It's the Story of Hope

Friday, October 27th


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And I think you for joining us again this week neighbors in need and CD waters in the studio with me good friend Arlene written an eerie the chairman of story of hope. Thank you for having me appreciate it thanks for coming backing cash how long ago was it that you were in. May I believe more in me that he will months ago OK so. In it that times' story of hope were is in motion but we were working and to raise money to actually construct story of how. It's comfort care. Home. I now work. Close search your room reaching that goal Albright the chief sat in in regards to building the facility in China and Greg what is the exact location again. We have land that was donated on Marshall roll 813 Marshall role would. On its it was donated by paper homes burning actor Ben Jalal really nice guy and down. We are going to start building as soon as we hopefully we'll get this New York State grants that Joseph roll Bach has been able to. Help us support a lesson in in obtaining this and as soon as we get the yes will be able to start with. Getting crude to gather and break ground in the spring of 2018 now at soon. That is soon how how exciting we're very excited all come together. And and now our next. I next mission our next focus is to treat the awareness and get the volunteers in even more money to keep this running. But before we get there and focus on next you know that's the real goal here. And why you came in but first let's let's take it from day one. Where did his vision come from where did this idea come from. I'm hospice nurse in the community. And down I saw that there were many people who wanna just be at home when they died non but. They don't have the support they don't have the people. If there elderly they don't have the support because their spouse might be elderly they may not have children that can. Take time off from work and take care of them Seoul on a lot of people died in the hospital and that's not really the setting to be peaceful and comfort dean and comfortable so that's why a home. Environment would be best and that's why these homes. That we haven't Rochester. There are nine of them in a community. Care for people who were in their home in this home. For less than three months of they have their prognosis of less than three months on volunteers run. With paid nurses. And that's one of the biggest expenses of one of these homes we paid nurses around the clock to help. To make sure that these patients have everything that they need to get become mean and their families and and the patient. Now we. In you're line of work but hospice care do you go from hospital a house did you go from. I go everywhere actually how that kind of a different type I mean. Dillon where they need people I admit people on hospice in the community and they also admit them in the hospital so I see both sides. And I see a lot of people in the hospital trying to get into a comfort care home. And they can't get in because there aren't enough now. It's heartbreaking NN how long have you been doing math seven years while. He gets to see. To console the family I have a strong faith and it helps me get through because if without that I couldn't do this type of work I really locked people. I love to meet some amazing people that I meet. And see and hear their stories about their lives and then. The saddest part is not knowing them as long because at the end. There's not a lot of time but. In this setting I'm we might be able to really get to know people and families more. A longer period then. Takes a special kind of person. To do what you do so loving somebody has to do it and I love doing excellent my eyes will be me and all of us thank you for. Barak thank you for your heart. OK so now we want to create this comfort care home. And it's an environment it's just like any comfort care how many pretty much all this sane. Is similar okay Ryan. That you have to have a prognosis of less than three months OK you can't half of Lotta medical needs so if you have lots of I'm like I v.s and stuff like that we don't do that it's a home setting so. You wouldn't be at home if you were having IVs and on other types of hoops and things that on our more medical need it. You know is there room for families to stay as well he'll be a come in our home. We're gonna have to suites OK one room for the patient. And I write connected to will have a little. I'm so far with the bat and a chair it's like a living room but it opens up to a bad and has a little kitchen. Each patient will have their own little sweet. So the families can stay right with them right calls on their math and men is really nice and now. How many families continue to only into at a time when trying that two is plenty especially since. If we had three people or more at the government would say this is a facility and we could not run it as house. So where they're able to. I'll use this house in a home setting type. Situation. Oh see now that's interesting that I don't think a lot of us realize is okay so you where you have limitations. Had the government doesn't. Try to control how we manage it. Right now can't I and we don't get any money from the government once it's open it's completely donation run. The communities of churches were hoping will be able to help us not only with funding but also. Volunteer wise because we really need lots of volunteers. We try to keep the volunteers at four hours a day. So that or four hours a shift. On either once a week once a month or whatever you would like. But this way you're not really taxed because four hours it's emotional work. You get so attached to people. And it's such a blessing to be able to help people that can't help themselves. In and it's you get a lot more out of it then you put it. When used to this type of work and it probably puts life into perspective and absolutely to enjoy every minute Newton. Many people work their if they've had people in their family who has been in that situation. And hopefully we'll get more more volunteers. That might see the need. In your line or you probably see it on a time and in creating this on the story of hope comfort care home. You have witnessed the generosity. The outpouring of support of her on the fund raising events that you have done in new man you've worked so diligently and pulling together all these funds and then senator Joseph robot comes forward and is looking to help you get some government money to. You know build this place and you have you know a builder who comes in and donates land team which is so wonderful on an all the great. Community members. Coming to the event spray. That it's been absolutely. Fantastic I have never seen such a great support and what's difficult is that. Really people don't wanna talk about death and dying and assist the situationally you've had experience you're not really going to be touched. If it was cancer we get a lot of money. But in this situation