If you want to change jobs Is now the RIGHT time?

Friday, February 16th

Are you unhappy at work? Thinking "is there something else I should be doing?"

When IS the right time to make a career change?

Are there things you could do to make your current position more satisfying for you?

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Look happy Friday you ready to downloading your finances I didn't see any matters think he's so much for finding the seven of figures podcast. She and dad everybody who joins the podcast every week we appreciate it thank you for subscribing in and telling a friend in writing a review on iTunes. Self are you stuck it in a rut at work. We've all been there right thinking one death is there something else I should be doing I'm just that is how we is that once why is. Well let me is every time to make a career change before you make any bold moves this will be a great podcast to listen to raise cash to weather expert Melissa is compost many colors need. She's if Dale Carnegie master trainer has been for years and most recently accepted a job working at wegmans. In store operations before we get Melissa I'm. I went to save big thank you two are big supporters Stanley first credit union how well educated team in our community that in Joseph is helping you live up financially. Healthy life. Well hi Elissa I don't congratulations on your new job. Yeah and making their theory now really a minor leagues usually. So rough day at work Melissa and it made it out aren't out think you again for coming on with us. You. It quieter. And win I thinking a. Alex. You know who'd be on with us for talking about career moves in everybody gets in them run their current job or their thinking and what if and I thought of you instantly not only because of your expertise in all the years that you Wear Dale Carnegie master trainer. But you just made this major job shift yourself. What was it big you said OK now's the time. With Dale Carnegie. I love what I do in the gun art isn't that I can still do what cart hanging in the part that I love is being able to make it different. For equality in or near the lead by training trainers. How did it make impact on others eyes as well as are the people that I'm in Q are learning environments. And being able to impact that as it and show them what they could be at what the ability. Now I've been able to take app. Which say they're very passionately about. As well as mind I'm saying NATO because at. I aide I would have been our bank would go in terms I'm one and when he IA in terms that it instruction at the Carnegie masters iPad. The kid they're going to go along I Alabama are all I am in school are well. It would be a trying it and need and make shift and look at it as they act it. You know I get the bill strange dude that something that I love and work for an organization. That I yelled very passionately about. It could interact with people which is what I really really in July 8 and do something completely. No big challenge me. Do you mind sharing your age with us. I'm 38. Is it better to take bigger career risks when you're younger or more established. I think everyone is different but when I had been right I mean I probably worked really really hard. Trying to get as many experience and then like I had because in my thirties. I don't wanna pay a tight battle that you can bet they'll I'm currently growing and seeking opportunities. But I would probably more strict eject because I add it. You have somebody counting on you now you need to pay exactly how cracked. Yes and I wanted to be around that there are Batman went and that they have consistently Iraq. So. I had to make out as I would what they are Carnegie and went ot them because I have a lot of ability. Would be went bad and bad or they went into school no I was OK. With it and it was built challenging me and I don't really liked what I end. Dynamic occurred and I mean that cheaper I always like act but that money back. Know what went out I don't make comfort bell and white being. Happy. With what I hat. And being OK went not knowing what was not right away. Or having something. Could go toward foul my biggest school over those years. Wyeth. He's happy with what you hang out and create a memory with those kids in Aaron. Ever work that is rewarding when you're making it different. And dumping Chia and like there was a great harmony. When you do start a family your priorities. Completely shift you really do. Re prioritize your life and you need to find that purpose networking nor you know to make it worthwhile OK I can only make babies go to work and I better have a purpose and a better feel like I'm. Getting back what I'm putting and. They've been there quivering so. If we're if he would say what can it be where can I add value in the world. And I I would it and they'd give me reason and that would be a round on the. Yes we need to feel lake where adding value we need to feel like our employer values the work and time that we dedicate to our jobs at. There are times when we lose sight of our per present don't feel like our current position is as good of a fit anymore. When do we know what what questions can we ask ourselves to see if it is time to move kind of finding new jobs. Our listeners are so wonderful always giving us great feedback and asking such great questions so I invited a couple listeners to join and and a conversation with us today mullah sack. If you don't mind helping them get very very good start with no call. Warning track power you know. Powering you know gonna think you know the call. You feel like you're stuck in a rat at work and even now your gonna chop through your specific situation and get advice from Melissa I'm shark. That there are a lot of people who have some similar questions and feelings going out and so I think it'll be extremely helpful to every one. Exactly. And I captured the little over anyone here has done the same thing. For all of those tiny when you're learning. My thing is I am forty clear I'm not even close to retirement needs. And I aim to kind of on the front of whether or not I should. Get out there and explore something different take me here. I guess at random kind of caught I don't know what would be about voting for me at this point in my life. My question to you if you sport like you're I am. Are they are saying. About her her job there iron but. I feel like I have a lot more soccer than what I didn't. People cute cute here but. You kind of have found something illegally used that. I don't get too am very much the people hurt and I think you'll be looked at different battle where I'm able to deal with more than Brady people throughout the goalie any. I don't have and I think that's something that I can and that we naked hand. My tail he'll feel great. I I get we get to keep him from him and I did that and I did great for me because. I'm a single mom by my son