Healing financially and emotionally after losing a spouse with Kimberly Holmes-Iverson

Friday, August 7th

Today on the show:
Can you easily explain what an IRA is? If you can’t, you’re not alone. We’ll break it down in “No Dumb Questions” with our CFP Erica Cummings from The Harmony Financial Wellness Group at RBC Wealth Management

Our guest today has the most uplifting and positive way about her. Journalist,
Speaker and Widow Warrior Kimberly Holmes-Iverson will share her story. How she found the strength to continue to heal emotionally as a young widow and the valuable financial lessons that she was forced to learn. Lessons she wants every woman to know.

We end the show today like we always do, we’ll take “A Seat at the Kid’s Table.” Today we had parents ask  their kids- What are you going to do with your very first paycheck?
We’ll see what the kids say and what advice our money expert Susan Beacham founder of Money Savvy Generation has for parents.

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Cheers to each one of you who is on your way to being proud to say you are a financially confident woman!