Hidden Gem in Western NY- Glenn Curtiss Museum

Tuesday, February 13th

Looking for a fun family adventure? Don't miss Wintercycle Therapy at the Glenn

Curtiss Museum February 24th and 25th. It will be a weekend filled with classic and vintage motorcycles from more than 100 years of motorcycle history, along with vendors, raffles and food. It's an easy drive down Rt. 390 to motorcycle heaven! Spend a day surrounded by legendary aircraft, vintage autos, speedboats and history. Look for the huge airplane parked along Rt. 54, just south of Hammondsport. See where speed was born at the Glenn Curtiss Museum. Visit https://www.GlennhCurtissMuseum.Org



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Hello thank you again for joining me I'm senior waters and this is neighbors in need and now we stand talk about little gem in our area in this is perfect a perfect fit. So much history. It does say standup guy like me to work to go over the museum about a year and a half ago to to know that there was a museum dislike this and it in this out of the way part of the world it it really was. An awful big surprise to me but you know when when you when people walk in the front door and are able to cease 60000 square feet of of prop motorcycles and engines in planes in Carson. Some regional history it really is there are really remarkable. And unexpected. Adventure here in the Finger Lakes. Yeah it does while you when you walked in just looking on and a on the website and that's. Glen H Curtis museum dashboard to it it's spectacular. Just on the web so they can imagine in person in the museum. You know we've got to let's see around 20/20 four full sized aircraft in our collection. Most of our aircraft date back to the early days of aviation here in no Western New York so glad Curtis was in the sport native. Payment or being. Tiny little town about and our little over an hour from the Rochester area and and he was really instrumental in in getting the US aircraft industry off the ground. After. He had explored. His fascination was speed through building and racing motorcycles. Even now becoming the fastest man in the world in 1907. By going a 136. Miles an our home built DA motorcycle. That we we have an exact reproduction of here because for some reason the Smithsonian doesn't wanna give us the original biking. Well did that mr. Curtis road but we do have good number of his original motorcycles single cylinder. Be twin. And a handful of others that are here at the museum along with the traditional. Motorcycle staples of the Indian and Harley-Davidson. And at Anderson and a lot of the early early builders so we got an outstanding collection here. It's very fascinating I grew up born raised in this area NIA I never even neo I never even knew that part of the history of western new York and that's cooled discovering keep discovering an uncovering. And the stories and you know the history. Can you give me a little bit more about when. When did the museum's start does he still the only debts that lives around here. It sure he doesn't have any any direct family in any longer an immediate actually started and in non. In 1961. Mr. Curtis himself was born 1878. Independent died. At the age of 52. The young ages fifty to end in 1930s. So around not in it in the mid fifties we we had a collection of of spokes in the integrator and an important to bend county areas that. They either work for Curtis sort had a direct connection to it mr. Curtis and they said you know this is really uninteresting part of our history and of our nation's history we should start. Doing a better job of collecting it and they had a dream of putting it together into. Local history regional history museum that was centered on. On mr. Curtis so in 1961. We got our provisional charter from the state of new York and and opened up here in in the village of payments for. And for the next. Well basically until 1992. We were a number of old school house in the village of Cameron's work and we were quickly. We have growing our arms roots in the space that we had there and that in 1992. We moved about a half mile outside of the village. Two of former. Taylor wine company warehouse that has been retro fitted nicely too to our needs is a museum and expanded quite a bit and over the last 25 now 26 years we've. We've added Maurer more airplanes building and flying our own airplanes com. Two the original specs more motorcycles or cars local history items. We expand our kids areas there's something else for a little bit of everyone and one of the more unique opportunities that that folks can can do and take advantage when they come down as our restoration shop where. That are volunteer. Group which is some. Comprised pretty heavily of seventy to eighty year old guys. What if you ninety some year old sprinkled in. They're active the restoring and rebuilding a handful of aircraft at the moment the most. Easily recognizable one being and yep Curtis. Purchased as a pile of sheet metal. Basically. Five or six years ago. The original aircraft there were a handful that crashed in Florida on a training mission in World War II. And in that we bought it from the guys who dug it out of the swamp. And have been putting it together for the last 45 years and it really is it has such a neat story. It is such a cool airplane. Visually immediate even if you're not an airplane not beat him you know you you imagine a World War II airplanes you also always imagine the. On the front. And it and that's what we've got here and in that visitors can come in and look at that talk to the guys in what are you working on and it's it's pretty remark. So you can actually see them working on it and. You can't you see you know some days you get to you may even get enlisted to help to an appeal so. So many volunteers come and that you can get an up close and and personal view. You know within ten or fifteen feet of of what their work on you can. Smell the grease and watched some put in the bits and pieces of the plane back together it really. Even if you're not an airplane person if you just a history. Are interested in history if you're interested in technology or is it really isn't. An outstanding opportunity to it. To get really up close. Absolutely and it just makes you proud to be in this area because excel from. You know it in ads very client. Heard I was gonna ask you how do you retrieved bees. Planes and how do you started build them back up bats I didn't realize they that's what you have to do. So you know a lot of the early ones. The early aircraft going Curtis first. Begin getting involved with aviation and in the early twentieth century so a lot of the first aircraft they built nineteen host. 70 wait don't nine. That they were experimental and they didn't last very long so if anyone really wants to see one fly again. Or or even get up close and personal. We have to start from basically from scratch over the last 25 years our armies Ian has. Tom taken as many original pieces we can find but has. Rebuilt some of these early aircraft that there were would have been lost to history were it not for the our medium putting stuff together and and down and then bring him back to life so to speak in there we don't fly him anymore. We do bomb we do have on display and you get up close and it