How to make your kids understand the dangers of underage drinking

Thursday, August 3rd

When does casual drinking turn into a more serious problem?

What is the best way to talk to your kids about the dangers of underage drinking?

We sit down with Jennifer Faringer  Director at NCADD-Rochester




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Hello thank you again for joining us neighbors in need I'm CB waters and are very good friend Jennifer affair and your firm and CA DD is in the studio with us welcome back. And sandy. Pleasure being here. They were gonna focus on binge drinking in underage drinking because the summer months offerings graduation party is offerings. Summer drinking I guess you could say and let's make sure it's in control what is risky. Drinking. Ya in we've got on our website at an but he is curious about this there's a risk meaning to write on her website if so when I was wondering. The problem I tell people in you can focus on numbers and we'll talk more about numbers we can do binge drinking. In terms of my control or is that during in an old one KE. It is quick survey on our website at Banco. Of Al all in terms. Relationship. Is my relationship with Al on such that it's banning me or steering me in May third. I am going to this party not because of bluntly is yet going to this party because might not think he outlets and I. I thought oh my oh this is I'm. Assuming no well not so much and own zone you know I like I think added in terms and terms. You know we put in certain portions that were or with friends with gambling you don't know we see it because once you enter in news. Such cease disorder alcohol use disorder. To dial becomes like a fortress. In in someone might have a two in a very loving way in in Spain concerns in and you. My act that acts now. No no. On absolute denial is a big issue but understanding when you're in control or when the drug is in. It's hard for all of us to be self aware of our faults. Things that we're not out over a little bit and barrister shamed about. So did have somebody who has a drinking problem be aware of that self aware of that how do you get them over that hurdle of even take that survey. I and that's tough and I you know we tell families who all of us have asked the same what do we do we you know there. We say here and patients with us. You know you just go I am very angrily. You're you're probably going to put them into absolute denial in Ian is turning you off. Or do you go with them and say you know I really are you at this is what I'm saying we're being real it's that they what you're seeing what and so on and and kind of just batted in theory earnings of organ way. And encouraging them. Reach out and you know about me if you have a concern and you in and urged them to be open enough look at. And see if there. Now it's clear. And draw the line. A days there's obvious right the stereotype is he has a drinking problem he she may get angry when they drink that's an obvious red flagged as a person needs and how. Then there is that friend everybody knows that drinks a lot. Can't allow bitching noted be injuring called day is still fun loving is that still something to address. It is it is because depending on the person may respond differently some may it might accelerate violent tendencies. Solomon might sent to opted to. Apple's move to actions. Or if you happen undiagnosed mental health disorder. And you drinking met my ex Hillary okay. So there's no set profile I'll call him really impact that those very. So so basically is. What's changed is that there are their their group of friends that they changed war on that level work. Move its social and there to station and him leave it to you looking for changes. Okay. So now let's move over into underage drinking. Okay this is a tough one for a lot of parents. We just came off of graduation. Prom season and you know senior balls and I heard it from so many parents. You know back in the day we would have the party at our house snowy DL now parents are scared to death because they don't know who's sneaking in black. What can we tell our kids how can we educator. Kids. Or parents one resource I really like to point out is on our web site. It's called parents who host lose the most okay gives parents an understanding of what are your liabilities. Also some sick actions because gone are the days when 10 on the days when you can just say. It's okay drink in my house so there somehow fine UPS illusion. I somehow safeguarding your child and taken the responsibility of other young people under your roof. Aching because it's under your roof somehow you have control. Instead. The best thing that you have said they control Merrill legal liabilities so I'd recommend checking out that parents who host lose the most. But you know for parents understand too this enough research that we have now that we didn't have when he thirty years ago. Two supreme Acer she'd have the formation of the adolescent brain is unique in lead in terms with the until our continent of our. A decision making pars and Bill Young person's report when he signed the 26. A bit older term for male centric or females so there isn't some infants and logic happened when he won minimum drinking age. Know that the person hands. Bet. Better better skills that that we make a decision an appropriate decision about when to drink a much to drink. Not to get behind of wheel and then really important. It always comes up right all of Europe. They're okay with you there is no drinking age they don't seem to have a problem. Yeah yeah that's the European meth. Because they very much you have a problem. Others to new group now. I you know in the act in stand or that the group of young people then started to. Increase the awareness because this is a man. It's as much drinking problem okay it varies from country to country but certainly the countries and Scandinavia and is Germany Italy. Grants those countries have as high. And drinking cans as we saw it shows some math it's just the man. And there is the age is set at 21 do you feel like that's the right age. You know when you look at the brain research divisions. And I know 125 could say I know I want to and I and I know it's interesting some countries. EEE cockiness is different a different number you look at being fees for example blood out of and the New York State illegally admin in no way. In some countries and that includes in Europe are you looking at my notes that. They're talking about beat each team. It BAC. Legal limit rather then increasing line because they know again dare we searched out is it coming up too aren't they know. How much it decision making. Is is being hampered at even know for you know so which could be start lower ENT. At what point is it to Manny is it based and you're sigh is your gender what is it based it's based stumbled a bit of both connect so certainly your height your. Body mass and male female. Mail. But it does also a man on man. It also depends on are you eat you know you you consuming food in your drinking. Period of time you know that's why we're so concerned about binge drinking is inching. Implying it's really your drinking malt altering. During the sectarian I'm used in the a few hours. And the body does have a chance it completely metabolism. For your on then and number two people or five. It is in what how many drinks are we talking yeah for women is defined as or more drinks than setting for man off by for more drinks and sent. In this