Generations- Dad prom threats

Tuesday, April 24th

Generations: Advice, Opinion, Wisdom

When your daughter's date comes to the house...what do you plan on saying to him?


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Out not Ginobili. Can televise every morning at 8 o'clock we we. You know what's your advice your pain your wisdom. On this today it's a good look at. So that was good enough biopic that went around and it was attached to that new story about the X. NFL player. Dave Corzine still play out of now we're not a sports stations listen in 957 ES PM you want those details. All week. Professional athlete and I posted a picture on Twitter with him. His daughter who's dressed in the prom dress and his daughters date who was dressed in the talks. And the catch it's at something like wishing my daughter a great night a prompt. And he's holding. Below his waist appointed to the ground. What looks like a handgun hidden. So it's the old joke of in now. I answered the door yeah four you know for what my daughter's getting picked up for date hold on a gun and a glass Lewis key you know so like it's that old school. You know if you if you heard touch my daughters and just know that this is sweet for you when you get a whole thing. Yeah jokes at the time the debt that would make jokes like that. United dead yet that I always like you know something I don't know around every night before you have kids use you say them. I have a daughter. JAL definitely look into it works and that it's for a fellow player Jay Feely also is farmer guys get them got you okay thanks. The at all but validate comes the question why how did. Your. Dad. Have a conversation with your dates or if you or the one who got the talking to. Out of that conversation go what are the stories what did you do what the data of the date do you say or warn you love the way and you went to pick up your day for prompt to 22289 and call with your generation and your stories who did you you said you get the best story that nobody can top. You know is Tammy Unser says dad and best dead from the story. He was in there he left he left isn't even man would you. There you. Is so operated on cut to about what it comes to. Boyfriends and all that staff very strict Italian dad he just wasn't there. Instead I can't read it like this intensively. Wrong so I would get lost in my. He's just anybody anywhere Iraq but I used missed the whole thing you know the picture and all that's not what the little picture seal is there. I you know I was relieved by that actually my sisters and I'm relieved he was in there for any bars. Relieved because otherwise it would have been like a scene from the godfather yeah probably put a band like me. Acting like Joseph I don't. But it yet it would have been time to make sure that you moved markets and at times. Medallion went right in in the car and respect from room where you going. If you don't have to do to advise you to do 2899. And I think is going to work that way new ticket girl so that I don't want to. Ever have that day come. I luckily it's cliche as that is the gun thing would would scare me out yeah I'm not gonna be the guy goes we're gonna do shoot me. I'm just gonna go ahead and believe that you might shoot my you're gonna be an your best behavior with my daughter if I show up and there's a gut your holding them. But a firearm he sneaking in and do that yeah. Can do that this didn't get one post was just a funny you know half laugh at everybody. We do house yes yet you don't do that any mark this again. It is only is not the post that you simply out to be an ex NFL player perfect height of buzz good morning your generations are what your earlier. Ahmad isn't as you do it with a beard I've heard that the other old. Now here's back daughter patent. Or it was around there and replaced it there they let them by daughter Ireland my can beat and it Turkey. I am down in Paris station I just you know would be respectful my daughter. Ever come on crime and 200 acres. I'm back call and lie and refine. And rely on the most ignorant the most respectful. The young man to my daughter and my wife. Yeah even got a phone call from his mom what do you do there might. No and Orlando route how. How did Arnold she's she break up with him unsure release us. They just they just the kind of broke up that she was moved out here about Philly. You know what color. Oh yes it still is right nobody's ever heard of him again two under his last race. OK your dad what you storage unit at a news stories about Janet prom date thing you've got to college to. Generations. Is the debt really that much more intimidating only give you have. Danger or me and I'm I'm 100% Italian and I I would make more of an impact. Using so I let him be the wide to give the threat. In what would that threaten being. Little Billy comes in to take Leah 21 prom. All Dulles did incidentally is not even it was a thirteen well what do both her prom dates may be Trevor. Corporate life like nail Noah but the debt. Tree bark at a kernel tree bark a truck at trucks it was up to bring Leah the problem. And it's me instead of danger when to be more intimidate which were more scared. Shaken in your boots with a crazy Italian mom no because you not a single month you're single mom I would. Feeling. I would fear you more if you worry single mom. Today and just you know the mom to go seven easy right. There they're all sweet. Am innocent and and you have to more of the house and you know now's the guy like. Are going to your house. To meet you. You know why I'm here in on knowingly you know why. I'm here. In this situation right you know that it got to this level because something happened or is gonna happen you know at all well. That's what's gonna do it dad is slow crown gets canceled by the year Mikey needs to cal and I hope they just dual wake with brown because that whole part what you just said. That's going to happen. Keen to. Let's go yeah. Don't I am here it's sold to. A little a sporting goods store what are my their to buys stuff for sports right a little gore shoe store woman ever on my end of their buy groceries to buy food. I'm here we just curl about your daughter. And dance. Keep arm's length apart. And come right. Home no. There to Barack. This is why a prompt Mosul is the ultimate if user. Getting spoken to sternly by the father. When kids do the prom proposal. That shows they've put pepper they put thought into it there are good kid means that you really ally and now and and and and so if if your daughter came Poppins and Q and so. Really does the does Oprah polls it's on the Internet and got by thousands like some got a lot of. Hey that's good that's what you want your diet he really cares about me look down the idea that's what you want her lead in the goes probably that in does that got them watching out for a lit bit smaller tramples guys on the buzzer and generations to put in the work holding yeah. Okay what do you think. I bet he baton. I did not yet felt like I got on it like it got a few hours. You're dead Italian in you from Greece's every. Day and it. Definitely attended where you only ten. And allow a minute late with the lack exchanged. I. They got into our. That. We have added that it has. You have CNN generations on the minds devastating do.