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Friday, February 16th

At JustServe, they believe that nothing should get in the way of organizations and volunteers coming together to do good things for the community, so they help make this happen for free.


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Thanks again for joining me -- see any water meaning in the studio with me today for neighbors in need is at least packer from just serve just serve dot org welcome and boom. Ninja for coming and Larry too weak and learn about injustice sir in that time every week and we do this shall we. Uncover and learn about these. Great organizations in Rochester and it's amazing how many wonderful people. All live here like everybody says oh great Rochester is an. How Philanthropic. We are and Jimmy achieved like one and that the top levels who's you know volunteer is done. Really we knew dig deeper and learn about all these organizations it's just awesome it's so exciting so let's learn about just to serve fair so there's so many opportunities I think pretty great place and just service actually and nationwide web site a cut but it's localized look at a team here that's earning so really it's just a website connect teen. Volunteers went opportunities are in our community okay loves a free platform for agencies or churches are civic groups. To recruit or connect with volunteers Oxford you need to know its existing yeah eyes and how has this been around this website. So I'm Wendell say nationally has been around for several years and has rolled out and different areas at different times that it's you to Iraq test and OPEC yeah out the last. Couple of mine so we've really kind of all this is really new it's really no other guys have you done it now I gathered that Diana has been done you don't have to feel tube like we're in the dark OK now it's grand am how exciting it that's really exciting and it's taken a lot of work and at and had some great connections of over the last couple of mines and I love working in the community and we stay home mom and little kids and that's that wonderful opportunity Nikes and find out. Connect with other groups that are different and I've opportunities. To do things with my kids are letting other people that I wouldn't otherwise kind of crafts and am I think a lot of us. Do you feel that that's great to expose our kids especially nowadays with the social media and everything every YouTube videos just focused on. Under wrapping things it only look what I have to okay wait a minute. All that let's go into the community and see what people don't hang out or how can you help others on so you're right Ed is. Great to expose them to bed so how did you get. Involved yes I and currently a volunteer through my church and Oca director of public affairs though the church of Jesus Christ commodity saints is the sponsor. Chester. More OK Yasser it is in Canada and Mexico's Los sessions it's a sneak and hide and though as literature public have very that kind of falls to serve are also under my responsibilities there and sound. Again with some assistants and I just am really passionate Mac community's her rest and found how does our particular connections to kind of and reach out and and that describe her or connects and agencies with Chester dot org and explain the benefits of serving not only in our community but for those agencies and I love like brought Brock court helping network is this great little community that's coming together and using. Yes or dot org to organize is. On their service opportunities and so. It's not only a way firm. The community to connect with volunteer opportunities. Four communities to unite around service as well as what is offered in their community. It's so hard and a lot of these agencies feel like they are standing alone and so we need to eliminate apple weakness a feeling like. They're taking on the burden up all of these difficult situations. Don't really collaborate and unite with one another across bays across organizations. And we've seen that happen and in different ways and it's really a powerful tool. Yeah he night. Kinda like and go find me can. Individuals. Sign up to be a part of it or is this more Arab organizations in just a group. Half hurt for a cots absolutely so let's clarify and suggest Serb it and it does have some guidelines and you can read guys you post things. But it's open to anyone so individuals come on again. And said meth project or you can become a project administrator like Catholic family center or some of those larger organizations have been coming administrators. Because it and there's so many opportunities with any organization and south. It isn't it doesn't have everything offered on the website is this really just a starting place help connect you cut but it's free for users you register your face that growth through. And just search by zip code or is surged by a key phrase so refugee relief or. Soup kitchens and law. Bring up all of the N am opportunities in the area that you can server connect so. Both ways and agencies again can use that to promote their opportunities that individuals or groups can log and to find opportunities sister. So in other states for this is more established in its been around it is almost and he goes to spot if may we have to do. Aaron out. Project with our high schooler I don't want and just site you know getting school hours but. Let's say years teenager does need to get credit you just go to this let's say this is your go to spot to look up whenever they're there is an eight. Absolutely and we hope that all happened here in Rochester as organizations and groups and continue to hear about just her work. It is so easy to connect I think sometimes only think about community service that's the challenge you make phone calls or you log into web sites and their outdated head and the person has lapsed because they're run by volunteers and so many times it's challenging to connect with the community and opportunities to serve. And I love that there is really something for every line than I mean there are routines for children and our opportunities that you can do at home. And just you know crisis cleanup is honest nationwide and as a mother you can sell on the computer when your kids they're sleeping and take phone calls and natural disaster and their well. But there are really I mean they're handicapped accessible locations but there really is something every entity and the community and it's just. Connecting with the right group and their opportunity in I can't imagine for some of these not for. Offense that make you said they're all volunteers small staff. The stress on Mann you know has marketing it's tough. Let alone we don't have a budget to Marquette absolutely and we've had some really great opportunities to do some videos. And agencies