Judgement Zone- Baby in the movie theater

Friday, April 13th


Is this couple a Jerk or Justified for bringing their baby to the movie theater?

What did the jury decide?


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Yeah. Mentioned this extra space and it's timeless songs and it is the middle ground between the valuation. Criticism. Are you which we call didn't. Didn't judgments at all. Our goal for the movie theater. You probably Tim going to the movies a lot lately to avoid. The fact that it's. Crappy out of Rochester Phil last. Forever feels like from Russell to good movies that came out recent black panther ought stuff. Com. Bullets. Where's the line. Where's the line from where you go to being justified to being a jerk. A part of my and went to. To the movies recently. And after he was very very very very upset with what he experienced. It. So we need to put the person that was in the same theater with him in the judgments on today. On he's watching. The movie starts as he explains that the movie starts. And it's it's it's an intense movie a suspense movie etiquette still a quiet place I think that's what it's called all this into one of the guys from the office yeah yeah. OK so wait this movie is why is it violent in his head. Pamela Anderson movie off the couple was inherited it but it's it's on it's it's kind of a thriller I'm trying to think of who would be in this theater with sent kids. Adults. Old people. Look at men women is this like a threat it's a thrill. Thriller I so that's where they actually any loud noises brings like the Bogeyman out right so it's a PG thirteen movie in the PG thirteen architect. And he says this is the movie started he started to hear a noise he did not want to hear. Term it will is the sound of the baby cry from what. He's. Didn't it between Vick curse words he used to describe his experience I this is what I got out of its always watch the movie and animal disease that turn out but every time where the movie got quiet. Being called a quiet place I assume it happens quite often. He would hear the sound of a baby cried. After that first he thought it was the movie but then it kept happening over and over and over again. Somebody brought their baby to the movie is the person who brought their two year old through the movie theater a jerk or justify. A man. To. You is he gets he's probably guessing around to he's guessing around to miss this baby could have been older than two years old is but he said. When he told me the story. Obama. A guide men and it is. This give me an easy area. Easy bird 2222899. Don't you agree. That parents are on trial right for bringing their baby correct. Yes the parents are jerks you parent your parent need to I know. Yeah on the parent. I would never brig Biden. Eight B. A quiet place it's a real. Heater it's not age appropriate it's. It's almost like a sick joke because that movie there's hardly any dialogue well. I hear well to being OK so you enter into it I think Jerker gently so as I keep that you guys are showing compassion for. For new parents these guys that I remember what it's like I guess. You don't grow more resilient kid Ocalan if you have the luxury of being able to afford a baby sitter you can have a detestable world but if you don't. You need some enter team in your life too I use this is just if I think it's okay. Every new Perry knows they sit there or break time in Iran time to bring your kid to the movie and you testy out with all this hot thing not yet. The memo on this we all know that the very first movie that you bring your baby TO. Is a movie bid there will be a lot of other potentially crying babies yes we it's okay he appears cracked the very first movie business. Is not it. Settled filed. Movie this particular movie that is what happened don't forget we're speaking for the soulful normal all movies ever them. Right. Because going into this going into seeing a new movie you don't lol that like Scott says the dialogue is minimal you'll millennia it's not G thirteen now. Right so the poor baby is exposed to PG thirteen parental guidance and lesser under thirteen months. Yeah yeah. Sarah yeah does that vaguely to how they can go in this PG thirteen if you with your parents you can go. I'm lack that this baby you're too. Parental guidance of lesser over thirteen that's a PG thirteen means. And down yeah. You've got it down. Reynolds smarts these records that. Just because they can do some people can't afford the luxury of getting a baby sitter and paint for that exorbitant price for a ticket to go to the movies movies. That that's an ING. ECB. Outside. Why did you I'd be I'd be surprised thinks OK so let's go or other rooms any. Chaired IC jerk you say that the guy Ayers your first juror here on the buys the budge on the judgments opponents then zinni jerk or justified. City health exchange. A reputable retail. Kids. Due to irresponsible parents. Is it movies or culture shifts so that there's that iconic cultural movies like black panther that it was a game changer you're gonna you gonna. Are any people not go see that movie just because they don't. Committed it was that movie but. Irresponsible bow and earnings everybody else around. It's a case of no more babies and restaurants the more babies on airplanes. Nobody is an elite public setting. I'm prepared to I didn't bring my kids out of the restaurant and let's say. Were able to room. The name on. Some of the deal because. I'll. And I am. I know right at the jury's. Give us Collins tells. Jerk or justified. The everybody that's out of touch to it I due due due buzz hello the bush as -- justified. Only actor I think there. Never reminds count them. At. They say bill they say that you're supposed to bring your kid everywhere your baby everywhere and exposed to all the elements so get used to it now. They don't say I knew in my final I. Tell me that okay if you do is bring your kid around and now. New supposedly they just grow up used to being out in public enemy being all you stuff all you self righteous elitists who could afford babysitters movie tickets and. And it's not being able to afford a baby sitter Kanye it's the it's. Deciding what is appropriate and not you just don't I move back. Well the other parents that are out for that day. I. Malone do we don't wanna hear babies screaming like Iraq Iraq cast out. Don't know what my parents are going to be. As a very good points and nobody even at about eight million people in the theater it's disrespectful because they're trying to get away from their children don't know what George child that base all right. Thank you. The buys are on the judgment zone Jerker justified and if if this and I got. There there is. Listen you look up on the screen this is big finger plays before the movie please silence your phones keep quiet be you know be respectful to others about babies and. At court chart. Work on a strong he can go works thanks to your friends say that that the couple with the baby left in the middle of the theater not only stay brother. Their money they paid for the seat to run it out only one who otherwise the Jirga justified. Or. As crazy. This is crazy so that means if you lie if you said sneezing attack he can't go to the movies. Get emergency calls at the movies are the same people are saying this is jerk. Text during movies definitely think this is so hypocritical so a new parent has to be able to call 2222899. Maybe higher you know our new parent or and that judgments on on the bus. I Jerker justified. Cute jerk believed to bring our kids wouldn't enable all quiet at the but it would leave. So. If you you know that your rental firm movie should govern our babies that are. That's true you. Feel like the movie itself was a bad choice or is it just the fact that the baby was there at the theater. Because they've been scurrilous and run your little feet made that much of it. Maybe it is maybe it is jerk I guess but itself. It's so neutered and are you worried how late we accommodate Davies in my mothers everywhere else except for a two hour movie at home. Movie who were anti BB in the movie theater was to be a quiet place that you walked in knowing that you have to be oh so you're not able to be quiet and you don't garbled the single moms trying to get through schools can go to library to study. I mean with so now with that they can with a preview. That's insane okay so no education single moms. Of library she's going I'm she has the choice to not go to the movies. You don't have to garlic adding go to the movies when I had my kid. It was like a good twelve years before I got back to the. And number two ladies and married yeah. Iowa site nobody else's justified besides me it's clear that. Mom that was it the theater Jirga justified and. Otter. I. Got it. I'll. Eat and eat. Out. Laugh out. Up. So your verdict is. Can it cancels it out there and that's an update McCullough a couple Amare why is sure justified and spins its judgment zone. I am Eric Robert Earl. Barely did not know you're. And entertain yeah. Hello Larry thanks so much to listen and Gosselin and buzz. You know.