Generations- Can you be selfish on Mother's Day

Monday, April 23rd

Generations: Advice, Opinion, Wisdom

If your son or daughter has a sports game or dance competition on Mother's Day would it be bad to skip it and instead enjoy a relaxing, quiet day to yourself?


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And vowed not to integrate. You need your advice opinion wisdom honest advice opinion we stand by generations this morning to 222899. Now it might be a little tough to be completely honest if the kids are around to happen. But if they're not. I really need your utmost honest. Mothers' day how selfish. Are you how selfish are you allowed to be on mother's step. And I feel guilty feeling the way really wanna feed eaten so that's why I need your help to 2228 men and okay. So Mother's Day typically in the same thing happens every year right to you typically have the same routine you seem expectations. What if your Mother's Day plans tradition and was ruined because of your kids'. Sports game. So. Moms. Who have kids who played lacrosse hockey baseball soccer whatever may be dance and if you find out there is a game scheduled on mother's staying morning. Crew. Kidney. Stadium bank did not go to the game is completely horrible to even think. You're telling me that one of these kids' sports events is on Mother's Day morning. I just know existed in my calendar yesterday because it's you know it's through the app where I automatically put in your calendar now whatever the games that and I'm like. Mother's Day morning. Yeah. No I'm not. Crazy. Another state hurting my mother's and look forward to crates chocolate creeps homemade in bed. Take my time getting out of bed in Anna hang out with my mom and my sisters it's the same thing every year for the last thirteen year. As you ever write to be selfish ends and do what ever you want in your girls are gonna be mad because you're not going there soccer game but yet you worked for nine months catching these things and bush and about. You worked at it due to service that should they should be memorialized every day for a show like you do anything you want. Phil go to soccer game we've just take a US apparent son the love for soccer. How many times these kids ally go to suckered you have to go because team miss in the split national responsibility that. OK so all mama. Yes you have to go to the soccer game because team this discipline that responsibility. Dislike you prix sedan you're leading by example doesn't matter what comes up for dedication is to a team you are there for your team and your team is team. Damn so you gotta be there with employee team. The one thing and we can't out of the entire here it's one and obviously. And yeah I think doesn't yeah. T whining that Enron you saw today on you can't take a bubble bath any other Davis mothers they can have grapes and the other Davis does not on my husband does occur commanding other today is the only acted now I feel are only been saying this outlet I know you're totally judging me eighty think that. Would in a mom want to watch their kids play. Now. Speaking I think guide to Dubai. That Christ is standing. Obama Yeltsin. Yeah to not go over and. I can get teach your kids on the team we kids go you're making them you made him join the team did did originally you definitely made him join the team and can't preach. Consistency and always crazy lessons went because it's mother's tea you wanna lay it's a lay in bed okay if it's due something's. Where you can turn it around on them you know and I mean Billick Al I have to do this because this is for the greater good okay but you're just doing it as yourself I don't lay in bed. Yeah is sent to where I want my homey and went the Stanley it and you know big smiles on their face and wake me up I am pretending am asleep but I am really awake listening to everything that's happening given. That's our morning and I wanna spend it is the fame with the family in the morning and then going out my mother and sister in the afternoon that's what we. Came on that sports people for scheduling points. These days. Game in the morning it is just horrible I figured it due to devise a total loyalty is little problems. Hey today is that today's your day. But stick your first Collins generations and generations and the buzz that your age. You have what do you think Richard angle on this. The evidence that now do you have a kid that plays. They are out there all that and while they are. And but Aaron soccer and I completely understand. And you don't we fear guilty at all. Okay. How do you tell me when that it tells them and be responsible and stick to others you know old stick to what they committed to all this other stuff when you decide. One not to do that. This Monday. And we are. Out. Yeah you'd ask consistent Xena don't try to teach your path you know Mike Helton said my husband my teacher mister show off dad whom he said I'd look at the calendar and it was just him and I never imminent. And not as he goes if it landed on Father's Day I debts I would not want to be anywhere else but I call. Well I think that's you still beat the you know its get out or. Home day care about