in projects and so that is on our social media page Ron answer ram and can ROC test serve. And then and the noise in Johnstown connect when an administration and our help Goldstein. And second rocked a survey team on the come soon when you did just served dot org this goes to the national site. So when you typing your zip code that's when new rule it feeds through at the local exotic a crap and it automatically connects us with them on are you with the volunteer team. So if you have any questions we can chow online through the labs I ate and and it's it's nice to have about larger organization to help organize them and a local teen ten cent a Piet and where Iraq and equipment and the needs and test yeah. And a large organization to give you some guy and to make sure doesn't fit. Hopefully exactly and they and that's unending and a EI exact and how many agencies are aware of vests and have participated young so we have about 1000 register all yeah irons. Yeah not spraying some with just a handful of moments yes it is and I would say agencies probably only about a hundred. So you kind of uploaded Leon you're I know in his hey day and it we're getting started in getting the bird out there and. And again these are wonderful opportunities to select people now that it's out there and and how to access that. It really was seen agencies can actually beat each other yes yes absolutely soaked in December I was and again Burke had anything getting everything in southwest air vent. There's a refugee holiday gatherings and there is no way that one agency could take 300 refugees and transport and then provide holiday gifts and though a cross again organizations Rochester refugee resettlement services part with the deaf community and connected when I'm brain community and across other faith came together provided this wonderful holiday gathering for 300 refugees dinner food. The only pictures. Teddy bear is that just wonderful donations and it's. It's so uniting to see that sense of community coming together or during the holidays especially at any time the now. He knew his donate. Monies to the web sites to lord do you have to how does that work now I know we actually don't expect any donation of kind of and monetary and I think that's one thing that in in community service is so easy to just kind of right attack meaning it is not easy easier and not checked bag. I'm really rely and I encourage people to do that face if they serve arresting agents coming collaborative because. And we can gives soundbites. More if we give them ourselves and interact with people on our community and that's selling meaningful. For the volunteer. I think I like that it makes him a bigger impact obviously every agency needs the money that's funding to stay alive but. You're right it. It means more when you're giving of your time. Yeah there's a young a young boy is eight and he's cast especially in the in and his family connected through a service opportunity and Esther dot org. They can minute every month they're going to a homeless shelter and the phone boy struggles with peer interactions contest daily living skills that. Going and every month they got the gas have gotten to know him an endearing only given him the name of the cookie man can't cooking man is here are and he does blue light that every time he's there and you can't you can't buy that for any child earn an individual app healing. And that boosts to your self esteem and indeed in any kind of molest an art classes and it's just an opportunity that are unique yeah yeah and again service is not easy or convenient I think intensity. We trying to plan these big projects starry night it can be incorporated into the things ever during every single day in this family had dinner. Every day together and so going to homeless shelter is just incorporating it into something that they are doing. And so when we think about service our way it makes it a little bit more manageable. And and doable you had a our office party for the holidays and aliens and doing it together here you kind of international air war. And he could you you know assembles some cats and take him out Al. It does make yellow hammer nationally in cannot incorporating into our busy lives and aren't you doing. Now do you with running just served at org do you need assistance and volunteers are you OK with. A court where do you pretty get I've got some us a sense that again that we need from the community is just a lot again and and register asked volunteers. Also agencies and it's been a little man a chance to connect with agencies and kind of explain what just serve dot org is and the benefits and I think because they are ran on volunteers and such low budget and are ready Maxi hot analogy sometimes is hard to grants aren't and a guy yarders so they are here to support definitely a pat and I. And the park and we we need those agencies to comport and it again that's just a great way to connect and and unite our communities they serve with him like the FaceBook for her. Not for profits at our community service that's a perfect greatest act economic profile page. Or your agency and the individual listings for each project. And in addition to what you're already doing if you're in the big Jerry agencies Jamar established this is just an extension of whenever you have got exactly that and more willing to posts for agency is and sometimes that's easier than trying to figure out. That's how I hate so we can do that as well that and it it's also nice to kind of manage your own page ten and posts as things change or come out and the end of the system is really easy it just knocks you right through how to posts and pictures and and again that he can taggants so that proper helping network or I'm refugees are soup kitchens so people confined view. Easily in its meaning community service exactly. Are there any NA and you we talked about the money side of things but how about just the donation site is that also. Something other than just served out or now there are lots of iron things listed for a donation OPEC now. Like I said there's really something for everyone you come in use close name or hygiene can and there is he you can snowed dolls are refugee children and internationally. Again there's always a wonderful opportunities that we tests now worn a black. I'm fine you and that we would never. And discover if it wasn't born this guy and there are so many benefits to serving main building self esteem and that name. With other groups that we wouldn't and reduces stress patriotic need and that's the and I it's there's a wonderful benefit them. Having service and learn how are you in. Thank you so much for everything that you're doing and helping create awareness mountainous and community service yeah and hundreds of earnings. Just to serve dot Mort thank you so much thank Andy.