Important step to paying off debt is knowing your "Survival Number" with Jully Alma Taveras "Investing Latina"

Friday, August 14th

Today on the show:

Interest rate vs APR what’s the difference? We’ll break it down in with our CFP Erica Cummings from “No Dumb Questions”The Harmony Financial Wellness Group at RBC Wealth Management

The pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves. Most importantly, it’s taught us a lot about our finances. We are paying more attention to where we spend our money, and how much we’re spending. We have a new appreciation for our streams of income that’s for sure!

Our guest today, Jully Alma Taveras founder of the Investing Latina says this is the time we should all be very familiar with our “Survival Number.”

She’ll explain.

Jully also opens up about her past debt. How shopping was her vice when she was in her 20s.

She has paid off that debt and is now using her new found passion for saving and investing to help others take control of their finances.

In just a short amount of time her Youtube channel and social media platforms have attracted an impressive following.

We end the show today like we always do, we’ll take Today we had parents ask  their kids-

We’ll see what the kids say and what advice our money expert Susan Beacham founder of “A Seat at the Kid’s Table.”When you want something really bad but don’t have the money for it, what do you do?Money Savvy Generation has for parents.

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