Generations - Using Facebook to tell your husband you're pregnant

Friday, April 13th

GENERATIONS: Advice, Opinion, Wisdom

Facebook status update: "Hunnie I'm Pregnant!"

Is that a fun way to surprise your husband?



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Jenny got about this anyway to stop Ariel can generations is on the way re once your advice opinion and wisdom. I call coming in to a ticket at a bus. So my name is. I think can command is on there and the oil and Sheen recently is pregnant. And we are excited about it and put them on FaceBook. But the problem is it that bad and how her husband found out. And could she put put an end. He sought on FaceBook and Robert Hughes pregnant and. Andrew Lee how he found out is that based. Yet. Move the whole look everybody out there were trying to get pregnant others it was a like a surprise all around like distance Miller out okay. An apartment. But the reveal about statement and all that and I don't know maybe Matt. All mine guy you know. Motive here all he had to be bear. When we took it to you have to beat you have to take the test together and see the results together that's the white picket fence perfect the only way to deal. Well what is now. Anything like let me tell everybody and is really laid it. And her husband really bad now blind you to be mad. Is there ever a wrong way to tell your husband honey I'm pregnant. Thanks so much to it hurts. Get rid of faith night. Why is this event where. Outlook it just called up she said her niece. That we need clear advice opinion and wisdom Imus on generations when you think about that her knee. Told her husband made the announcement how am I can't. Via FaceBook and his FaceBook. Like page but for everybody that's how he found out he was gonna have a baby seat. She did the tests but did the fact that she posted it on his base case. There are planning yet so we kind of knew what was gonna happen eventually just took away a very intimate beautiful special moment that you're supposed to have just. The two of all we don't know my opinion. But generations is for you at any age hippie Telus which generation you are 222289. Because of where 99 a buzz would you generations every morning at this time yeah you know my wife and I've been trying and we're word like. 25%. Thinking chance that it gonna it's 'cause we've been having problems for. Yours so she texted me one and it would acumen negative. OK so right there again my husband my danger wouldn't even allow me to take the test unless he was their home to me. Because I I I remember with my second we also had. Years trying. And I was attempting to take the test now I'll let you know when you know who would take a test about me dare Brayton XT smattering taken that you I mean. I mean we are to hold it. And that's. The pregnancy test commercials the husband away if they'd beat flip it over together they're sitting by the top Vanilla. You know then I'm pretty unrealistic c'mon girl so what can pretty well they're gonna make him and ask you want yeah I did my ear just pocketed a. So that's where it's FaceBook has a 28 year old that's not that's nothing you say it's. In demand and and personal let's put. We all share a FaceBook visit them in a personal things like that you want to sign you would be okay ideal would be checked the box to select that option but how Libya I would be upset about it. All everybody but stats in a finds out your pregnant at the same exact time you find out your pregnant I wouldn't. I wouldn't even I would love it I would not even like it I would click the little buttons like its low. Kinda we do you umi fear that would you framing first please. I hear advice opinion winds down is there ever a broad way to jagr husband or your generations in on the buzz our our current generation. I am I late forties okay. I don't agree with Andy rumor and the Nat I don't know I. Look at paying an apologist for her and oh yeah. Candidate in any. Way I heard about my mom when am. Oh. That's one that's you know I mean you can't do that all the time I mean it means Celek you go may have fifty or sixty kids I mean. You got one you know you have you have one job and that's to find out together I think. Yeah I have a baby is early. And I'm content. There it went about quietly. It or pertinent. However if it's so special that it had a product but it so especially can't get upset about that the little thing come on here about the start you know ridiculously law men. And painful jerk he's thinking he could ever being. How can I help well. I. Mean you yeah a priority each other where we're. Ran into a river east. You remember that I don't internal do you remember that moment for you guys do have kids. I will wait but there act and I I I plan and I were the interim and Lautenberg. Digital bun in the oven. I did. The fact that at. Moments like white lies that's why it's special for this moment but not. Marriage technically the jeweler nose before. The golf. Is technically that dad of the of the bride knows because if they ask permission okay buying a house the real litter knows the every. He. Wouldn't be where you. Look so surprised that. Hi you're on generations on the is is okay. Four other people to find out. When you're pregnant before your husband. At our mid fifties are put her out our moment in spoke about. It's between there a light the world owes you know audit and Obama or I don't up an agreement cruel month. But FaceBook everything got based on. So you know announcing the pregnancy on FaceBook that kids like is going to be splattered on base. Whatever that whatever happens over the next 1520 years and brightest lights don't you know congratulations. So the mom and dad could be but. For me. My generation and I would prefer that quiet moment with my life. Buzz lets your generation I forty okay. I all of our off my hat and I tell you how many knew I was pregnant at an act. Might call a trash can because I was older I was actually there. Their eyes and I. Like now we know it no problem. And should he act act. Well. At or an ad that you get a cheap one. I don't think about the heat but what did she want what you it and they got no you're like right up by. Back on acting like OK like I don't pay. It gave no White House. I felt like pat Beck oh my god oh. Well all now on my dad and blowing a football what could be an iPod. I pop up more people now know that I guess. I. Know I. Mean like apple like. That it. Literally or people that matter. Right well we. Count. My I'll have another look at like hey I don't. My heart and by about like. Eight. Or. We're currently. Where people know that. I. I. Ever want. It out iPad on billboards. The shower went to work Kimmel dual babies out with a yeah. So lousy stat is the key on clutched a year. He could best shot actually. But it OPEC that the public really quite a while it waited got me. You don't want to remind you are are so. How can get away with where we need to know. Well balanced is the right. You read it put it here I might have. Gotten older and by. I. You get I didn't. See her come in and out. Ego it's all Lazio McCain now for the look at yeah. I think things are mature or are you think so much. For hated. Not just in this.