Heartbreaking news Nolan's fire

Thursday, July 13th


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Don't Ken Davis about 5:30 this morning fire alarms went off and lots of people on the scene at a fire had to the famous Nolan is restaurant all the candy run or. Always he had two or done on the lake there. On main street. At the best they have the best. Best. Best pork chop. Around and I do you know be on the porch up commissar and making good pork chop that's what my signature dish is the minimal Clinton that they do didn't buy it. I will I've been to other places in town that. Well I'd bought a sixty dollar pork chop and still watch the news media sixty dollar pork chop. You line I swear that six months now to sixty or sixty dollar for pork chop bagel bone and it. It was a big big pork chop and was very good but it wasn't an owns pork chop here and owns pork chops Lisa worked right next door in on the lake sand bar. Mean candidate cola bar tending last summer. Says Sutton a one time with my girlfriend and almighty god man offense that they're known for such. And models aren't telling and food stakes cost is good good good from I really do have always been there once and I. I've got the pork chop and Mike and didn't mean to go back now so now what is so there's. There's a did it to major area major fire to the story all of. That song. Having crews battling large fire and owns restaurant tactically yeah. They didn't so we'll have the restaurant so early like that bites them in the morning. Model is Nolan has been all the time so this music radler right via slings and remember bits they also have a they also have a Nolan said the candidate and country club too but it's not the original restaurant I mean the ritual restaurants repair right at the north and the group of candy away. Does get flinched on Twitter said that owns restaurant Kennedy who appears to be a total lost on no way Oliver and staff members are huddled together at the scene and the police say empire state that as the street near there Afro of the name of it deals its main business stress regal left to go to lake. To go to see Mac doing great before yep they said to avoid debt can be close for Al Korea China says it was busy there anyway. Yeah. Johnson's last. Loud it's horrible I wonder you're right kind of what happened that early in the morning when I left the Fryer or something well. I mean it could be it could be anything I mean he could have been punished but I don't think they're recording this early on and off the you do that you read singer to Cribbs for a long time driven over and it's looking at. The. The family business. You know is it been the owner or the family for all these years because I didn't. That's a huge heart breaking no matter what other and if it's been around so long and you've been a part of it for so long. To watch it go up in flames. And is that I've only been there once but it's that had a restaurant with a chef comes out his house every my dad via its legitimacy as a food stage you know. The whole. Kitten can be little song. Well let's not get rebuilt with insurance ramming if everybody's okay so sad I know that but they didn't think Kevin's right it's not when injured Scotty not gonna see. But it's never the same. Well and gates burn down our had a big fire named unease is right there by Jeremiah as an. Were quicker sickened Lou was now it's but the tigers right. And they've rebuilt that restaurants beautiful. Everything's back to top shape and everything worked well in do you rebuild it back to whacked out what it. Looks like to keep bit authentic to the original. Our data. Wouldn't that be an urge to just like replicate exactly now. But I would I'd think you'd just bring up to the times until it was out of date by any by any means but you know you'd probably put in. Put it go more seats in all of whom were dining rooms cellular systems. Bottle. But it. I would. Because of the reputation in the restaurant right if he had a bad reputation towards the end and I just us but if it's one of these Kennelly Noland has been around forever everybody candidate who knows and loves Noll and I met. It's almost a comfort feeling like. How much do you crave going back to the house that you grew up in and you expected to look exactly the soft and when anger goes by you know when I had when you have kids in if you grew up in this area. You've taking your kids see you where you grew up Frey yeah and it looks different and it was so heartbreaking to drive by Stoney creek drive and grey ranch at the T. In the. Should be no because I think rich yeah bush is all over grown and it seemingly the sidewalks all mangled and expected to look exactly how you can let your kids gone to the same school you went to yet. Morneau now are now going to now okay because that's that's that's a real Aminopterin but got back to. Elementary school or whatever you like my niece has a weird feeling he's goes to recipient that's right when and for her place 'cause she's involved in theater and walking down that back hallway I was I smell demand by the GA and the years I got to tell smaller is that schools and it's definitely schools now. It's not a jail smiles fool you this if we gotta tell you have. Hey listen and I have a you know hearts and thoughts go out to all the people and no one's anybody who goes there there can they were community. So you steer clear of that area they're gonna turn it. I had this thing are wrapped up here in the next couple hours it's his inner city and Evian and the boss.