it's been such a huh. Uphill battle trying to talk to people about the situation at this beat Indiana community we find I personally see. Sometimes that there are referrals to comfort care homes. People not thirty of them trying to get into one house and there's only two bets. So. A lot of people don't get it and a lot of people stay in the hospital because that's the only place that's safe for them knew they don't have the support. In the child okay area is theirs and meet. Four and in addition there is no home and that area gates child like. There's one and spend support this one in Hilton. And on Greece and also only on the west side the rest on six of them are on the east OK also a challenge to. OK so you're trying to help those patients and again the location of this one will be Annan mount Marshall rolled 813 Marshall wrote okay. So now the first year is crucial. Ray you still probably need funds to build in okay were almost there. Spring of 2018 is our goal target date to build start building breaking ground. Now once it's up and running. A boy now this first years the crucial years and that. Yuppie fully open we need to get at least a hundred volunteers in a hole that the number yes goodness OK all types of volunteers not only direct care for. With a patient bumblebee people who are gonna do. Maybe donate time to do the lawns. Do maintenance. Take care of groceries. Helping with all kinds of things cleaning in the house things to make to run a house also computers. And all kinds of things that we really need all kinds of and here's who we reach out ship to to learn more about the volunteers had things well you could go on our website at story of hope Rochester. Dot com. And there's a place that you can. Sign up to volunteer and tell us what you would like to do okay column and we also going to have. Starting next year we're gonna have a micron. It's going to be hopefully Alice signature. Fund raiser every year we had a fun family fun day this year but next year's can be really great because June 16. We're having the first family. Mike Ryan it's going to be for ages seven to seventy. As can be a lot of fun. We're hoping that this will be the second year of our family fun day but the first year of the first month Ron and I think a lot of people liked it. Often and so. OK so there's. There's ways to generate the revenue but the first year that the far reaching. You know benefit from those fund raising a man's right the annual event we get a will a bunch of money together so we can keep this running because all the patients he said. They don't. They're not paying any or not pain to come here it's completely free donation run by either the patient or the community. Can. OK so. Your generosity is needed now if you wanna go to story of hope Rochester dot com. And there's awaited donate directly desk there go online and donate directly. You can contact me also or any one of the board members to conceal that information. On the website okay and any little bit helps every little bit helps as saintly and then if you want to balance here would not sure what you want to volunteered. That's a good idea you know what I find that we would not. I would train everybody very well. We won't put people by themselves we always have to volunteers working at the same time a tech and we also have people maybe at different levels where. But somebody might be more anxious about doing something. And they'll have somebody that's has more experience. On there's a nurse on call 24 hours a day if the person nurses and there but he'll always be somebody on call it does any problems a pain and so we want to really train our. Our on volunteers. To be very confident in what they're doing and if you don't feel like you think you you could try something and see if you wanna do it. I find that sometimes people are very anxious at the beginning but they. They really do well because you know I grid app that I mean that is great appetite they wanna do a really good job and their prairie. But if you love people you gonna do that right because that's all you need to do is show some kindness. Yeah. It should be very. Is there age restriction is to volunteering giving a lot of volunteers. We can have teens but. The debt volunteers cannot do direct care. They can give them something to eat they can take them outside but they can't dual baby or helping them to two okay. So chests. If fact if you wanted to get annual Alanna families are always looking for those opportunities to hey let's make this a family. Day of volunteering that's more hours of our time maybe once a month maybe once a week. Okay and then we can do a little odd jobs slate clean up the kitchen or help the nurse's aid if they need assistance boom okay. Wonder file and and you can reach out. Two are lean and everybody there its story of hope it's story of hope registered dot com. Again it's a new comfort care home. I'm ready to break ground in the town of child I. And there have been a number of fundraising events they were gonna keep pushing forward and keep the pool of money alive so then. We can keep caring for these individuals. OK so comfort care home. Story of hope registered dot com breaking ground September 2018 or skews make September listen to make spring of two NE eighteen. In what if you're just say one thing that you wanna focus on right now somebody's listening in on a past that I feel compelled to help. Where do they need me more is there one. Help us get going. At all we need we need people to stand by ass and to do help us with some events that are coming up we have up pasta dinner in the spring. At the beginning prop we might do it in April but march or April of this year. Coming up and that's at this Italian American sports club they are. Wonderful to us they have been so supportive but the very beginning then they do so much for us and there it's going to be a great day. For pasta dinner. And if you want to know more about the upcoming and we actually are expecting about 500 people at this month run. And we're hoping that's going to be huge thing. So we're gonna need people to volunteer at different areas okay. So that'd be really well and I were already here judging so many and that's so far away forget is that it has some. The company that's coming they they guarantee that because they've been doing this for a long time and they know that. There's a lot of interest in this field in this nobody else that does a month run in Rochester. Via a friendly amendment and Mary. Oh how exciting for you. It must be so awesome for you to see this actually come to life it is it is it's an inlets of blessing the big ribbon cutting. I'm sure you'll be back in raid that let it snow and then the public will be invited to the big ribbon cutting sure. A wonderful thank you so much our lean for everything that you're doing for our community and jam. And keep does it keep us in touch with everything that's going and spank is sandy appreciate everything okay. Story of hope a registered dot com.