How You Can Attract Money and Wealth (it's easier than you think)

Friday, July 27th

For some people is seems like success and wealth comes easy to them.

Well, you can have that life too!

We CASH IN with Sheila Kennedy, publisher and author writing about the practices of successful and abundant entrepreneurship.

During her years of research and interviewing countless entrepreneurs, here are the things you can start doing today that will help you attract money and success.

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Who wins and person in your lives and it feels like everything always goes pervert drew them and it's like they attract money and success. That person can the year if you follow the daily magnate. It is seven figure if I can see any plotters thank you so much for being here and this is merely talk about money we have real. The funniest money conversations. That will hopefully help you feel more comfortable and confident. About your finances and each week we tap into financially savvy people and we learned from that. What do they know that we should know what mistakes did they may eighth and then we can avoid big goal was to walk away with little leg of the financial malice that you can put into action team DNA and that would make you feel more comfortable with your financial future. Thank you to our good friends and family first credit union big supporters of the seven figures podcast and big supporters of a financial education month at home but Erica lakers. Perry let's cash to weather expert at dear friend of my name's Sheila Kennedy. Publisher and author of Reading about the practices as successful an abundant after the viewer ship. It's been way too long since you've been here is overdue. Well here I yeah. Okay so we're all very anxious about today's conversation. How do attract money using the daily Baghdad. Little background may be about why I aides started the day gap and but it is certainly at Dini. Practice that I it's part of my daily routine. You know it's affairs talks about them during the eighteen men and there are several before hand that. Shared how important it wise to start your day out with. Certain things yes Yung-Jan sell when I was writing my bucked racist it's and I had interviewed twelve onto new artists. That where making expense in harmony and I and eight and we're doing is they were very successful by arm you know intensive care. And I eighty. My name. I didn't have enough money to publish the book and reading it and it but they did not outsource. I didn't much take out alone I didn't really planning asking eBay for money so I was like okay how the idea that. So I pretty much completed writing the buck. And I and just learned all of these fantastic. Practices of a click that he's dynamic people as double I don't I put together all of the things that they shared with me. Practice them myself for sixty days and see if there's. A difference and if I don't I'm sure a pedestrian as silly if I don't raise the money to publish the in this sixty day is not peace sign and Al. I went out sources but let's see if I can you know. I expect that cents or ask. Paste I kept at a by an outlet and I started tracking every day my money. As grateful for our. You know different things and it's it's developed a little bit of in over the past three years. I am. But this I started paying attention on the ninth inning activities in writing them down and that is contacting. Me. On the sudden. I started becoming a magnet are abundant and it was in the past six L I not only in those sixteen game is a triple blame them. I'm aid made enough money to. And I am so I took my income and it's acting of people that and where my act. I way it's you know making money I was getting speaking agents of the things that I had won and indeed to build my platform. Now you've told me this so far make sure you're you're delaying it and I. Please thought that I was doing that mentally keeping notes of what I do any day but yeah and what actually really started doing and nobody likes adjourn now it's a pain in the butt. You don't write you enter every day and you know like a right if I'm Jeff I doubt that's a song like I'm not Aaron let me really write down what I dear because maybe ended the day I would reflect an idyllic. I don't feel like I got gaming done a feeling it just tread water all day and then they would blame things like love it wasn't for her kids or her for a worker whatever. So I did sit down and wrote out every single hour in the day 24 hours and what I was doing in each hour I look back now as a boon. I'm wasting so much tie game or I'm spending so much time on things that are really not necessary or could wait yes it was. Eye opening right well and you can outsource some of the army you can't you know delegate some of those things. I am it's amazing. Tended to track how old. We spend our time and how much of that is just. Really wasted and I started to do this after you and I talked about your first but this is like there. A while back bright and first came in and nanny you introduced me to Christine baker marriage she wrote the book need more time. And she's the one who actually challenged all of us to sit down and take a good look at what we're actually doing. The more people that we've interviewed. And more conversations that we've had it it pretty much is solidifying what you're saying here with the daily magnet. Well and it doesn't this isn't that I have when I've also found. Is that when I stopped doing theme and I have periods of time where I get lazy in in a Pontiac and I don't doing it's I am. The abundance. Is not as evident. There the money doesn't flow is. The you know so as I pick up and do it and I actually am county insists that out yeah it really does make a difference and it's. It's probably about 25 minutes a day that ice and on that. But let me tell you something in me it's such a tremendous