setting duration is. A couple of hours okay. OK so four to five drinks for women. Or if for women off five I've or run a couple of yeah but CDC was needed to study recently that Center for Disease Control they actually found that the manner and some are more in the setting. More like nine or more drinks and learning women six or more drinks and setting. So already the average number of drinks in this setting I mail or email said on. The if fine or definition age and I were always already binging. More than a definition of binge and allow. OK so now how it impacts. Kids Wear and like we started saying summer months let's have a party let's have a barbecue you know. Once a drink you know I mean it's just a common phrase that happens in the kids are there and didn't really impact them in a negative way. Yeah it really does you know we did eight you you you look at all this happening now in on the recovery movement I think we started seeing some positive things and positive role models and actors coming out and now talking about their long term sobriety and what prolonged alcohol use yeah and so I'm hoping will start to see more. What kids don't realize is the number of promise that our. That are really as a result of out on use if you really looking ET. Emergency department numbers I asked that the nature promise that blocked the door or out related. About 25% of the money minor Thomas. 40% motor vehicle accidents you know it really impacts. A lot. And to end in terms of it's we know that it's about 90% of assuming all. While there binge drinking that's their binging quickly retreat clean malt drinks and think. Can't conversations Julianne. Should we be having. Yeah as I begin elicit enough as is the parent. Yeah I mean we have to start when they're young you we do we do think they younger the better and continue the conversation and I know and a 25 year old and I know how difficult this I'm stations. Our but I think the point is to make those starts this conversations. In the beginning you know when you still are. When you when did child still this except take what you're saying yeah yeah yeah I did and clear and and tell you what you say is surely I don't. An understanding when you're going through did teenage years when it apparently they aren't but surely they are it's. And if we look at surveys these Erica adolescents surveyed. And although don't give the message that parents that you know we're not listening to and we don't care about which is saying. Consistently in Alison surveys himself that the very much Arnold and that they very much news. Are appreciative and I tell you that the initiation. Should tip of boundaries next week and and it just a simple thing and parents say. This is what I this is what makes in her own. Why I expect that this is what I would hope for you mean those kinds. Into the boundaries are making it. Although they may not tell you and your team. In their twenties perhaps you'll hear thank you. Maybe when their parent may be sounds yeah. That's it today and it is. Let's talk about risky behavior if we see a loved one. Entering in this side as if alcohol abuse wearing turns frisky. How do we intervene. Because it is hard they're not they're not aware. Rained or any typically aware that they have upper known known and that. Steve gets in seriousness of the disease of addiction in general as the disease strengthens our police disorders substance use disorder. Wall of denial becomes that much more strong hand and you don't realize. Koppel what the person from the outside and start to see it or changes in that person's life change in the group of friends and hang around with. You gonna hang around with people. Not to consume less than you those that consume as much or more big time you're kinda normalized yeah. Your own behavior. So what would allow one to they would approach that person in and carried away with simply beat them. You know not not in a confrontational way but didn't -- and Haitian way. You know like I hear that this is and things that pain on the denial as early on. So since something like you know you're saying you don't have a per game on let's go and get an evaluation. And feed the professionals. See if you can encourage the person leaves it open enough that. And I'll call or talk about UH he. National senate seat you go to on the way. Continue just continue to reach out and not only am I in need and smudge pots of this is this tip off on. We can always reach out to you Fred I absolutely absolutely. And there are a couple of interventionist and founder of the person is absolutely. Adamant. And sends out I am. Not mean to go. We do have families that are all seeking. Professional intervention is not like intervention on TV and I knew that a professional. Interventionist. Who would educate the family about let's script this. Atlanta engage that the person and much person and go would be said about me. And in some. As risky behavior could look like anything right absolutely and whether. Violent behavior and some severe depression and others and everything in between. You respond individual is on differently and and it fits depression you don't always see that right there and I can expose that shine and they baby ones that are drinking totally alone they be there. Be their drinkers that isolate and this is and ignorant piece with women. That it is. Especially in the past even now. It's isolating behaviors here your hiking near the amount you're consuming years and Simien alone. It's a way of thinking we need to change because. Typically when you think about draining every minute message Alcatel was a joke you know the kids just Rihanna I'm gonna go drink a deer and diluted trig it's just a funny phrase that we need to Mamie. Changeup. It is and you know I really apply some of the shows. Now there and if you in the past that are really approaching the senate yeah her way via about the comedy and I think this goes way back up but west wing was that the one that. Really followed him in a very real way. The character was Leo he was the advisor to the president they followed news diction and his. Seeking trade me treatment and is recovering ER was another one followed yeah addiction began in a very real way. No it it was important fun but it was showing the repercussions you know on addiction and then how they got help. We need to have Maher real conversation we do we do and celebrate recovery you know we have to remember this is a disease. There's hope in recovering and then some wonderful grassroots organizations out there now in our community. Do just that if people if you if your PR me. You know case so wouldn't like it now change people places things how to I associate with a new group. Well people are organizations like recovery fitness and it's just that. A group of people in recovery whose only requirement are participating 48 hours that sobriety. Who engage in. Any number of activities and yoga and meditation took I intent mountain climbing and kayaking to you name it. It's a Dem and you are try to steer empire man. And healthier environment is. This toxic and death continued down that way it's you need to. Rethink your environments and surround yourself with those that are also. I think funny in the country. An attack going to be easy it's going to be hard but you can do absolutely. Jennifer affair under them and the ADD. If you need to reach out and you're not sure questions for yourself or for loved ones always reach out and see eight feet. Thanks and.