Is it time to reinvent yourself and upgrade your life?

Friday, December 1st

Many of us will face major shifts in our lives. Some of which will take us by surprise like a company layoff or a financially crippling divorce.  Hopefully this episode of $even Figure$ will help inspire you to get back on your feet and create the future you visualize by reinventing yourself.

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And seven figures nine CD waters you guys are the best thank you for checking out the podcasts are dedicated listeners and subscribers who are helping spread the word about the podcast thank you. Seven figures is presented by Stanley first credit union local financial products and services designed with the UN mine to help you. And your family save and spend smarter. It's human nature break we all get comfortable we feel safe in our daily routine but what if something happens unexpected. Bit shakes things up like a financially devastating divorce or a sudden layoffs at your dream job. If you are then thrown into uncomfortable territory and it's hard. It's hard to pick yourself up. And keep yourself motivated. To be forced to reinvent yourself we cashed the man who really did deal with all that the financial pain of divorce and then suddenly. Being let go from a very well paying job. Faced with the challenge of reinventing himself Michael Donahoe the executive producer managing partner. Add something to say communications thank you for doing a podcast that thank you rather make. Now the signing challenges that you've overcome I think a lot of people will find it to be motivating can you give us a little bit of the back story. But we were talking about the mid ninety's things were going very doors starting to go while and we are starting to really have a house have a couple cars. It just satisfy debts child who has I think it's just a lot going on when suddenly our marriage blew up. And that brought me to a very different place which was. Basically I was making. Enough money to cover spousal support and child support. And a 600 dollar apartment and that's all I had left over so it was brought to the point of figure out what you're doing and it was my turn. As my attorney that she sent to me straight said. He said he'll take a year or so but this is the place sure gonna have to be in figuring out how to do it. And we did. We get an in taking back to it that was one of the most amazing times you have fines kids yes points yes let's. 38 I believe at that time scene and my children aged eight. To tilt at that point I was fortunate enough to have already. Found a very good career and pharmaceutical marketing industry OK I'd move to the agency level and I've been involved in that up until a little over a year ago. And at that time we agreed that. All five of my children would be under primary custody of their mom. They were living in Pennsylvania I was living in New Jersey at the time in working in New York City. I'm now in Rochester ended up up here because I met somebody we decided to move up here. And I a had been working actually back to port through here to New York City has commuting for several years. Until the point where a little over a year ago with a company is working pro which is one of the top four or five in the world. I decide to get through 40% Y off a matchup point. We've bitten my wife myself Bennett with discussions with us that this 300 children. Had made a decision if I had left that job we try to reestablish myself in this area and also consider gaining custody of their children. So putting putting the marriage the parenting and all that first and then starting all over it that's intimidating trying to figure out. Now what do ideal I think the biggest thing is understanding the core of who you are okay and it's funny I was looking at something yesterday that showed Myers breaks. And I looked up at mine number one job it's as advertising executive. And you get reminded that that that's K okay that's a core of who I am. But the ability to move into other areas for example I said I worked in pharma marketing before that it worked in business services and I worked in telecommunications. We were true look company called loose in one period as well. And and the big thing is right now I am working. With such small business in areas I have never worked it. It's right now a period of change it's a period of growth and as I mentioned now that the children are these the three children with may. Been taking a lot more time when you haven't been parenting fulltime for ten years. It's a different world so having to focus in and understand. With their needs are balancing what the family needs are financially yet but it's eight I think the emotional was always ease here because I was not having to be there. On 2% of the time I can always come in and be. Specialist and answer problem have that problem promise our exploded. Now what happens in front of me so the opportunity with what I'm doing in trying to get my business to a position where I feel successful. Is. It's a different measurement and what's needed for the sampling. And the thing is it's different to my job is to be my job is leave on Sunday night and come back on Friday we get a paycheck today. It's a much different situation than it was a year ago. And even though it's it's again challenges failures things like that dusty moment though don't stop. We knew orange Jersey you had a very well paying job yes and when you moved to Rochester was dead. OK I met zero and I got to create something pretty much I've had to give up financially initially I do not believe this is where I'm staying. Is in this spot and I believe successes is right around the corner. And and the contacts they have. Are there are are you know very very large amounts of people just gonna finding those one or two people could use my services. And down. But you've done a very good relationship and trust us it's the fear of the unknown. Did you think is the biggest challenge for people how do you overcome that fear of the unknown that fear of being uncomfortable. I think the biggest thing is to two things is to make sure that you were communicating those concerns