difference and part of it is that. You know part of the magnate is making sure that you completes me revenue generating activities. Okay that's the tough on now yeah it is. And but enter it course is CEO to be creative about how you in the united elements of doing now. And then cheating. Lying to myself on my sheet or my network aria. And yeah like I know you get today will let. I thought it patty I learn. Money may not. It's many. I mean. You know sometimes there is there's times where I really have to buy this thing and I wait it's on sale. And then I track hey you know that my revenue generator was that I didn't spend 99 dollars I only spent you I have kindness that I. OK I can hear your key that's keeping money rate at its own and junior. Are so I mean it doesn't always have to be on at the contracts signed all right got it you know a new DL Larry you know that it not only have to be aunt Ariel. And sometimes it's. I saw that he needed have been sitting in the corner of the room for the last three years. OK so it's it's getting rid of utter it's selling jeans Ed is saving money. You know on. Yes sound which is a testament to at this is all about just appreciating the little things that you're doing. And we're always so hard at ourselves and we expect these big bold moves many to happen so quickly well and it's really not about the big. It's really about it off yet add that. Because when he's doing things like S then you start paying attention to what's important. And if generating money and money is important TO then you have to pay attention. Otherwise. Why is gonna pay attention to. So before you do anything in the morning and go to thing for a lot of us is to go on are found and just tennis slowly wake up with social media. Before you do any of that. You're saying what you read him. Cell I'm sane east it used. To it you like my daily routine as I start with the post and I and I journal. And thank you mind. Said that I have gotten all of that things I need to send me. Some instead of turning a media. I hand focusing on things aren't in the things. So I wanna build something I want to mention it though. Get up at a bad. Have a cup of coffee team whatever it says sit down with your turn on them or wherever you're keeping. Them people are doing computers. I'm which is fine because there's actually. If you go to my let's say there's a downloadable. Seat then it. Has all of the components of the accident bacon you know. Did it themselves. IE can write it out every day but. And you don't necessary he and then I sit down into the first part of the dean is he attack moments where you're starting. I'm in your bank. And then how might as you add money during the day you had did you change the total. And that's just kind of because then what happened at least eels so often we don't have enough money. But we always start with the bad that we have in the we have sent. Cantina and saying oh yeah oh. You're never starting at zero and because when we see zero and we don't bring in money during the day at least we have the balance and yes. If you don't do that it can't discouraging gets bashed Amy start questioning. Well why can't make any biases that happened eight you know on Afghanistan and that it again and evidently don't plant apple. Who can sell. That's how we start. Then granted. Is the next. Say no I resent that was so cheesy and demands that the UI and a endangered great both far well I have works out it certain it is. Three things different then anywhere but grateful by the name of so I am it's. About recognizing. When to binding. And have friends in my return him out last week and just being put UB Moore president and that day he's realized what am it's well we have. That is. We have some light sweet we don't even need anymore. But come when we're recognizing and where were grateful that it only invites more you credited amplifies abundance. And so if you want more you have to ask for you know be grateful for what you have because some nights when we are constantly asking for a more wire. That's it my set of scarcity lack and lack in bytes Marlon. Attitude and bite mark OK so we want to have that attitude of granted it is TVs nets now it's time. Because we're recognizing. And that in its. And then. It it really is a plan for your day rate your goals to set up for the day right well. It started then and with and it was an affirmation. How much attention for the day. And important because sniper Martinez when he alleges he was wearing a newspaper. And he had a sales team that was the worst produce saying sales team Indy entire area is east and and they gave it to hammonds and dissenting. And all he did was have them my site different affirmations in three different times during the day and within a matter of nine months in her record breaking team. They were breaking all records for sales in the east and all that he in different ways. Ask then to Reese I hate these after meeting. I'm so it really makes a difference so whenever we wanna have happened that day we have to speak life and and says that's that the intention in the meat. OK so your goal for today like we held. Kill it add a sales Kyle said at all that you're saying yeah repeated T out because you're making that happen. Our our words are so power of our thoughts are so powerful so. What we wanna do is not have a statement it's going to invite doubt. You know we don't honestly I'm an account on the sales on then in the next brats say. Aka because what happened and is at the universe if you weld a lot of traction is actually in response at the last thing the last sentiment that you have sent the first line. And says there'd. Every spy it's responding to the Dahlia and not the app from. In doubts clouds appear confident that ties it really is if you boil it down to one word cap and it is this is this allowed me daily Maine it allows me to be confident in my ability to me. And an