Get a fine if you do not vote could be a new law

Monday, March 20th


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Well we got it. It divides Afghanistan. Thank you for joining. First day of spring 44 degrees for the and we were talking about. Near state assemblywoman downstate. Is proposing that. To find people that don't vote in the election. Wrong you. See I don't vote you have to pay a fine correct. You define is it's a monetary fine. If you don't cast a ballot on Election Day Beno presumably you know it hasn't yet check and they're gonna find you ten dollars if you don't care how much it yeah no problem that Clinton books and novels. Little I can tell your butt over to the voting are going to have fun with a man do this in Australia and several other countries and they may get the benefit of this. Get real she kind of felt we really shut I mean it's it's. You can't complain. About the results of Fiat. Don't bouts are all about them we all have the right to complain about exactly. It would regulate it then yeah at the protests have. But in Australia they make it easier to about so it's Saturday is maybe that's what it really evolved into is Saturdays it's more convenient you can. Vote in any stage you can you know pre polling is acceptable there maybe that'll make it more easier to about that. Ten dollars to talk and beyond can attend no I wouldn't want it up about is and why he's so against voting. My guess that is a wanna do I don't think it matters I think this I need something like that. I need something like that fine me if I don't Savannah I will rework my scheduled to count outs. I think ten dollars I would I do now let me give the government a dollar more than I captives and I would absolutely bio. Assuming people don't vote because she must have been able to do the math and get a look at these arming your voters didn't vote and if you put ten dollars that are but it didn't vote. You know we would make a lot of money. You know telling a money grab thing. I think you people should be voting anyway and it's why save put a lot of facts because people that vote which a lot most do bomb doesn't affect. You make we Goebel who's gonna future gonna vote for the Easter Bunny on animal not gonna let you tell me what to do like that in an interview with that you're all here write in vote even so that was right that the. Apart and everybody and I think it it is true with everybody that if you're told what you have to do a part of me wants to rebel. Exactly nobody wants to be told what they have to do but once you get over that initial. This is stallion station when you first got your license you. You went over the speed limit he'll hit a point where you're like OK appreciate the fact that we all have to. Choose to buy this is the number 2222899. Allowed people Chiming in on this it's through this front. Hey would you pay ten bucks if you didn't turn out to vote. Yet. Well. I'd get out there. Really if you thought it was a thousand dollars don't exaggerate here are defined as a thousand dollars you would pave it so you they don't vote. Because you don't elect a president of the United States why bother. A lot of people are saying that does it matter so you look at it how many how Procter should keep their promises. And seeing a lot of that things look now the the war promise when it comes to the president yeah I'll die right right. OK here's another thing okay. How much. But thirty did anybody really India everything it began to congress this senate ciller that they can say whatever they want to. Potentially due to hold rather short. You're arguing that system that there aren't you. Well yet we all know the system is broken and it's not perfect in any world in any country but. If you just look at the basic facts that Australia has adopted this where it's it's you get a fine if you don't vote they insulate. Just under 50% of people voter turn out to almost a 100%. But what does that prove. It didn't programming it just put people are scared they don't want beta I. Yeah itchy eyes it you know Jimmy I'm a scared cat I I sure wish I think everybody should vote and that's just my personal opinion but. This ten dollars thing it's just a money grab. That this is the money grab for New York State. I think they take up all the time on calories and they don't have money on advertisement. And McCain you have to think they're proud that people are gonna do. In and look what happened after prom got elected how many cities in. Protesters. In what what did an accomplished absolutely not but would you. A ten dollars to not drink another pint of green beer after this weekend. I had appeared. Here are different it's funny because I must have had years this weekend should mean that everything okay thanks Merrill justice to excellence and in the buzz no problem.