Generations- Getting rid of Valdectorian

Monday, April 16th

Generations: Advice, Opinion, Wisdom

Sandy's school district is getting rid of Valedictorian and Salutatorian.  Do you think this is a good idea?


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And vowed not Ginobili. Kerry I. Winds down about this YT and TT 289 and and I feel like this is going to be something everybody has a very strong. Opinion about. We received in C now I don't know offices every district or a lot of district Harvard's just tilted I don't know. But our district we just received a letter saying. Starting wage the class of 20/20 one. There will no longer be. Valedictorian. And a salute at Torrey it's the top and second place. Scores right yes smartest kid in the class minus two kids in the class. And now this letter goes on to say we done extensive research to see if this was a good idea or not after a lengthy study we determine that it's best. For us to just eliminate asked them. The valedictorian salute attorney. How I feel about that is that why is not should more or districts adopt this how many districts are already have this. Done. Based David it's more it should be more based and you know pushing each student's severe. Epidemic. Love all you got you know but it rewarding the little achievements beast on an individual basis and it then hey listen his kids the smartest and this kid is second. It was a feeling of knowing that someone smarter than me if you are caught smarter. They just did better on tests or whatever and so. You know I don't I don't think he necessarily is a gauge of intelligence. As much as it is a day. Tracking of top scorer. Yeah that's what's that's what's cool is competitively right this is the skulls what the says this is the everybody gets a trophy mentality. Has been if one person gets all the Torre and the other person doesn't then that person to loosen that person's a winner which is how should be because that's how real life it's him. As a top sales person dire growth as a matter. There's there's the fastest runner there is a best quarterback I mean there's that a divisional the most. Out of the teacher that gets the best scores for the students whatever that's called in on I mean like this and there's there's ratings in this current competition and real life ended there's no way this should be taken away. It did if you Deb. Don't ever be able to achieve that more than their it staff and they're not valedictorian. An Illinois knew I was in a 29 year old high school drop out. I have big plans for myself and I think that. Just because I won't that he would make it through high school won't stop me the most to chip on my shoulder. To try harder to work harder to prove that on something besides a school drop out but he's so funny that you feel like this isn't the right way to go out because this mentality is. Journal honey don't well I keep bringing up millennium because it sounds like a bad word now and bring it out into theater TU guys and even generations after. I think it's catered to you your generation more because you were the parents in this generation that are. You know my generation doesn't have a ninth most of them don't have ninth graders yet does actually your generation as parents that work there until. What if it wasn't parents or if it was a group of parents. Dead voice their concern and that's why you're gonna live in the schools I don't know even did the research I would Neiman. I don't know I need to now what you feel about it getting rid of the valedictorian. And saluted Torre and just eliminating that there is no more are valedictorian there will be no more salute Atari and in in my district in please let me know if it's the same in your district is around 222289. Sergeant calls and generations to us here agent now what you think is everybody's got a different angle depending on that their length of life by the by as what you generation. Okay we think about valedictorian salute Torre and and some schools phasing him out. Currently he is you're not going and then as everybody is it stroke the app be it race. Is now you know now I am out at eight I graduated in ninety in my class. Know where you graduated. In our laugh knowing you Wear your. 8 PM. 88 BM knowing that you write some bite. Not because when you don't I islands. You can app on your apathy. And therefore you get more money. Can the president out I got angry at 80 well I'll leave. You. I beg you I. Get rid of the lit Ernie and Allen are in that something hit me at work our Amy acknowledge that hardware opt. And it more than do their homework at night and not on the phone are on the EE. Parent need to elaborate. You don't get credit. And just clear your against any. And our. I. Have been in London knights. That's possibly increase in college. I don't arm cricket and stroke and the winner and a well they're. So attractive right now they can. Yeah call us up with your generation and pain here and 99 yards to ten. I want John generations old Arianna. Our. Years ago so I just get a letter from our district saying they're getting rid of starting with the class of 20/20 one getting rid of the valedictorian. And saluted Torre and after Iraq. Lengthy research has been done but when you feel about is that gonna. Yeah I nobody is now the event. I I mean they're already getting rid of everything. Make it don't matter all of it better and I wonder if people realize. I just found out about where fear that my daughter they're great people. Want all the water out there are. You're out of the big hundred hours hours that we are. Yeah nice really. They don't. Why did they all get out there have been a lot well our goal. They said their research shout. That name mean about Victorian and saluted Torre and did not result in any mark college acceptance our scholarship opportunities for students don't. So therefore our. They're pushing is in now they are definitely eliminating. Number one number to about Victorian saluted Torre and good idea or not what is your generation and what do you feel about it 222289. By the buzz which generation. When you think about the valedictorian. The limit action of that whole thing. And you eat. Out. And other. Don't get it at all I don't know. And I. Are great. We're at. Your feet and worker L new item or any amount of at at what. And it it can get number great. And I think that it out out. Or out on that need. Who really worked there a lot and out. We're. At war is a parent and out. Excellent good throwing things college generations. We're hearing from days gone by not Janet.