Generations- Move next door to mom

Monday, February 12th


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This 89 buys. Everything ahead today's conversation is going to be that China especially moms. Moms out there you're gonna get passionate about the so. And ash just women married women ever question about this but it's not only for married women. This conversation we are looking for you'll are. Advice opinion in wisdom when it comes to this topic and we need every generation so twenties and thirties as what we're gonna start with them and move on to the forties and fifties. So Connie you can comments initially a guy you're gonna have to wait your turn to the end. So right now 2222899. Appear in your twenties and thirties how do you feel about this. I was out at Stanley first credit union for their grand reopening of the Henry at a branch on Saturday. And it's wonderful it was discreet meeting everybody who's stopped by in in and said hi in I was. In this conversation with this one cop on their cute little couple and they Wear. Telling us are telling me about how their son. Is getting married soon mean. In and they were already on you know house hunting looking further house. Could they're getting it really releasing and so their first house together as a cop and she was like in I'd want my son to live me. Pass and he was all about it. And all but. Is what is certainly white youth. Really warmed up to the idea yeah. Her family is not around here. Still I don't even under Steve and why she's now warmed up to the idea but. What is your advice opinion wisdom when it comes to you by your house paints he wants to buy a house close to his math can. Even. Thinking. From the perspective of a twenty almost nine year old and I grew up in. Lifestyle where. Daly was there but we weren't we're not super tightly at a live and within 400 miles or anybody I'm related to sing at and I have been happier but. I feel like you when you buy a house and you start a life together you start you're supposed to start in your life you're not supposed to start your life and moms and continue with mom's life. So these. Meredith your girlfriend though let's let's be honest it's inevitable he goes in and of getting married to mine house than living the white picket signs OK she says let's move to China I. Near my parents in May be the same neighborhood. Yeah well I'm. I don't think so I would out before that. Because it's too much of bug in it no it's too much of a good thing. To be next to your parent it's. President and legal event. I can't sucked it up answers to digitally delivered by our. You're in your twenties and thirties is the first round calls are gonna take. If you don't get through that that's cool just wait for jamarcus will want your opinion if you're that age group looking for your first house he wants to buy a house close to his mom. To Dubai as diet but as Martin. Figuring your. I'm. And there. And then it in the art and you're building how are. I. You whip. I. Right. And we you hear from Pennsylvania barely cat. Oh my hat to a young kids. Yeah. It. That being your hammering it back and hope it urban me aren't you can go to Crabtree. It's the part where it can be too much where they can kind of Dickey kind of lead into your life and kind of be there and and around too much is that is that ever happened. I am not. At bat and we currently living there yeah. And I'm really and I think we have both Erica I think I'm out. You are amazing. And. For what we. Good for you because you're a father in law walking across the following in his underwear on it and I don't know. Him personally today. You wanna move far I don't. Thanks for you and and into appreciated. 2222899. We'll take it twenties if you are you to what decency he would feel about Lebanon so this is the husband. Living near moment. Husband wants to live near his mom and she's now warmed up to the idea yet now mama's boy you can either give us your advice opinion wisdom on generations on the buzz. In regards to living next to his Stanley Orkut just be living next to Stanley whatever you chairs 2222899. Well we're waiting for you on the screen the calls at 222 buzz. IA. Being in this generation will allow. You guys to comment but I. I'm going to but only in response to what I have to say Allah protect what is the appeal of living next to the person that you had to live with. The first. Eighteen years of your life. I don't seem to mix it up any other way. Now we know each. Eaten there is. Lead the entire time we were looking for our house and my husband when he moved here from Minnesota he lived in Brighton and you know you don't move from Bradenton agrees easily eight. So we entertain the idea of where I didn't say we have to live in Greece and said let's look for the perfect home and all the meanwhile. My mother is probably play up praying for time today. I am praying lamb cam on yeah merit. And we still happen to live walking distance from my parent you know. I was so happy to have built out how to get. I'm there. Yet. But but I did tell you it is being a god sad when we you have kids so many times we've been in a pinch. In mom and getter easily accessible where they can pop ups. However OK that's great shore. But. You can never lie you can. And what it's like they want you come over for lunch and you'd buy incident edited you just don't feel. Did you say I won't find anything better to do I would love that I noticed that some things wrongly you know from my from my point of view we merely guy. Like maybe we don't want you living Europe's. I