Generations- I don't want to try nursing

Tuesday, March 13th


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We need 02222899. We need your advice. We need your opinion and your wisdom. Who. Anybody can really. Have. A strong opinion about may be it's a little bit more catered to females. I feel like you guys can chime in is out. I don't want to try nursing because I want my husband to help with the late night feedings. On. I. I had to do 22899. Richard back. Opinion is down. New Nam first time in an exit and. Pregnant is all pregnant can be and she is adamant I do now want to try nursing because I want my husband to help with the late night he thinks I'll. It's kind of selfish. Okay. Even nursing now is nursing. Also. Pumping is at the same thing. On Amber's nursing straight Jack mouth to contact write pitch you do pump. While you're nursing because. Then years making OK we're gonna go do all I need I don't know what you ten or there's Ani women and maybe that's a good ankle I don't know if there's any women who straight palm. And I actually nurse so be used to have a tough time. Nursing him I would think that attack. Really the whole parenting thing. The best whip the best approach would be efficiency right you do decided this this whole thing let's do everything together doesn't seem. Like it's it's efficient enough right there that this so much does that go into. Raising new baby that for us to rodino theory tells tackle everything together do everything at the same time. 50% each to give 100% together is unrealistic. So if you do that I'll lose in the house. It's harder percentage itself after percentage against political there's no even I mean it's east it's a it's a tag team event. You've you've got to give a unit together. When it comes to the late night feedings. This woman and she reached out to me mrs. awesome if you do have a question for generations always feel free to reach out to us. She really does have a good point when your nursing a late night feedings it's all on you. Yeah you can pump it. Your body's gonna wake you up no matter what because you're going to be. You know behind Payne eleven or fall yeah because of people folic a letter like silly that really is all on you know. Says she does have a valid point but I don't know that's the right reason not to give your baby. That Chan. My my opinion is having been through this before in my my wife nursed. Four. I think it was the minimum. Six weeks. Or something like the river that was. And I wandered keep nursing not because I didn't want the responsibility because I still got up in the middle and right. Change diapers she got ready and Hearst or whatever and it was always a tag team event. On sometimes. I would she'd let me sleep and get up and do dollar self. Just I think it's more important not necessarily on the you know I want my husband to be on this it's it's for the health of the EB. Does that you know studies say piercing your child isn't much better. The nurse than do whatever the alternative is. They say but I don't know if not all areas. It to kids didn't turn out OK either way let's warm up and up that you name. But I want to lose sleep for six weeks sort of boots is in a said it is amazing talent that judge factor that comes with your decision not to know slash am really is a really using the mini U tells somebody that you nurse. You get a look on their face in the minute you say. Not I say I entitled fed my baby you get completely different look and the path that it's it's weird and I it's a self conscious look that they give me. I you're you're calls that you did you buzz and generations let's go the first line if you're on wall disturbed or give TI the buzz good morning good morning Richard generation. I don't know if they made an appearance. It's like in her forties okay Arianna leopard at our guys yeah. Oh man the music. Well I have been sent out I'm. My opinion is is that the BB eighty needs of the baby needs and they need to eat and the application is coming from back now know. That they had to be a part of the process as well because even though he's not produce in the milk he could at least get the baby changed a diaper Britain mediocre do you get the body. Human body when they go through. Creating human being I literally going long is that you would ordeal. And then delivering the baby and then trying to produce food for the baby which is a beautiful thing bill would do. Mom it's extremely about that and create. A lot of pat Beck is the mom to have the support that you need. It creates resentment that just like driving on a road trip like inseparable the less driving tired all the time what you drive I sleep in and when you sleep I drive. And that's something that I have and I did that he would help me in the middle of the night is going baby killing. But it would also we have see you know some people have the option to put the deal little bat met in the bedroom Carlisle. With them for at least these newer. Stages but then eventually like they'll have to get the baby in such as it is apart like it he market have to work together. It can't be like ships. No and the thing is is that you know eventually got the point where. My husband at the work with heavy machinery in designing them and whenever making sure robot that at each other and. He's a rock and engineers think it. I had to do it. And he'll wake me up until about midnight or style and that her midnight like I'd AM that was my shift on my account and then at 5 AM. What they'll whenever he woke up he would bring the baby is yeah I would like to work. Some young nurse but you pumped as well so then he could take out on some of those beatings. Right org I would just bring the baby over. Yeah me into that and it would change the diaper and I would build the sidelines you know laying down on nurse in Phoenix and active policies as fast short right center right here with what the other side and then you look at these napkins. And Chandler are working and your heavy machinery the two things Lisa they'll hit each other than they do get I don't want to other bit. Thank you thanks for ideally I'd advise on generations ons present and sandy. I hide him parity okay. And now. And my husband and I had the baby out. During the game in that they've now got the book. Apparently he Connecticut and I tactical. Alert. Right it. And bring home the bacon if that's why didn't I just let danger sleep because he was working I heating get paternity leave I got the right and he told me not act or are we. Actually it's opening too it's like having. To happen. OK for lack of a better example and for the use of a pun here two hat and. So exhausted there's moments where announcing it now because my children are fine and their older. I fell asleep so many times nursing and yeah. You still OK you know it absolutely drain Arabic and thank god kids certainly golds are gone and the on going. Pressure that you have and you probably Cain can agree with his depression that you have from all these other moms. In the medical community. Upset and being sued but the pressure out you better try this other writer Arab father. He might have. You had a hard time. Yeah I had to come and bring you nailed a bottle and then you. We wanted to. I. I'm thinking even in America and I I had a outbreak. I have been muted and I Wear a jacket and a bank and it. Lot of guys give you thumbs up on the island bonds. And thank you for your call on generations on the bus her attitude to us.