doctors do this slate of doctors. Plan tools that the doctors. Get upset when he uses on the patients instead of the pace that they planned for. Like a doctor played us at borrowed to stimulate our doctors and now. Right and my doctor for music defibrillator to save a life for his base hot that's your first let's guide IQ just talk about it or talk about maybe we're talking aren't clean and appeared scrappy sidewalk could be told is. Apples and oranges you're exerting saving someone's life you're talking about you take her property addressed UN they give him back to the tools and tunnels all he'd tools different across different industries you're not just power law she could be saving a life you. An onion ring and long that when you borrows someone's tool you know that now it's your responsibility. So therefore if anything happens you read dashing good faith if you are good friends you are going to either replace the two will or her. Hey begin this next tracked everybody knows that that's that's not even worthy of the judge don't I got a call let's go higher on the buys jerk Johnston died Kirk. Boasts. It Arnold today people are so angry this. It's about square or open. Ordered out in all lend out my Lowell based earlier we asked me per order. But are you gonna say no if I go hey dude my sister she's in huge pain and she needs your too well. The Euro RS. I might be a about it I yeah. What does it I didn't DOS and I say I'm certain theater where are your own Hamas asks asks Jeremy is Karen Garland. Did you or your hard earned.