don't I don't wanna be out there it's not that we don't argue but you know what I'm Don babysitting Reynolds I feel like I'm going to be grandparent and gonna have to babysit like 810 hours at three times a week. Shea he gonna start your life right now you're still just kind of flipping as a daughter and subtle wife Ellen they get older you keep an eye and your your girlfriend is going to want to live near term. You 0222 guys try to buys. Our agenda and generations what's your generation. I'm thirty or. When I was growing up I need to see how your parent cannot do it on your mind around. Here. Owl like I carry out the bonds is. I am Margaret Howe and on the other aisle I. At all. She. Had. Eaten up right. I got stuck. It. After. All or physically firmly useless. I. We're all out. I. So it's just now yeah. I'll. See what the rose hand every now. Courtesy. Of the bat. Well it's does that make you worse mother. Get to live close out. Yeah. And it all out. Iron I heard. That happy putted your husband we. I don't. I. Don't. Know I don't. Umbilical cord and it was funny that was welcome to the only Italian Olympic sport that. That will the Italians will win if there's like an umbilical cord jump rope just Clinton. It was beat the talent is four miles before that four mile long piece of the Turkey no doubt about it that's our little guy they GO. 222 replies to your toys birdies than just couple minutes get ready forties and fifties even sixties to call us and generations and applause I'd advise. What's your generation. So what what's your what's your what your vibe thinking that she mayor me you know lived right near here in las. And why it is like. I Y I all I. Ed primary. Way I'll let our way out or other Delaware air act and wait a bit better enough putted great but we don't apple like on their odd yeah. Right it just so happy you find an awesome house on the same street greed what you should it only keep your boundaries every search death. And a certain radius to which is the bulls I'd and it allows. Exactly like it. Are not a way at all about all I'm not a bad. I did it act like if you want to act like in outboard like that aren't. A version of his daughters listening there's. There's your advice for Larry started the brain washing for my child that it. The brainwashing has begun oh man thank you Judy did you 2899 now Republican for forties and fifties. In the age group what do you think Richard Wright's opinions wisdom to to vice. I'd advise what your age of four or. All right let's take this point if you what do you think. I think earlier what you are in the band leader batter up. Mark matters. Yeah. I don't know there's there's pros and cons but I think way like a lot of people are saying it's nice to be near its nice to be able adopt your kids on your. All know leasing job but there like. I blocked my the south side of the house dancer in her on the court or mark two is just to get to key the spare key or. I get a rush to work for something up Mans right there's so yeah. My kids. That's irreplaceable with one of those fake rocks yeah. Hard you have the Internet. You don't get very rocked or got an apron back or yeah. Also when they get older it makes me feel better knowing that I can keep a close eye and then are you thinking about that moment yeah. I know my nose partnered life you know guys that armor mount. Seed they do not come. You know I'm Mike did not you know my youngest is that it like all losers. Ortiz though you know their own horn better work programs out there back home you know. All right right see you or your wisdom is why. Don't do it. Don't hurt. I mean yeah earlier written apparently you know it right it is. Yeah yeah. And my. Few things and things are gonna generations on the vice by the by this what your generation. Are you know Wichita has different angle out. Allah I think it depends on your relationship but the parent or her in laws now. You know I personally don't know that I live right nor should. Are my parent or not meddling people. Act like my parents they would come over how to act and you know AE. You know they know boundary right but right. My act in laws we have not on the main street the street over. And they had no boundaries. You know actually we got our first grand baby. And they were all for multiple times a day and now. Oh while here. Could be an issue you know I mean it was like one of the must come over unannounced and the other one would hear that. Well you put all grandfather babies and now I gotta go over the the baby. Are seeing and a you know I do need those boundaries set but once the boundaries are set to never video by bill obeys the rules of the boundary. Right now. Actually I think it depends baton you know you're relationship to your parents been. You know it is the boundaries are patter some people don't like you know Brit air and I like these and go like boundaries and. Right well my in laws live play 34 miles away sergeant Amy ten minutes or whatever driving through the streets. But you know sometimes in the weekends were we hang and whenever Qichen back no shower got a beer in my hand. No and and it's like my wife's quick type that don't. Yeah they're crashing a party when your eyes exactly. The real art. Are you might you know you might well afternoon delight out. Here and it's faster and demands and exactly. Air op yeah. I would you guys went up. Nothing in poverty czar run labs that big deal to come see about Seattle and. Thank you so we're shooting on generations on the because you do every morning the 8 o'clock hour. And again by.