attractive. So. Why when ninety. You know in the if things IP at those and sell or Jeff Hoffman. Is that co-founder of ice and pack for anybody as and then he asked. He every day spans twenty minutes or so. I'm surfing and that read newspapers. You know that kind of thing and just tax and I post it notes in his set he finds interest. This ideas and and then after a couple of weeks he has team. Pulled down all of that posted no it's knee if you wait and see if they can make any connections and that's actually how price and start it. On eBay that actually came from an idea of them meets. Like butcher who always trying to get rid of meat that was about 2 X I I am about to go bad and how do you sell produce and meats. Where in LA and it consume mobile that go to bed is about to expire well that's what we do with. Rates once the flight takes off it's known her consumable says that eight translated that that article that practice and CEO. I think. So it's it's really about. May you know the owner was frustrated because he wasn't serving that people he didn't know what else do you. So we got mad in less than the restaurants and the day and he was at the bank doing construction. And it when may ads they were he'd know her and he's like lay out different and and they similar putting actually in a drive through window at the bank because people don't wanna get out of their cars and quietly Ryan. You know expedite their service and things like that. He went back and started first icy wind out Edmonds. So we have to be aware again it goes back to being present many. Just being at eight you know paying attention to different industries which happening it doesn't have it have anything to do with like a radio person day. I am quiet it could be sent in the U. Starred in Europe. Yes yeah I am that brings distaste and our money or her attracts different advertisers or whatever that. Can make it. You say the affirmations each day. How many are you chart in just one hour okay. I need as many you if you have a long term call him. That's something that you say we should do rape you want to get to a certain number in your bank account or her you know I wanna be debt free earn whatever that is maybe. Well it's not much I focused on and goal. OK I focus more energy and being creative and how camping in money today because any money anchoring today and he abundant resource that at least in cents. Whenever it. That media is going to get me that much closer to the goals I don't have to constantly say I'm going to routine at all I'm doing consistent feeling actually. Our goal is inevitable. I have a clear vision of what that collects sack. And may mean. You just want more because when we have more we get to do my things right and that's not about greedy. It's not about ego it's about how can you ask somebody how can you make somebody else's by. Batter how can you make your life better if you are in a better place. In Europe other people that you're around in your community is going to be batter he and so it's not necessarily that we need. Is it in a week. Current Kate I think so I have spend that having money in his. Greedy and bad and yeah you know herself banks an honest things at the earliest. It says it's an energy arts. So what are your affirmations for today I affirmation that to me yeah. Affirmation it are today is rampant. Okay sell because I have and started his priority list every day I need to get certain things done. So it's all important. OK and I am so everything I did today. Based parent. Is this helped me be productive. Or is this taking away from EP. And so I used as a measuring stick. And ends it time you know affirming that I am going to have that high level of productivity. Referred to it in it it it's already happening that I planned to be ripe IEM I LLI nine where. I had an awesome and you re with Sheila and I'm so the conversation Sheila. In I'm going to be happy mob. Assemblies you know I eat. It's a Dick it's crazy especially during the summer my I Anders CNET adding Keith Peters out but Jack Brian eighths Sheila Kennedy thank you so. I have now and give us so let's say in how we can and Herman Daly mag and on the other thing that you're doing. I'm still busy. This deeper ink and that's I think case it's him that Nancy I ain't dot com. And I have but there are that we'll have the power that as the yen. Linked to get the dairy magnate as a free them you know resource for you TV. Deal I have all the steps and Miley did them. And damn I gearing team that if you practice it works teams you'll learn gain Brittany. Because it had every time I do read it dies. And so unique and kicking yourself for not doing the cat is at 8 AM and damn you know because why wouldn't. Abundance enjoy me and you know of the good things in life. Am. He and we all happy month. We don't. Hit it rich nods at me yeah. How well our Canon that I act act act to next I think as I literally up and didn't learn it bothers you I'm FaceBook is about you always posed like videos I. Says it and face. But yes I am in Arlington Alice different places and you know in ten be everywhere. But Sam yes and if you haven't read choice is detained is yet I ads Ernie winning streak he. I am in you want to be more feel more supported and feel marred grounded. And what your gaining. The advice given us and these behind Norris is at. Really isn't tells warriors and found the men and treat candy candy yeah. And did some things help. Right now that we know how to track all this money is you have any student in high school chances are he'll be using it on college tuition. Do you have made big college tour and mistakes. That will be the topic cyber conversation next week and seven figures think he's some members of Scott into the podcast Jerry with a friend of we really appreciate it. If you ever need to reach out to me sandy ever registered 'cause back happened. Have a great weekend. I see you next week.