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Friday, February 2nd

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Welcome to neighbors in need in seeding matters is on the phone with me today I'm very excited for this because this is like a hidden gem Denise Osborne. From the arc of Seneca can you got thank you so much for being here that's surrounding him and having them are married. Well mrs. is. So awesome I had no idea and I'm almost embarrassed to save that to you that I had no idea. The arc of Seneca. Yes exactly it is definitely admitted that there's not many people are even then I think is that how you actually know what we feel. And now we're trying to make that go public and we are as we want to know what we do. OK and you can now about directly. First let's go backwards a little bit let's talk about the arc of Seneca Q back in learn about what was the mission what was the vision at the start. Those are I think it is an act that really merit in 1993. And we parted and neck and hacked that out the ability. That and we teamed up with the US government may look at the military. No I'd create every month we set out a bit of at the US military that the princess. And bad knees started going even now look where there is there a hold her approach though wasn't. People would development of ability making me pat we made it only include as and we parted hiring people that are they didn't have about the ability. And they did absolutely loved that. I hit it. The mic and an out as they are by topic unity or people with development of the ability of letting them know that they're not any different than you are high. It act they've really magical but all of the way to what they paid together. In we've heard it you know it's it's familiar the arc Henman rile we hear that a lot. In the just the arc as an organization. Were very familiar with because like you said it's I mean. Started decades ago it's wonderful that there is a place for these individuals who like you said are just people. To find a way how they can fit in in feel comfortable fitting in is amazing but then to. Discover that the Finger Lakes text tile is a whole other division of this that we understand we didn't even know existed. Yes it hit the main thing that that backed that. We're able to get back into our community. And all the electorate is one of those Big Bang we're genuinely so product. So all of the armed forces our. Donning these hats that are made locally. Guys that we had and then I thought over a lot out Bentley and now. And all of our kids that are wearing you know all of the world that their income than right here and water in New York. Emits cook is it's more than just you know keeping your head warm there's. There's more to it and now own this is the exciting part that we as the public anybody can purchase these hats. Yes ripping it off one are they here. And that is an art. Though he has the decided to go public lives not arming the military hat but we've also that I kind gritty hat that he be available for the public. And millionaires than in our dining tired right now because Leah. Not only area is that an inclusive. Environment but we're also hit in back in in or out the 100% of the these are gonna go back with our Hispanic if you. That very. Where we find it more about this as their website is there a FaceBook page or will what would you suggest as the best way to learn more about this. Arctic here. Now or are and then we also have art they and in a gram weight can wipe the present and it is at Arctic air half. Are both in event will be. On my guess how many hats I can't even imagine the number the quantity. So every month lease it out about a 100000 unit. Oh yeah well. Neat geez you guys are busy to cook it. Yes we I think adding on my ballot at your honor I didn't there's no like I that there are they're ready. They're ready to eat pompano art. And on every level love this you have the individuals helping out put this altogether right. Yes they've been apart at that every step of the way. I gave up at the right yet the work with an ad agency out of Los Angeles called the aren't he and Lee is about let this pass met. Approach where it all positive on all the time. Eight back in again and what it now so our web site. And every step of the way we talked to the people who support it now than you know isn't a big that you're anti and then and they want they're worried he called that they're really excited about it. On X amount Howell. Does the design become a bounty of it at design team of individuals to that they have a say in. Without hats look like. Oh look the way we did it is I did a lot of market B there. I'm not a budget has the most cricket had threw out the way out. An eight. Even the bad and throughout inside and then Benedict is the people that we the port as well backpack out you know and they hate the pop history. And that may get started. GAAP impact in I definitely make and so they came up with these are they booed and Betty pat. Natalie we've articulated a bad enough that we're I ate at that we're hoping that they're gonna fly up or down. Al crash of course we are here to support it that's awesome is that the biggest thing right now you need. As far as support is just purchasing these hats and spreading the word or do you need additional help as far as volunteers. So we are looking at you get aren't they here read all of early lack accretive put up our best. You know we want it encourage anybody at your or is being on the bankers funding has an impact. That the where they we wanna get out and in the summer and we are going to be