is fifteen year old for the graduating in June and I don't really get my ticket. I have a much vacation time I won't really need and that's kind of one thing that's been holding me on here but I. Tell it sounds like similar in my situation it why is. It could earn now now what Al. But they're eat in Dale Carnegie and one of the action we have people talk about defining moment that they can't generalize but what make and who they are. And what do they appreciate what it straying. And so I would ask you that there journal. And the start thinking about what are those defining moment that made you who you are that. Allowed you to build the strength that you have like people per and I am sure that you AFLAC and what are other tying it. In your life that you had expect it and and part I let her outer I aimed at. Our best and and then say OK now what would be the IP OL. Vacation and or what is important key Al. You can land that I can really give my all feel and I think. Part of my problem right now it's sad because they've been in the same feel for how many years and look feel lake. That the work can look at me that I don't know how to print out of this field into something different. So in here is what happening right now the one we've bucket envisioning bid saying it what could be opportunities. And then allotted and wouldn't let our Al. A picture. The world there are a parent or anything and happ and what would you rate my in that hoping that argument immediately and bang while I had done that. Eight sites can't do that because Spaniard and a limit your scope of your bed and if you'd just say what it. What could be what would make me happy you know what would give me her best what would you all my ire. What would app that can be sound like you're at a great point where is not about being apple addict if we got to back it really truly about. I know I'd add another year that I happened to which is Patrick well I would be and don't now how can you be intentional they make a rate move. Is there any way at her current position she kids vocalize the fact that I feel like I can do more here contribute more. Meaning there is happiness they're she just feels like she's in Iraq because it's been 21 plus years. True yeah it means the so in terms of the work environment would you is that something that you lie you. Talked about how bad app you don't interact look a lot of eight ball. Is there opportunity and. Every app not a whole lot but I feel great. Because it is different parts that ninety the common out into the efficacy to what they do they care if one parent thank you like a lot that I would like to meet meet. Q&A different area. But this definitely is not something I want it to the fact that violate the admiral where I mean I'll retiring from. Are you financially okay to make a big risky move. That the other bank error yeah exactly and they take. That they in fact there has been happening having an about the can't do I get the plumber and I can't take the heat increased at all. Prevent and you'd like is that the hit that Perry there. We beat it like a two pronged approach where you can approach network and Viet there's more that you can elaborate about what your life. And then. Be able to start thinking about the back I know what her job at bringing ample you hate about running back carrying. To be asking yourself these questions bed when your. In a raw and making notion that your looking that you just talked about. And that start at in your not the question that we were talking about earlier. What does Ben Bishop looked like what and then going into what do I want the work environment but like what I'm accompanied Eli wanted to work or. And then start narrowing. What could be potential wall and potential companies. I think many other issue here is that I am not really sure how do. Market myself because the people that are looking at me and mine at iron went around me. The only industry that I reckon now because that's what they will be that I can do in the last 21 years. How I like him now. Get other people Republican outside of the industry. There's there's two and why it locate here other parents act as a link and then he would like there is mutual connections. Helped introduce killed. And till. One and saying bad always better to me wow is just. Getting out into the community. Guarding a violent here need to be able to make connections that you never now. Where you can I am because. Someone told me when I was younger and they Angela that your network in your network. What are different activities. Once you're our graduate they you can start to get involved and in order to start building your work and intentional. How are thinking about the vision and thinking about your strength and then you can be strategic about where he chose to and you're attacking. Build your network then make as an Gardner makes complete arm. Ernie Nicole best of luck to you clearly have a great day not all. Being here and think it very patent record and my pleasure. OK so Brian now let's move over to Ryan lack of respect. For all your hard work is really. The reason why you feel like yearn erupt if you can give Melissa just a little bit of a background. I am very. And I'm an accident or her but are urged to app here now. Am I agreeing on what our ability being Mahler that they get it right out the allotment or out at. You are. Eight and our respect. Our Latin based on what day and negotiate with Al did not being at your performance based. How he'd do your job L acting like act. And it create a lot of animosity. A lot of I'll eat eat a lot away at each other. And you're really a positive and then making that change at the administration that you may. Do you wanna change careers all. Altogether and a block away from this field. Our ally and a block away and barely looked up at. In our career outlet like you do. A little bit wider and then more analytical eight. A weight problem. You know the one I'm on it. The criminals end or is you know. Attacking. End who anger I should be out a lot of security at impala name. All right so what's the wind. Question then what what is holding you up from just making that career mode. Leighton made it ten. Without. Making and a bar be higher. You know I have to end Aaron you know I carry insurance debt but debt let me hired me here to make it more mature I ot. Is this kind of the same advice Melissa you gave to Nicole where its legs start to your feelers out while you still have a position. Yeah and I would opt out out what you. Listening you know is that a bow when you're able act and bring back our hard work and I'm money do you mean. That a respect for your work. Would be demonstrated based and that they kept paper or are meant thank is that what you're saying I just signing get. Clear on what this thing. Ate out all the top you know what you do really got out in force validate your. Area that you're learning that