her dad all the moral they are. Generation's. Art and what your age or is it bad that sandy feels guilty. I bet that she feels guilty but actually encouraged him if she signed my she great arm. He'd be up or supporting them as much as you cannot last like for that or Lou order's ready. A look at recently not to beat their view about. What Richard have a game under a anyway but it is what it is protected. Don't sit in the eyes return landing on the matter. Dad's try to act like Mary you know. Dick damage I'm at the baseball field by next week from people on August I don't I'm up quite well it got unlike the great all of them I watch him. It was a pair took it for crying when you're sick. Whenever I know I'll get my timely at the same lazy bums is. I don't have been. He you're daughter. They're gonna stay in bed it daughter knew your sister and whoever else is gonna go to the game your your husband. And she's gonna have big team off her down to life. I know I feel the I feel guilty even not wanting to guy I feel guilty and thinking a spike in you know it's honest I did it really exit be the. Employment he feels soft the shoe bomb three minivans is gonna score first goal then another and ten minutes in and then and then eleven minutes in her very first. Patrick were Eagles one game. Teammates I'm finally learn these skills. Go over to an antique butterfly chairs. And moms do in order it sounds. Don't guilty your sore easily guilty so just how VMware that forever it's gonna total hole in her heart for all exist in your Italian you used you couldn't you you succumb to deal very easy Leo this is the time to become the. Who you want to be someone if you want to stay home that day you can stay home and know what will happen when you go to the game I ever bench the entire time. And scan it all up knowing that mom didn't support her and you know what happens to daughters who don't get support from the parents couldn't go two ways you don't want to go one of those ways. If he or fall to cause. Some eggs generations owns positions and I devised what your generation. OK give us some wisdom. What a game and you can't Mother's Day what was your debt. Okay sandy. We are dads moms out there I got their own communities start should know art give up our respond. And with your phone. Company. And guys that elderly and Eric. Okay you shame all parents sandy all along and alma is they want pulled back a little bit known now know not let you do it. I think you just went to eat just rolled to Cincinnati Ohio and back for soccer you can have this Mother's Day Sunday off. It doesn't think the girls that your day. So guilty I missed wind game one game out of my daughter's entire career one game because I had a wicked migraine in I was in bad throwing up. And she still to this day reminds me of that and why any day now that have. Herman day yeah she shouldn't. Thanks event. By the budge on generations what your age. Okay what do you think should she take today opera there the soccer gamer now. I think there is perfect and put into the Oprah has been to pick the capable of the soccer field. But the big home right. Q who. I'd advise you on generations Oreo. And we do every morning this time what torture which I like gale the mommy guilt a strong here. I am pretty Nat and I think candy game and you and I. Thank you. Absolutely came and you can't read them bait. And I have Ali and Mother's Day and I mean it better advocate and all I. Partly to do aren't being accurate. Doesn't take you off though fifty sports and that they schedule a game where like it but sports is more important in family. Any. Mother olive according and it went in and it. Oh. I am and I. Don't. Sandy thank you you know you armor were quite but if you're my real wife and you stay home a job. Josh. Hello buzz here on generations which generation. Thirty yeah. So at their candidate mark that you make it earlier I. It's his means. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. That's right. I now see even if I didn't. Acts and be selfish I'd be laying in bed just thinking. Well no harm a mother and her mother Hannan and deserves and so I'm. Thank you and I'd advise would you generation and by the by. How the of what's your angle on this give us some wisdom. And I have eaten. Ten years after all week end and competition and my daughter and mother say that it. At our aim on other. Rob in carry on. Yeah that's how we all like it together and like boycott this like how do we allow it to get to this point. I don't remember my mother being in any of my stuff. On her intensity seen this it's time to like people are going to lie and it Dicey issue to the yeah basically what they're saying around that resonates. They're just saying that they had to go through it and they weren't strong enough to be little salters for one day. By the budge on generations what jurors. I am okay I'm. On third otter. And yeah there with a fake smile on my face now I'm going to be and so excited to be. I am. A student. And in and out of the moderate amount it. That's nice. I personally would. Third missile bloody Mary Jones Bryant seeding them on the non parent in the room and until better than.