Judgment Zone- Adding condiments to your meal

Wednesday, May 16th

Judgment Zone Case #516

If you prepare a meal for the family is this a pet peeve for you too?!

Jerk or Justified?



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There was no. Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the little brown. The evaluation and criticism. Doesn't hurt you which we call. All but didn't show. Are the people who are truly offended by this need to step up to the plate this morning at 2222899. 'cause this. Needs to come to an end. It's the judgments on where you call in and vote jerk or justified. On today's case case number 516. It's the person who puts a condiment on a meal you just prepared without even trying burst. Tom Knoll five star restaurant chef by any means but I'm getting better and better at cooking. Okay used to be boxed macaroni and cheese. Cereal and take out that was the extent of my expertise to get done it once because your throwing Susanna is cheap weeknight meals videos on YouTube correct exactly thank you. And when you do get good. Cooking peak to a little bit of an eagle you deal put my gosh I prepared something that. Taste better than some restaurants I've got to get this season. And my girlfriend does this thing. Every single time and she thinks it's a joke. When I get upset about this has been some beaten to goof ball but I really hated it so very much. I'll make like. I'd like it let's say it chicken French. And we know with past on the side in May be some kind of side bets here's something incident she gets it. Shall doll by half a bottle ranch on it I put salt or pepper or a parmesan cheese or something to add to these. Our sides and on top of his main course. That she thinks is gonna make it taste better all local or CP bits rising. Just try first. I spice it myself the way I think it should be spiced at least try to enjoy my masterpiece before dumping a bunch of garbage on it. Anyway he Omaha you probably tell high vote in this situation Jerker just a piper. Arm putting condiments on on a meal before even tasting it 2222899. You re thinking about own known security. Is in her match almost. When she's eating. So therefore he sponsored average and she wants ranch dressing on her chair but men show what range to I think amateur and. It's jerk usually justified because it's okay. If you don't try it first then it's an insult to. And all that I like certain foods ketchup on certain foods known it may not mean it. Knock your ego down and not just black hat jet. I'm minding. Staff our efforts to. Do you say justified. It's it's stood right jerk jerk jerk and major knee jerk I don't care if you're assault bay still jerk. Exactly two did you buzz is a must prepare except it for you like that a meal. You just. Don't G is. All my hard work for the last hour CO I know our audio on it last night. IRows to have some vegetables sweet to your parent a red onion on stuff and I put this. I you know oil salt pepper and Paul Simon vinegar all the chicken on top of that. Roasted it to perfection I bought. High end gore may cease all them that you sprinkle on afterwards to ease into it in and and it just it makes it absolutely perfect. What is my wife to she pulls up the guy medium range sic out yeah like tournament this week. Am ready to the window. Till you drop it on avenue there have Allred jointly. Sorry to advance. Column by gosh you guys really are many people are going to be offended by saying did you guys higher on the Jerry you are the first sure on the judgments opponents this immense anywhere you vote Jerker justified. Partner. Well. Right. What does so much use anti content you do cook. You don't understand it I. A or are. These are the same stop these the same sick best is that put ice in their line. So on their brains. And lie and die a hero and a judgment zone did you did you 2899 jerked over justified. Eric yeah so we'll see them yeah I can't bear every day. Jason though they're nasty season he can't. I'll. You're sick and jerk jerk you're you're injured you're enjoying now how. Yeah TJU 2899 as the cult leader on the Jerry my goodness that's Dziena as you are so like. Sensitive about the place so they don't know where you can understand something you when you cook when you make something from scratch. I mean your your crack in the garlic your Sri you know you do do you doing everything your measuring this and this is like hey this is a classic in shower like a lot of courage cigar and don't sorry mess doing that I mean if he's a piece of our two it's a one time only creation the can never be duplicated. To the molecule ever again okay so let's say take something and yup horror and John. Let's say art real our work. You can be artists. Is it is coming weird to put my painting on the wall if I wanna put the pay meaning. Not at eye level then so be it under the put the painting on my wall I know you've created this art. I'm gonna put it wherever you put it. That's taught it's apples and oranges with two ranch on it. What you're saying to me is if I give you piece of art to put on your wall you're gonna pay a moustache on it. If I won a mustache on that our work is I like mustaches and that's the theme of my outposts. His letters ominous unless they sandy right now and you remodeled your laundry room what's that he did Wright mean. Her husband comes in and puts Chicago Bears poster on the law. Before even giving it a few weeks to see Felix the paint and where you put on the washer and dryer and the shelves are picked out. He comes and slaps a big old Chicago Bears are. On the wall her. Exit ranch color am color ranch dressing if it was only is room that would be okay cat because it's only. And I failed to ring in yeah. Put the golf. We do every morning in the 7 o'clock our judgments on and accurate on the jury and you vote jerk record just invited to do Juba Cisco cut the mustard justified. That's right. That's right high res. Eight children and I have two of them now I don't it irked the tree. But angry. Who put ketchup. Now pepper everything before trying. Hyping it. They try. And make me and then put it. Area. That they put it. And then make eight and again I tried it depends. It's just that well. Yeah yeah. Justified because I'd rather that cut but that out there and oh yeah like it. He can't get credit. Fitness right. You know hire Millen pointed to slapping your industries if I have won by two bites and then douse it with something is now I'm saying you're horrible at that she. We did Iran out. It I don't know I guess that would kids but with with you if you if you make something gives your husband me he completely alters it before he Eads said. Is that a jerk move. Try it first and then in politician. Would. Really be a list would be allowed them are. And I had brown nods. A kick in the teeth should that the age is ridiculous next week's yeah reported the blunder under debate between aegs. I can tell we've been married for any. That you're 28. Wow congratulations and obviously he has the Russell left so it's hard to take care and it. You can still ginger Actuate 99 and the buzz it's the person at the judgments on today who puts condiments economy Olson. Prepared to board them before they even try he's thinking Newton. Okay itemized jerk or justified. I jerk or at Belmont she'll order it. It is a big deal it might be spending our way out. That Robert. Enters altered. Chipper must. You want but on the food. Or. Are. Important work on. RT. And chefs are the most people in the world. You know jerk is registered thanks man things combines. King mountain we have a verdict keep debt cap on that ranch. I had to understand this verdict but the court rules it to me I yeah yeah. I do is save or. I tasted first I.