Helping You Manage Your Stress And Live A Balanced Life

Friday, March 8th

A survey by Northwestern Mutual found that money was the biggest cause of stress for nearly half of Americans.

No surprise that a good amount of Americans admit that their debt has had a negative impact on their lives. It’s the major contributing factor to sleepless nights, depression, anxiety and some studies even make the connection to an increased number of migraines.

Lack of money causes stress and it’s been proven that a great amount of stress holds you back from making money.  So, let’s break you from this cycle.

Balanced Life Health Coaching Lori Nolan joins the conversation this week.

Helping us manage our stress.

She teaches us how to calm our minds when it’s racing before bed, how to be mindful of the “circle of life,” and the importance of having “space” in our lives.

 Cheers to being a financially confident woman

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