Giving You Confidence to Start Investing with Elaine DelMonte

Friday, February 14th

Giving you confidence to start investing with Elaine DelMonte

Many of you know of Elaine DelMonte. You’re familiar with her name and voice from the Spa at the Del Monte commercials. Yes, she is the wife of the DelMonte Hotel Group’s CEO John DelMonte.

But Elaine is also a financially confident woman! She spent a good part of her career working in the financial world as a financial advisor. The story of HOW she got into the business is a great lesson for all of us.
Elaine is an influential woman who is passionate about motivating other women to be engaged and take control of their own finances.

-She explains investing in a simple way
-Financial tip after a divorce
-The power outfit
-And, how to respond when your boss throws out a number of what you’re worth

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!