Get Out Of Your Financial and Career Rut with Meredith Atwood

Friday, May 24th

On a scale of 1-10 How much do you LOVE your job? 

How passionate are you about what you do for a living?

Our guest today, Meredith Atwood had what you might think of as a dream gig. She was making over six figures as a lawyer.

But after years of not feeling completely fulfilled in her job she realized it wasn't HER dream gig. 

Writing was her passion and even though many told her she could never achieve financial success being a writer she is proving them all wrong.

Meredith is an author. Her most recent book Triathlon for the Every Woman is getting rave reviews. Her next book set to hit shelves in December is calledThe Year of No Nonsense.

She is also a speaker and podcaster The Same 24 Hours

Her dream gig now is to inspire every woman to pursue a life of health, happiness and success. 

We hope you enjoy this week's conversation with Meredith Atwood.

Cheers to being a financially confident women!