Going to a wedding alone is sad

Thursday, August 10th


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Kanye and his girlfriend got invited to a wedding he wants to work she wants to go to the wedding that I think a simple. Solution to me she can go to the letting their self and I'll work. But that this is more common than you think. I don't go to weddings together so our time. We are DA eating. A little more forgiveness when you're dating a lot you know it shows. That you're now act. Serious. She and its relations Hala as we're dating but we live together we've been dating for a year happening and is letting together and therefore. Ask yourself back down to who knows where this relationship will go Jim's on the phone hang on the buzz Jones a man. Give some advice herb nobody here. I think in perfectly fine. Today and they need to. Normal normal. I've been married twice and effective time around iPad. I would help him out dot. I know exactly talking about the other guy does know a guy what to go to a wedding to pick a fight with myself wait explain just. I got married. Or don't beat myself up. Second advocate I knew where I wouldn't fail. Here I do you know yet what you have to go through in another another wedding just the wedding is off. I think if you're going for you should be I think you should work to think there's an ideal wedding to go to those is going to be this party and that graduation in this memo LeBlanc. Right yourself and figure out her. What women say. And Walt Bobby W I'll let you add it up at that. But not don't like that things jam this through June there are here like Helen selfish if I don't do what she wants to do and only would she wants to do it's not where hurt it's for. The couple okay. Well you would name on this entity yes but I OK then she. She bullies on the line Julie. I Julie Iran's he's understanding things seem to hang around. And Idaho. And literally. Built on love. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. An era that era that very thing and I think at all but if you. No boat in the attic and treat it like it and I app out. And it did happen at your girlfriend. Out if you don't I didn't big you're gonna regret not having that may need. She did you break your ankle in the electric slide. Find another hot guy there because you mean there aren't I mean being down. No I don't. I. It's the biggest threats in our political comic comes lions guy and good write down of the Dantzler. Time with her you're overheard is at least for. But there's always going to be some there's always going to be a date night there's those Indian weddings ago that it is I was gonna be elders Grandpa's birthday. No generally not always going to be weddings to go to I haven't been to a wedding and I cannot remember what they're then. Yeah her dates. I'm a better boyfriend and I think Kanye can send his girls from letter go to the wedding she wants to go to a he needs to make some money. If you center without. You there. Should probably say. Just fine. Deep down inside issue sitting at the table and by herself while everybody else is dean's thing. In the Ehlers a lot a couple dances that weddings it's all about romance and love it she's just sitting there. And it was a zoo where. Well Chris Chris which is. And is gonna get a point. In the night where she's like heat and. And then what's gonna happen to a couple of cocktails paid down one of the grooms men gonna colorized that is what adding a rich. God doesn't have to do zero to 39 cents to these are ready zero debt. I'm. When it's out of my control well yeah up in sweeper opera and Juli you've been out jilted by sandy. Yeah come home and some good things and lets him come home CU Lena says snoring. Ruling can be a tiny and and a went to England by myself why I you know I announced in a CNN I can and all this kind of future go work. Sort come closer and you know what happened to me yeah. On your face in the middle of the night Munich. Public that the baseball game you know what I'm seeing some really important that it just happened to meet you recently although it's fine don't had not ask Arafat in the but you know what deep down inside I really don't mean. That's ridiculous level of the day's work women admire hard work and dedication. And that. Because I am 1940s anymore harassment from the rich guy who gets the sweep her off her feet and it didn't work you get to both how much of a lot. With a little. You've all. He did out of this little Boy Meets World record as the good dependence sixteen and the wrestling match with a Gator. The creator Matt patents and sixteen he gets caught. She wants and we're just trying to home. Still way thanks everybody volunteer did you buzz is the number.