you're willing K additives are on is out but is it appears now is based on your arm. Ellen dancing and you look at the paper per department that you're looking for what it changed that way that you look at your cap. Powell if Vick really hate it here and kept a Payer here at Britain like your job. You'll enjoy. Al is out being. Or our ability eight you know I can't eat you Hercules could I'm Boone. Overnight her years. It felt great up overnight and it is you can't. You on the Asia or here and I follow up act. Yeah but there's no there there there are. I am there. Blatant and there are a lot I and then you have never you know collections or at. You know and not you know I just to see here. It seems like this. This feeling happens anywhere right any purpose and it builds a piano must city when you look T your coworker and they're getting more perks venue so how can you mentally. Just digest that and not have it take over where you just on a quest. Sometimes people don't know we opt into a film. Bet whether it be manager whoever racked igniting it the best that happening and I'm saying they made just. He added I am and require but not thinking about the and there are. Oh yeah I'll not say anything have been deficient. Powell how can you base I'm saying. In a way that it. It's not you're not complaining I'm sorry rate you're not complaining and just. Maybe there's some of the things that I am a paying. Is there a way that beaten top Mark Martin the ball or is there are green and why IA. I have so many night shift yeah. Mel bay you can understand. Where they're coming from earth and a lot of times we make a armed and if we don't have albeit at army and we make up the story OK can I Indian army and there may help but it doesn't help your financial situation now. What I want and Jack is really. And maybe you've done what are all the positive here Walcott there's seems like there's a lot of spam and what are the next big what are all the drop. And take a look at those drop back and see what you can implement. It doesn't seem like you can influence but hey you. He's because that seems like it's something that a black and white patent. There may be some other bank bank Ken Howell editor at the end. Based on what you can influence and the drop back whether it worked pain because I under age eight and that you know went. Three level line is that bike they have you know the security adventurer and as that and other things. It might be worth. Aim for a longer I bite you know doing that at a bad drop back and what you can influence in the drawbacks but turned about it at. Would be a good play the art as well as our acting yourself or do I need to know little Laney and me. In order to get to what you are talking about in terms of their security. Hacking. Well thank you Kim Eric may easily make that transition at that something make it LY. And and learning more about that career path. What it would take how it would influence your family and loads of tape that they that they you can cast your app that question type that I did meet at eight. Now I can be at a frustrated and very. Let's get it from app. And a and quaint and you know one of the things that. Obi catalyst and it would let them for the black and white and I'll I'll let into our heart very towel. The course yeah I mean. Career. Right now I'm currently and it is increasingly becoming aren't aren't dangerous Marco Island out. I actually. Are and you know it can be a best friend and I didn't catch it begins grant my. Yeah I think the perspective again unless you may handling Ryan's best of luck to you they thought it was Harry pink brand that. How important is it. Melissa to be just candid and honest and talk T you're. Supervisor boss. Just from the heart being genuine. It means we wouldn't have a good relationship with that. And it can be found got a call when we don't. One of the things that I think his own art and it that we had employee in. We create expectation for our managers and we judge and that they parent that their behavior. And there are human being. Re. And but we'd better out IA our intent. So it's unfair. Big as we know what our intent and Barbara we don't know our managers intention of sweetening up Marc Ashton. So that we can understand their respect and how to reduce. Any kind that level of ever map because we're understanding the why I'm manager may not be giving Matt. And may be it because of the way that they were. Baby tailor their management how do you think about it. It now rarely can people take program or at made it more cellular and and big gulp trial and error and then he'll learn from your cap managers. So the one thing that I a right to do it whether he manager or whether it coworker there's. Appreciate am appreciative of what they're doing paying that helping me out not only when we get them get from the bad it's a bit I think what where. We're back added I can help me back. Output they killed. And telling about we appreciate about that can't compare and that technical in the middle yeah they've got the upper libel. That they are you out and then they've got the lower allowable under I would question the metal trying to make everyone happy yeah that's true. And purse back and I highly they've spoken and I'd build the relationships by talking about what you appreciate and while it. At appreciative inquiry. And ask question. Intel party that won the imprint of a bad question don't get direct orders like they need says. That there's been working. I understand. Why could help build a relationship. The ear so fantastic thank you look at Mitt. Our pre. They're not married going sushi now and you. There and Arab. Then patent I'll be over after tomorrow. All I love her she's the best we'll hopefully miss gimme some men think about and you know they you have to be a little bit more strategic clinic comes to career decisions instead of just allowing all that frustration to build up to a point we just can't take it anymore and you watch out. Now you are able to take a more positive approach and more mindful of what's best for you in the long run. Good luck to you if you need more advice please reach out Sandia Rochester NASDAQ comment maybe we can bring. Easy backhand again that's. OK it is time now like we do every week at the end of the podcast. We invite my dad and with his wise words Father Knows Best my dad's. To sack and have a great weekend dominate your finances. They recent Bloomberg report. Indicated. That two out of every three Americans don't contribute anything to a 401K your talent available through their employer and many are doing and take advantage of the employer match they're missing out on a fantastic. Wealth building opportunities. If you can contribute. Just 5000 a year for forty years. With a modest investment returns you could accumulate these balance of nearly 600000. A little sacrifice now can really pay off and a future soon.