Getting Paid What You're Worth with Sheila Kennedy

Friday, September 20th

Getting Paid What You're Worth with Sheila Kennedy

This is something that a lot of people struggle with.  When we say "getting paid what you are worth," we're talking about more than just how to go into the boss’s office and asking for a raise. We're talking about YOU being able to recognize your true value and worth.  The value and worth of the physical task, service or product you provide to your employer and or client.  While also, believing there is a price tag on your time too. 

Sheila Kennedy, no stranger to the podcast, is a successful entrepreneur, publisher, author, speaker, and coach (just to name a few of her areas of strength) 

She has great insight on how to truly understand your worth.

Today, you'll stop undervaluing yourself and finally have the confidence or at least guidance to get the money your deserve.

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!

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