Generations- Move back in with mom and dad

Monday, March 12th


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Many now and abuzz as an O in sandy a happy it is time for generations. Not just in we do every day at this time 8 o'clock generation so we need CEO. Still fire. Advice opinion winds down to 2228 magnet and it's very interesting to hear the tape. In the opinions that come from the twenty year olds in the thirty year olds forties and fifties yeah I would call us up. Tell us what age can be lack team to team teammate nine net like physically or mentally plate. Because I can answer for a couple of different genders know everything about everything you know everybody's thinking he'd done that I did think playing 57 bed. Mentally it's like two outs yet but we're gonna put gotten through a couple of different opinions. So 31 year results and you find yourself drowning in debt order Nat is financially staple as you wish you where written. Do you ever entertain the idea should you ever entertain the idea of moving back in with your parents. 222 byes is a number 2222899. It's hard to speak for. For people who have student loans is I don't and I never did. However. I never I moved out I got kicked out at sixteen. And I never went back and I think that made me a better person. I don't that's analog right near Ireland. But it. Financially. I think of best widow and Lester set up upfront and you kind of figure it out young. You're gonna make financial mistakes no matter what and that's not happening I'm mad I was an awful awful financial shape it's like a year ago and 29 amongst them. Moving out taught me that a final in my car insurance. I car insurance doesn't get paid now have car insurance that my license it's suspended. And sandy sister yells at me when I try to hit you'll know when I got suspended a yeah Zacks. What's the pitch well ever tied to its Seve and any kind of adversity is awesome but five student loans and we're talk and and my debt was 20000 dollars student loans to be a 120000 dollars or NC yeah. Mom. I don't think there's shame anymore and moving Beckett I don't think there's that think I would I would move back in about was that much in yeah. His best to get a decent household the move back into it never thought he would answer I know yeah so so we don't think I thought you were gonna say you seen that. Have that say seek is when you don't have a safety net is when you succeed. We have nothing to fall back got no choice but to succeed I totally criteria necessary that student loans rob people blind and I don't. Think there's any shame moving back in anymore because you've just got taken advantage of finally gets to alone in orchard and for not I don't I don't think you do. Would you love an ugly scene you can't grasp on to that concept of those numbers and paying that Trinidad and act. We just went through this for a son has about twenty grand. In student loans right that's not that were no right bright but still he knew what he is getting into he knew exactly what he had to pay. And it's a matter of fact maybe this made this. Maybe this situation made it a little bit different but because he'd a took up alone in my name and he's payment auto paying like whatever. So maybe he's just a little bit more appoint so wanting to take a. Isn't this generation's founding give us a call 2222899. Is it really necessarily the student loans is assuming that she hasn't ran one if your signs caddy. I just cannot do an array I'm stirring up financially can move back again. I would say in I don't know if you you probably expect this by I would say any time any age do you care to American kids if you need to move back. To save. Go ahead deuce always have a place for you. And parents hearts you know. He had two trains of thought one you know. Go make yourself you know if you take your Nixon falls and then there's the other parent will always be there for yankees should do follow. You know I'm not going to be the one off from money had it up about fraud you know but if you need to get back. And save money and rent or mortgage or something goes wrong enters a sickness then you're more than happy to come on back I am open arms open door. I don't care if you're fifty. Grand kids. I have sat it on record I don't want my kids ever to leave the hype and I'm. In a situation just my husband are very different and as we keep me if I'm different did about as the heat get wait for that didn't move out now. But if they where Tim called me up and sang. With the sale only now with a high has been written in children and none were broke is a joke and we move back and I wouldn't allow it does its foot down and I wouldn't know I know it sounds out of character for I key now even if they're renting. Does and you hate that concept right of his throwing away their money. I have dedicated so much time to teach them the value of the dollar and to work hard. It appeared to ignore everything that I've taught the band and then try to come back win may have less families. We kids in line Tim boot up I know you can just me all you lot. It at that point in your life now you got to learn elastic and edit a song I don't is adorable that you're assuming they're gonna have a Finley with kids by 31 in our. I don't OK okay. That's hilarious it. Did I get the W the previous generation and on now on he'll handle it if they're if they're 45. Mom I'm drowning and sat out boy. Powell as they Iraq in my rocking chair made of gold. I all the money in the world. Did then things yeah. I'll guide them and to how to get out of debt but no way I'm gonna have to it's gonna hurt it's gonna break my heart. You would just give money and say don't move in just give money Sears and granite get out of that and this may be easier said than done I I'd advise anyone live through this. The true. Hearing your feelings are now grandma I'm grandma. I'm you have to be a baby sitter I know as I'm no fool when you're gonna move in my house and you when your husband are probably getting got a date night and I'm stock raising a kid again. Want that. Aren't retiring just enjoy life with no stress. That many you get married then and have kids and start a family. Eighteen I can't support our whole family can now then your husband's gonna move chop off of me I'm not now. It's gonna create K ask them are not all need each other to judge you by is 2222899. Got a car Camaro generations advise. I want to let you know I mean it means and and it and and chair and let that child back in our financial reasons. I also in the package for financial reasons in my late forty. OK okay you have the best wisdom matter windshield when you think. Absolutely not. You're four he's did you have not seen them where did your husband moved into and kids. Actually what I have a well children and a war I three seniors and intent and it was my second marriage but yet. And the husband my. So I would oriented. I hadn't been on the Florida. And that certainly is sticking it out for them and friends and family in a couple of that your warm. Okay that would that it. Over the course of my ears yeah my youngest daughter and his band because he was granted and all of I'd let my middle daughter who may be as she was recovering from drug addiction and said. It Jews because Al. I think there are the same thing isn't it okay yeah. And your babies via. And operating in what happened then that person posting a little party there yeah. Resent oh okay yeah. And you know my tank here pretty much adult children have weep as their own. Your your house. Isn't Al doesn't work that way that was entered the all right I'm gonna. They get it uncle that you get we pan quote you know they're not following you or oil patent. Like three apparently happened I had in the movie EE nine moving her. Right thing here yeah some ice is known as someone who's been pathetic Golden's with the goldmans who in the whole life like you look at yeah. I could you could throw a lot of stuff. Yeah. Use so much for helping us out a generation that is a very good point I was them I would I yeah. Yeah isn't broken and it worked out because I think you know your patterns that. But that's great thanks so much and gone generations more than was appreciated. Thank you doctor Paul I've.