Inspirational DV survivor story

Wednesday, October 11th


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In 2011. Jerry sparks says the nightmare began for her. And her four kids. My experiments where the car in and out of traffic and Cindy warming to kill us all. That moment August 2011 was the beginning of me knowing I am in trouble. Jerry thought it was an abuse because it wasn't physical. In this too afraid to reach out for supports I mean not trusting anybody to speak out. Is how much diet and then on July 5 when he twelve that the deal home and ride up. I was punched in the face my hip was slammed into a chair and I was hit over the top of the hit with a flashlight feel bad. I was choked and I lost consciousness Agassi blood spurting out of my nose. She calls being pushed a flight of tiles stairs her nose broken her body bruised. One point I was face down on the floor. And thinking this is if I'm dying and I can imagine me being lowered into the ground in the coffin and I had this imagery of my children over me. It doesn't kill you makes. 89 advise the story of Gerri sparks and such an amazing thing. The situation in and being. Domestic violence awareness month in October a big event coming up Saturday at the beach amazing hard OK it's. Is this survival story. It is it is really tough to listen to her describe what happened does it sound almost like pots. And you see in it came out of it came out of a gradual nowhere I mean they were like the perfect couple they were when he was an Ivy League. Educated doctors she was a congressional press need. They have four beautiful kids. And it just as she started to turn each. What do this half hour or eighty horrible turmoil with the like you said that picture perfect family and is a million and one stories about that Iran. Less of a domestic violence awareness month happening now you said hmm we hear them now more than ever in the month of October. But how she spun out of this this is what grabbed my attention yet to read the story. Jerry ran in neighboring church filled firefighter was the first one error. That night firefighters made six trips at 3 AM to get Jerry in her children to this state. Home these are people who are giving back. And these are people that are making a difference in the world and I wanna be a part of that but I knew the volunteers are fighting was in my wheel house I'm an athlete I knew that I can do that when you give back. This April nearly her turn your survivor mark Jerry became a church still firefighter. Working for the same department. That saved her and her children. For me it was a piece of the action I didn't want. What happened to me and my children to define us I didn't want it to stop us. What doesn't kill you can't. And October results of fire prevention month to me it's like it's an amazing story amazing moments and it. Takes away the stigma everyone has about ending that that was a pretty well off family like he said again. Perfect fit isn't what we once thought it to be domestic violence we have to be aware as. That is remarkable. And more and more people. Are coming out in realizing that they don't have to be afraid to talk about because of Mora gets talked about the mortal blow away. I feel like a lot of women who are in my hand was in it you feel ashamed that you feel in bear is you don't want it would it'd nobody's. Will they believe view there's so many things going on in your mind if I leave because everyone says why don't you just need him. It's easy if you don't judge somebody who's in a relationship like because it is not that easy there's so many fears have you ever been in that situation I mean. And Oregon there are moderately well. No but I know a lot of people who admits that's the sad part we all knows somebody or we have been in that relationships and the very aware of self aware of that. Yeah I mean needs in the mini UI. You have kids you feeling Q do even more or so tethered to them began with. In order to do it's it's scary and I give her all the credit and the woman Damon has the story or. If you know Jerry York Gerri if you're listening to 222899. Jerry. But that's why we're walking on Saturday at the beach walk a mile in my issues for the willow center. And just go to Rochester buzzer come go to com willows center and why that worked for you from quality Jozy stick still tempted. The team the other from worker bunch family members are. Or to rally around a friend who's done this in you wanna help them out you know. And so will be up there this Saturday for walk a mile in my shoes they do more and the prize. Hey. He stories amazing and it's also amazing that you're listening this morning thank you. Yeah I buried him here. I am radio I'm entry of. That's half a he we will hear the stories of domestic violence and sometimes you don't even know that your. In that situation is is that your saying. Yeah. That there's that yeah limited definition of culture about what he meant it. And everything is just typical. I think a lot of people that are not as well. Now five years post. And I. I realize that it start off with a lot of emotional abuse. Verbal abuse and kept going in there and sometimes. Financial. And sexual abuse and it will be just one small part of it right. This is getting is going to be with you forever even though you survived you have a journey inspiration to many many women. Hurt me thinks mean this isn't good. Good time to be a woman right now with. Everybody being able to freely and openly talk about this because there was not too long ago right probably when you're living