looking Barrymore part here's where are your column that. It's a bully and it is summer camp for people with development of the abilities were and we're always looking Irvine you're out there. Okay and what we need to do to. How about an inquire more about that. You can go right Aaron is an art that panic if you got that alert okay and you you know put that up that matter. And their impact on employment and they'll be a look at how your little bit more about how to volunteer spirit can't comment. Who can wonder if can you describe some of these cats how many variety or how many different styles. So we have when he boards at Red Hat bounty. We have we passed. Which is one of our military had we also have a 100% wall blacked out which is again one of our military hack. And then we have our year old variety. Which is a new world and it really. Latin and it is out there is one of the world but they'll provide you that our and that water and then that we have high end. Each comes in at different colors and different type as though they're they have been very small as well as that kind he's out. We all have a big smile on her face I'm short just hearing how this is taken off first to get. You know a relationship with the government and say hey you're going to be our supplier of you know hats for our armed forces and then to extend that into something where now the public and support. That's awesome that must be so rewarding for Rio. Edit every every day is. Now rewarding when you watch it and everybody I did this year and so I think you're different news every day is completely different it Ali Aaron. A big pile. You never leave here unhappy. Yeah how many people are on that textile team. And we have about that can be employee. And 90% of them are about as we've been able. And always looking for more eight are acting more room for more I should say. Yes we are always been eaten or mark he thought whether you have that the about the ability or not we're always looking the monthly specially now with a knowing that there are definitely going to be. I thought it. You need someone just dedicated to social media and that in and of itself is such a full time job as a net. Keeping up as e-commerce stereo. Yes definitely aware that we did you have that they. It's been Allen bill is you know all of our state and give up and the beat Ben and blow that those and medium management. And it's so important with all of these enemies that we do our neighbors in need whenever it comes to whenever we discuss developmental disabilities and Indy individuals and how they wanna just fit in in in the long. Catch a key component. Is to have a purpose to wake up with a purpose every day. Yeah it'd and it means. It back payment you're I everyday wanna wake up and make an impact in the abbey or 81 will be treated like everyone out and that exact how they feel they're up. Like you where I have I I've not been. You know you meet somebody who either has a physical element alert and may not yet I'll be at each week. Exactly that they had you hoped to be treated and that whatever main mission is it to have a whole person. Approach is that you know you wanna be able to make your on a bit better today and that is a way of investing in our. Denise tell you BB in which the arc. I have bandwidth are at it differently here and then and that is that in there about six months. And I'm sure you've seen it in the in the time a year at the arc but I think we all can feel it. Dead it we're moving forward. In the exclusion meaning it's changed a lot since we went to school. It has. You know it they're not separated and not in there are classed them and mart. There are included in our board long been. Kids are eating lunch together and nobody is judging anymore I mean we don't have a pick up and though going to be at learning curve. But it so much battered then when you and I aren't cool. Yeah if feels that it feels good and it's gonna feel really good and warm especially in our winters. To conduct. The Arctic gear Arctic gear dot where to go on the web site in support. The arc of Seneca Q Barack and also one instrument FaceBook Arctic gear hot he sent rain. Okay wonder file. They are the ones that are supplying that our armed forces with. You know hats warm hats and now we're extending it they're extending into all of us we all have. The opportunity now to where these hats purchase these hats and Leakey said purchase with a purpose and I love that. Thank you so much for taking your time thank you for everything that you do it the arc of Seneca Uga. They DL I think you advocate an opportunity is really of you know. Absolutely we're gonna have to have you back and so we can check and see how many weeks old and how many more on that apparently. Denise as born from the arc of Seneca Q gassing your lakes textiles. I textile and knitting factory where I work force composed of individuals with our levels of ability and work side by side to produce a winter hats in bikinis is the largest customer is the United States armed forces. Which means that each and every piece is made to the most exacting standards yeah. Hats completely American made take pride in keeping our US armed forces warm and protected on climate is the proceeds from meat had sale goes directly back to the arts program and operations to create a self sustaining charity and now he is our turn a week can now also support the arguing and their mission I mean buying our hats. Merging gears not simply added division of stealing a lifestyle and go on the website if you Aniston corn and purchase your Arctic gear hat. Arctic gear dad or.