and fears with the people you trust and are knowledgeable. Second thing is being teachable. And I think the one thing I'm learning is it's such an answer say oh your forty the world is gone you have to change. No we always have to have that ability to change but don't lose your course south of who. Of who you are where you come from things like that. And I think. That's so one thing I hate you don't when you start to get a little bit further in life didn't you have you start that it is in that you're looking back and getting stuck it saying oh the good old days. But where was that when I was 22 there was Diana at the last 25 you know. Like a sentiment I came up to Rochester Christmas second marriage was Rochester. The city had planned to be an in my life not. But even taking a look at it if I do with my business of my business is to grow. Does it need to be in Rochester Finger Lakes based business and where it has all of its core clients now I have. Hundreds to thousands of contacts. Outs more than 500 miles from this location men have lived in Pittsburgh. I have you know worked in the Philadelphia area over to New York area. I used to work in politics many years ago as a professional I'm campaign infield guy. You know you have to use of that. It's it's like a suitcase I mean you put all these things your suitcase but don't had to open them up and pull them back out blow off the dust make enough a connection champion. It's it's it's all of our relationship it's all about taking what you now. And being teachable. But taking that risk. Hum our risk one of the just at a tent promote one thing that I've read that I always love actually two things. There's a book by John Maxwell called telling forward. I read that book at least four times and it is true that you cannot have that fear failure. And and whatever. Even the same type thing okay if I pick up the phone and somebody says to me I need a certain type the creative background. I don't have it drives the ability to go find it manage it absolutely I go into it. And that's the thing right that's the place ram right now with my business okay is to say to people. Mean unique in my background again as producer I am a producer in my project manager I get things done I'm Mac guy after the sale. I get things done and that's what I'm most proud of is getting to is results adding that pretty picture having met webs and whatever and as so. Try to plan that crossed my life. I cannot be afraid had been growing gardens last three years I can't be afraid that something's not gonna work on the yield somewhere else. Same thing with my children we just finished the quarter and you can ask them. We weren't expecting a 100% where everybody's making a news but we had expectation that all the work was going to be done. So it it's thought the setting those goals and getting your best to meet them and not. Hanging on when you do not need them either innocent people do that but I learned I can waste more time getting stuck I didn't mean Michael. Number nine what I learn I would beat myself up a lot with any little mistake I would make. That's how do I did a lot of that site that doesn't get through. And now I reposition in my mind set and when you make mistakes it's not even called a mistake anymore it's called hey now I know what not to do next time. Exactly. And and then just keep them motor growing and success and if you had a clear vision and any step you take the next step you take needs to be towards that goal and that. That's exactly it sometimes when you try to get from one spot to another there's going to be blocks there's gonna be challenges and again it is it. A knowledge based issue is that something out of your control. Is that something you can go around you know I still think if you have a won't turn you but he choices. Go about it culinary go around it or go through it. And you know he you may not be able to do any of them so that means you step back you say okay. What else can I get what else I need to make this happen and sometimes I was up there to protect. You just have to be able identify that. Final words I guess you can say. To motivate somebody who is. Not sure of their future. I think the biggest thing is taking the time and asking yourself where do I wanna date are aware I need today. Again with myself I have one child in college in four. Possibly on the way. That's 1 question I am married to somebody who's really having a career that's taking off. How can I support that luck and I don't it's it's setting the goal but again not getting stuck if you don't meet the goal I think that's one at things and these are motivated speak tale. They make it seem like oh we're sorry you pew failed in your done it's like. It's you're not done you are not done just keep on don't specially for somebody who was coming through a divorce I think that's key. Yeah I mean I know it's at a specific thing that we're in that mentioning that. At that point everything is dark heavy. No but let me tell yet that light at the end of the tunnel is not the train coming out it really is like you just gotta keep on sometimes you gotta crawl. Slowly through it we get the right people around yet have faith you know just really have that heart to take a throw it. And in time you'll get there I try to instill that even in in the children around me. And that's even some of the volunteer activities I started working on. Is just and you see a lot of hurt out there special and it's come walking through the door. And you're trying to instill that simple but it's like this is a moment this is not your life. Great way to look at it no. Thank you so much more coming in Manhattan an inspiring us you plan to keep pushing forward and sixties but thank you for this time greatly appreciate it. Next week on seven figures we'll get you caught up in new scams out there that you have to look out for these cameras are in pretty clever. We'll let you know the deed tales about the recent Netflix scam if you should still be concerned with that equal fax Freije. PM and still make your as the gas pump or ATM. Why you need to do first before you swipe your card. 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