Helping You Put Together A Financial Plan

Friday, February 1st

It's the first Friday of the month, time for another financial goal that will help us achieve Financial Wellness
Last month, our task was to find 20min a week to dedicate to bettering our financial future.  If you haven't yet set a day out of the week, take a moment to do it now.  A day you can and will commit 20min to your finances. Put it on your calendar, set yourself a reminder.

This month CFP VP at Morgan Stanley, Erica Cummings gives us weekly "to dos"

Week 1- Get your documents together. 
Any and all documents.  Put them in one binder, one area of the house.  This will help you understand what you have and notice what documents you're missing.
After doing this you'll already feel better about your finances.

Week 2- Budget
Be real with yourself.  Find out exactly what you are bringing in and what you are spending each month.  Break it down into categories.  This will allow you to get a better picture of where you're unnecessarily overspending.  A budget will also allow you to see where you can pull money from just in case an emergency comes up.

Week 3- Debt
This might hurt to add up all your debt, BUT rip off the band aid and just do it.  Have a real honest understanding of who you owe and how much.

Week 4- Emergency Fund
Now that you have all the numbers together, you have a good grasp of your financial picture. Now see where you can pull money to start building up 3-6months of monthly expenses. Don't worry it won't happen in one month, but at least you are consciously making an effort.  Every dollar towards your emergency fund helps!

You got this! Stay focused this month
Cheers to being a Financially Confident Woman