How To Start And Manage Building Your Personal Brand In 5 Easy Steps with Michelle Roberts

Friday, May 17th

What are you known for?
What do people think of you, when you're not in the room?  What impression do you leave behind?

If you can easily and confidently answer those questions, awesome! You have a well-defined personal brand. Congratulations!

For the rest of us, who need to polish up on our brand Michelle Roberts joins the conversation this week with "5 easy steps to creating a personal brand."

Michelle is the founder of Nouvs- Be Known, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and companies figure out what their brand is and how to successfully leverage it.

Some of you might be thinking that coming up with a personal brand is only for the entrepreneur or business.  But, that is not true. We all need to take time to figure out what we are known for.  A personal brand is the best representation of yourself, what makes you you.

In this episode we talk through the basic 5 steps to creating and promoting your brand
And once you do it, feel free to share it with us.

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!