Generations- Konya going on vaca with his GF Family

Wednesday, March 14th


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989 now buys Susanna sandy Connie and generations is doc kind of zeroed in on mute 28 year old yeah. Yeah. Business isn't it is it is this is is this is kind of scary to talk about. Because I will ultimately have to do this task then and asking advice on the matter Watson and this is how to go about sad task. So. I was told that I'm going on the family vacation my girlfriends entire family. To Cedar Point in August. Say it like get by the way I was told what you should be super excited I am very excited to go to Cedar Point and I'm happy it's not like North Dakota are somethings on -- church retreat or something that you know that some weapons probably up to go to Europe and not had to go through you like. Honored then they. Including doing their family to that family. You like roller coasters. Yeah I'm I'm excited about the trip but I was asked a assault from Canada and I was told that I had to take for vacation days or three vacation days. Out of my precious fifteen for the year and then you should be honored include injure just the boyfriend it Xena what's that's every mainstream did not have a say in when he takes is on vacation where and when you married give you sort. Yet people who give up unlikely you think that way but not epic. And so. We're going on a Tuesday. Staying in a hotel on at Cedar Point. And now living on Friday. And some of the plans or are great you know go to the news departments and up but I had some of the things come up from like maybe I'll just go Tuesday night instead of Tuesday. Or maybe I won't do this or may be able do that so the question is a mile out to make changes to. A scheduled family vacation. 'cause the twenty year old boyfriend. A financed. Scheduled thing about their Big Ten Florida they're paying for everything that momma Ruth is paying for gas on nights is that extremely generous I mean they. Wow they are so generous to not only include the boyfriend along the Stanley on the Stanley makings of a Ted. Are you know. I don't know that's do you think he entered into a back nine we need you to call up and give your advice your opinion in your wrist damage hearing your Chinese and we'll take some calls. Right now that I like them LaMont your what your generation I don't budge on generations which generation. I'm wearing specs and and when he I have. My boyfriend has in mind make it a part humor I am and I don't think if they feel. We've got our own and they are property. Is that you are saying well liked and I am not out. And gotten on the LI is we have a great idea. I think it or have to be a lot like. That's a lot more about does that regimented schedule K we're gonna get dinner at 545 wood off the B there. He's not we're gonna do this activity or this roller coaster as we're going to Cedar Point eyes and that's a story we can run around and do a bunch of million a million different things and age groups are from like. I wanna say a nine maybe ten all the way up to you know 32. Of 4050. Yes that's Ali and I mean we aren't really my apparent early you have suddenly obsolete but they're also. I'm honored very pedal effects or how are you and it is a great word. I heard they aren't wake up no poppy at. But it used pepper one of those people act like noted that it happened now but it might and I we've added to or eight it is really well out there. Well I need when Bob Perry. I just thank you thanks gone generations. I advisor generations what your age group. Okay your advice. I am I okay our Chris to make it big jet and I am I. No wild around the Asia Asia offered at K like for dinner but every head. The family is that they care act a bill are a lot grabbed Erica I eat the order. I have tried to contribute some way. Not people and we talk time right now into the hands the lawyer sat skin is. 89. Against an art director at that you wanna go you know and they don't want you anywhere we go out I'll. Yeah just not only will it for a. I Atlantic with a friend of mine from college of you know what I'm here now and it would hurt her parent and a cut that occurred which are agent herb and they really don't think I'm doing everything together a year but Eric when he. I really Alex liked about it I lobby adopt and they didn't want it that they lied to be together what their parents of all I'm like okay. Well I like making it again in OK but when it kind of tell it your own street addict I'd buy out. After some thank you. Generations on the buys now when we get 20s30s now Ehrlich in her forties and fifties if you're in that age group. Not Janet. The bodies which generation ahead. I'm forty undergo perfect what's your advice. Make an impression on I am. A couple you know like you're really here are you might want it to that are. The whole thing a little more seriously couple bait on your year is not particularly. It would doesn't showing a strong opinion and and leadership skills and that impressive to the in laws. I think. Like a little bit cautious on Matt giggle at patient on that would invite or go through it is vacation and you know do what they want to add at a court are bigger but I don't get on vacation here in. I want out of there what I do with those so in the future is yet. My opinion is you know I would be very now back at. When your married that's when you can make those. Bold suggestions. In your ear officially in the family what they are still that meet those final. Person don't jump over the impress them onto the independent hardworking man that's that big steal that provides for myself I should have saved my own schedule a free track. Pat thank you don't the students and higher on generations on the buys which generation. Are. Awry and you're wisdom you can impart on this. I'd like I think that. And inviting them Ukraine but respect you and their daughter late what you're wouldn't bite you are right there I did you know you do I don't know. I've done a limit my daughter out and apparently. You know I don't expect them the band I would maybe you know some time. So you're going to have I'm glad. And how it went and helped cut. Now I would love that's like the perfect storm for mes for selfish me you know I get depict. Ala cart that the strategy that I wanna pick perfect. Mike but I don't have a bigger bang it and are quite. And you're out there are reunite. I'm pumped yet Tuesday when night until we come back Friday. Well it might be too much if not a big part but it went off the Arctic like that it happened. It popped the ball right girl that picked any other is bad art that you got your vote because you know everybody are Albania are. Now in an op opt out. Not a poll lets you know. Are really are quite yet and all of us are. Thank you. Now it's on generations appreciated.