through this. It was very hush hush it Liz. Nobody would believe you've even said in May and now I like how we're talking about this like the Weinstein thing yeah talking about. You know we're walking on Saturday to just open up the conversation do you agree. Absolutely agree I'm afraid they'll now. Is I'm part of the country where you try to keep up appear that a lot. It. That I think helped me to try handle myself. People are what you're not mean the last year arm carriage that verbal abuse began last year Americans. Is there an ethical before. That they would hear him out our. Screaming at me like you're physical labor than ever won was just going back on the door when called out who is pretty. Immigration store everything was okay. Culture we ended. You know that between him and you know let Gallup let me see that mine on care and I think they were doing out of kindness. Yeah during a town hall got. I'm now I think that the carpet and people like me you are speaking out in kind of a culture where people think. I won and the wait is they're not brought themselves. But people are starting to calm one on hand were saying the cult. Cammie I'm hotline a lot and being good at it on in the account that helped me that we're doing the right. When did you need a neighbor to say did you just need someone to say the UK. Just want to let you know if you need anything I'm here well ward what could we say to a neighbor if we sense something is off. I would think back when I needed to hear because when they shut the door I. Well okay that the up at bat and knew all along and I. And he's the state in all along in new York and so it is get it minimized. How the air land mine is justified why hasn't. And many of them aren't. Now have a domestic violence story is important obviously but you took it to the next level when you became more a thud she was and it's child firefighter. Urged Churchill fire fighter. We begin at Churchill fire and at what went really well mine elect is great let's make it even greater and so I thought and I like. Buyers now literally. You know me I want Ali and I got better now an aptly. Good morning I'm that I am morning. Impact. Great harbor was my neighbor now or adores them he rushed over and brought his track human error as deputy in that paint look getters let's go. I didn't ask him to hold up your act in the Balkans he that was great line in the pan. And he literally you know nine is not working there at UN. Dot. Not held high and are passed along with pitcher that he is at stake. That's every woman's nightmare to every room and streams like that's the right ages blood from every woman's nightmare to every woman's dream of a firefighter showing up to rescue. Actually. I don't remember that my daughter and of the yeah. I would agree. When you're doing in in in any and you're even going around doing some speaking engagements is this true. Yes so what I am pop a couple of firefighter. That I can't say I can do this Greg armor was one in terms of our department. Performance is there. They really. I like it there in the mind I have and I do this and both of them and it has not yet at or. So I think the church of our department we aren't. In April. I'm went to be. Oh wrote facility the public that obvious so yeah I did and we do at camp. And my instructors or topic mile an audio and they are hot under a lot of wonderful are under instructors there I had the training. Good it was really hard thing to do it are physically and urban give her yeah. And really hard. When I started going on call and don't call here on. Fire department started noticing it. There probably call that it ended right now an argument about how why and I got the idea. McCaw. I and Korea. And he smelly green ball Rochester he and I think we have all our partners and in the other guy in her. Yeah and it bursts from me. On the Frontline there. We can learn something a lot of these characters and expert Sydney. You be able to better recognize it depends I've lived through. And they're like yeah. We provide it are. You know statistic that I'm learning to be until it in the chaotic relationship commute between Africa and firefighters. And you all the article and it they don't have so one smoothly. Kimberly. That the pilot art department on here on the deputy C and also I'm national park everyday. I'll be there at 93 all in the UK three and can negate our department and agency. It's great that's another time. Can I get caught. 6 o'clock computer game this season. Gets the most I'm gonna be there Saturday it would welcome good. To me yeah I didn't let. Yeah it's I party on right where we are. The. I agree match. So beautiful and you know. All the influence at willow senator NY dot org and review of there I think he billionaire by nine in the war starts at 10 o'clock right. Correct there could be part. You know I'm behalf of everybody who's been affected are touched by this we really really appreciate you being so. Strong. To tell your story and help make a change it. It we need people like you so thank you so much. On I can have done it without you know an iconic hair off as a firefighter church. Negate. I'll do it very very bland but I card it is now dealing be what the ball over we're not Don and isolation as great group around me that really hit me. Gerri thank you for having a voice and giving other people's voices and if you. Have any questions about anything like this are you think you're in a bad situation too too too safe is that phone number. That you can call willow anytime. Thanks cheering. Policy ascetic rage.