really see what it was like for these early aviators. Who were probably equal parts rate increase because I ask current pilots. What they. I ended and Clymer added that there is no way. To fly a bit of a new airplane so. They're Aigner. Ignorance is bliss I guess that's. Lou retton. How many years because you said you they've been working on add to current plane for a handful years how many years on average does it take to restore some of these planes. You know everything that we do it is volunteer base so it. It's hard to give a good answer that it depends on the scale of the project. And it also depends on the availability of the volunteers we we have a core group of of guys and gals too who come in our routine basis and and some of these. Two of these folks treated almost like a job or they're here. 3040 hours a week. You know plugging away on other projects and that really makes it makes it go well but you can easily easily invest. Several years then and tens of thousands of in dollars and man hours into. In make it one of these aircraft come come back to life. I can't imagine how rewarding it is for these individuals who've worked. A handful of years I'm and have peace and in to see it come together must be amazing and it's all said and done. And for them they you know we up until and fully years ago we would actually fly a lot of these aircraft. Either optical Waco or off one of low poll on airstrips and in to see them talk about it even if it was 1015 years ago when when the flights happen. They are immensely proud of the work they've done and to be able to stand next to it. And and tell people about how they built it and having fluid in the experiences they had at the problems that the design problems that they had to overcome it really. We have an outstanding group of volunteers and and we couldn't do what we do. Without them. And you're saying that a lot of them are retirees themselves. They're third gear heads in there agers did an aviation other adjusted and building things sore some some boom just. Kind of get the ball again and you don't have any technical background but they show up on goal I just wanna help tell me how I can help. Are you looking for more volunteers to do. We're always looking for bird like. That like many nonprofits yeah brother museums were always looking for more volunteers and that the real hard part is. Been able to it to make sure that that when the folks show up that we have something for them to do. It within what they wanna do. But so we have volunteers that work in our front desk we have volunteers that. Help us with some of the maintenance and exhibit trapped and different things we have volunteers in the restoration shop as a museum store. So there's all sorts of different opportunities some guys just like shown up cut the grass. Yeah because that's the way that they can be involved in in. Still the end something that they enjoyed doing so and it's not just guys I don't I. I'd like to remind people that we do you have. Women and even. You know some high school college kids that show up periodically. To help us out so it really is not just. You don't you don't necessarily need to BS a motorcycle mechanic or an airplane mechanic or sheet metal worker. Peter teachers and lawyers and doctors then you know just average everyday folks that show up and went in and get to work on some of these projects. What is the best way to reach out if if there is somebody listening who does have an interest. So the best way to reach out generally weak would be to send us an email there is some information on our web site. But service and him spoke the email at. IN FO at Glen H Curtis museum dot orgy. Or simply called museum it and there are done you may be looking for volunteers and help but pointed in the right direction which a lot of times sends up in my office. Our time and then money did you set it costs. Thousands of dollars to restore these planes. Ten we also donates is there is there somewhere on the web say it's easy ten to donate funds to them sure that's always a struggle. Yes ma'am punter our grave were we are lucky that we had some some very good friends over the years and an every little bit helps. Whether it's you know drop and a check in the mail work onto our web site there's a link on the top of the page it says support and you can follow that and and and you can donate. By credit cards or web site as well so. Her fact we're on with banned from the Glenn Curtis museum. In Hammond sports and now let's talk about the winter cycle therapy. Epic line Curtis museum. Ride has this entered into one of our biggest and most fun events. Not so much fun for me today of 'cause it's a law at all a couple of days but I. The robust but everyone attending here. Is an outstanding time been in really it's started as a motorcycle show for handful of guys too by the end of February are itching to get back out there and write their motorcycles. Antarctic motorcycle guys sent in really to what what started pretty humbly has now turned into a really fun show. We call it went or psychotherapy. Because there are many opportunities in February to get out and talked and look at motorcycles and look at parts and will basically do all that so it's up February 24 to 45. 10 AM to 4 PM. And we will have. At least a hundred different motorcycles on display that folks have for bringing into the weekend. Couldn't have been more and really just depends on in the weather and and people being interest in bringing an end but there are. You're pretty standard a classic cat and vintage stuff. The oldest motorcycle we have on display is in 1904. All the way up to the 1970s. And it's not just juror. General Harley-Davidson and Indians and some of the old ones there are. Obviously curves motorcycles as well. But all bikes all makes. Models. European bikes Asian bikes rode bikes so and euro's. But mud motors saying there's all sorts just of different things rusty it's. Motorcycle all the way up to the pristine restoration so it's it's a good idea opportunity to come out. See some bikes enjoy the rest of the museum bought some food into different vendors. Swap meet vendors as well as some people so on. Hot dogs and candy. Lord that's. Or get a court that counts but so it really is an outstanding time for the family it is relatively. Get expensive as birdie average adult that only twelve dollars to get and you can stay here all day. I some wonder how in which the best way to get out to hammonds support in the museum. Up from the Rochester area's pretty much straight down 390 and then you come in through best New York gay and just head up highway fifty. He's four years there's a giants that'll keep 46. Cargo airplane along highway 54 or just outside the village of payments boards. And you'd get lost or you can't find this for whatever reason you can always give us a call. Can't run their South Bend Janzen thank you so much the winter cycle therapy epic Glenn Curtis museum February 24 and a 25. Daylong events. And so I mean it's just can have while you it's just outstanding on the motorcycles there and so much history and that's the aircraft so much more than Glenn Curtis museums so it's Glenn. H Curtis museum dot org for more information and if you wanna support thank you again so much. Thank you for.