Generations- Renovation or Vacation

Monday, April 23rd

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Spend money on updating the house or taking a vacation?


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And vowed not to hand over. He's generations and that it and the violence that they don't seem to come to your generation spend the money I net. Updating the house. Where vacation it. So my husband and I are at odds with this one. We are planning our summer vacation right what we're gonna do this summer likely I'll iron right. Oh yeah and he's planning eyes vacation spots and I'm like you know what can mean this summer. Please a summary is that money for just updating things around the house there's a little things that. Blog mean you can't let your house scout you all know how she need to love your house in needs to be like its own mini vacation. OK he was like. Now that we are getting out of here we are going to the beach we're doing whatever lattice and. Is is the first your you to only vacation about the kids. Without a family show with the kids yet so spend money at updating the house or vacation. Of course you spend money on vacation. House is in a way. It's this is the problem with the media these days. It's you know again my class action lawsuit judge judge oh and bet. Dixon put that thing where red TV show it's like causes. You know. Look at. House you live and you go home you sleep Buick upbeat thing that we don't want your house you're out and we have more and you'll have more. Bob you'll have a better time better stories that are memories. Of your vacation especially if you bring your kids. I say go on vacation you could fix picks in the summertime. SI don't want to sound spoiled but I have the best of both worlds. All only because I don't have to cover about a thousand square feet and this is neighborhood I think we all of our. Our law department got everything we wanted to upfront. But now signing our secondly is it still awesome it's still branded us so we're able to go on vacations but I had to pick them to think about is if I had to pick one. I have to go vacation and you could always you can always. Update to house it doesn't take any kind of point in your life you know whether you have kids or not. Doesn't take any kind of special age to you know get a room painted but. Let's be honest you're probably not know. Adventure through the jumble. When you're 65 years old while your thirty or forty or you're not colonies crazy vacation spots speak for my generation a 29 year old he do in this crazy stuff. On a whim when your little bit later in life so I gotta go stations 120 Euro keep putting Daniel geez. Vacations are great and 2222899. Call us with your Ager generation tells what you think. But here's my thing if you let your house got out and you keep saying. On next year oh next time oh got our furniture is dated yet eventually affect sedar. You know of I don't know the little little fix the upbeat things that need to be done around the house and you keep ignoring it. You're getting to a point where your house. Looks like. What how do your house and then when it's kind of like either selling it or whatever you are so it's so dated a. The year here's remain missing if you should fix appear house just before you sell. Right because you can get to a point where it's so we dated. That it's gonna be huge. Undertake this and if you've got away Q 1970s. Shag rug now it should have been updated B well. And he'll opt out of it making an Atlantic and it's gonna sell your house that's the only Chinese should be updating it because listen. Lot of people most people had not paid their house off wanna be some people are fortunate to do that. But you have your mortgage right up until you sell it and depending on how much money you have left in your mortgage. The more you pay your mortgage the more you'll get in Europe when you sell your house so there for you can't afford to actually fix it up you'll get your money in return. Seeing. At that LSU that the less money or your homes in five years once or your house in four years you could fix dot. Glorification because for years they get three more years recoup payments you made your house which means to be believed that money back. Make arguments from all sides because it wasn't until I got a nice place to live war really started to become way more productive in my life. Because it's your home basic to sanctuary it's where you go home to you have to so it's hard for me to pick one because I was able to concentrating pupil thumbs while yeah. I think there's things in the house that drive mean not and that shouldn't be a case can you you're supposed to love your house are in you know bleak like types that are split so I'll call repairs yet that's not there yet this is just an upgrade. I want to just enjoy my house I wanna put up the crime of having like have been asking for for five years is get the pick and. And you could budget but this in his house hunting and how everything is good housekeeping there or leg America. Was at that magazine gonna come over and take pictures enjoy an apartment house isn't perfect but I want it to be pleasing when I get. On the only hypocritical of violence in the worried being house in Webster you had to write me. To us now caucus and abuse excuse this it's generations Augusta it's your agent know what your opinions. Yes which your angle on this go on vacation or future and so. Basically. Saying. 00 I owed. On it that you're packed yeah some. Are at Pasadena. On out and I like that and Owen. Like you were saying on molding it comes at great. Now on. You but you get the year back when there. It's. That's what he keeps saying and I'll let you say searching yields don't appreciate crown molding. They got mad at us they appreciate Colleen. I mean they'll remember backpack at lack. A verdict is in my there are all out in our number. I had that. We look at a third and art you know and act immediately put on holding up back and at 80 Eric I don't know we gunman out. Ray your saying got a fourteen year old won't appreciate when mom paints over the fusion bathroom. Yeah it router and I think. They're on the pro at the net stat that I don't really care. Thank you know it's an area on the sides to do you two it's a numbers to vacate. Except for renovate. A pipe that's what you generation. Figuring out oh wow are you got a very up a bit of wisdom of this. It. I have that have probably been going on vacation. Right remember. He. Seemed. A couches account which you are young do you sit through a blanket and. You say they have been tenured college it's so out dated oh I do you sit in on the Brady Bunch couch Nevada met Julie dedicate money today don't. And now. We do have an account and that. But going on vacation I use him rule in a heartbeat and. I have read wise words from mess with Jason just zero in New Orleans yeah they eat you for listening. By the buzz what's your generation. And we re right. Millennia I love to hate when people use millennial as a derogatory term is when you are wrong. Hey you know who allow it. Aaron Murray. We're acting and an ego about her. Except a house. Wound me you know that's in the back in the near cherry kid didn't have the house where intuit. Later I don't get our you know you're retired. I have heard I. This athlete and talking to sandy waters and 1994 I know did her look you don't hang out. Well we're OK I have my little rain. She only home. It's such a dream come true for me if I am bringing you land a seven figures podcasts and we should just have coffee some time you have fantastic OG and they're brewing your own coffee and they're grow your own. Coffee at the end and it really penny pinch. You know. Yeah I mean sure I can haven't yet. So now to take when you Wear it you know wanted to take. You. Could've paid some of this better. I. There's only so much money bragged he would have everything you afford anything you lap which can have it all so you do make which is speaking. Tripped me they're out are able around every year. Not seeing me. Now with Cadbury I. In incidents and it summoned Aaron I wanna loved that house so much that I feeling this is vacation sitting out and the back porch and enjoying. Our house and all our hard work and that's. I want out. These are after now. There aren't you I worked exchange an error like I can sit back and you guys would not stop talking now we get it. Have you checked out the seven figures podcast you would love it. Who are okay so it's free to say you know every Friday I upload a new and thanks to our sponsors Stanley first credit union their there one or the other what keeps it going but. It's on the free radio dot com map Rochester buzzed Akram high teens Google play wherever you get your podcasts. But check out and then we're in exchange numbers to your going to be a future guests are and I'm donning a whole lot. It's a generations to do to insinuate that I nine what do you think we should do what your age and is it renovate or vacate. I. Yeah I didn't get it. Only eight more are out country. And again I don't have kids you would be able to afford everything. And to. But having. Alan on. And I haven't been out I got that may I would. Every year. At this. And yeah nobody is out at me and it or you know the each Avery played. Out. Up and accurate L bailout money that year I don't really I think it. And that money. You know updating it. It is fascinating and want people sort of choose the the short term satisfaction of a vacation instead of long term which is house upgrade if that's. That's an aid not surprising yeah. At all. And it there anyway and me yet on how you can bet on you you know. Your kids are going to be around you money at your very. What turned it on in my. At this. Summer. All the crap and there's money out. Congratulations on your baby to. Thanks aunt generation.