Generations on the Buzz- Managing people older than you are

Tuesday, February 13th


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And found not Ginobili. Best generations out of five sets to Santo in sandy. City take on and people have been coming up to me. Left to rights and what the future it's like really cool he's good to hear individual opinions from the twenties and thirties. Generation. And and now forties and fifties generation enough. I think every time we put the subject up there you get a different angle. Yeah we do love to hear your advice opinion wisdom and it's a good question if you ever have a scenario that you Lannan put out there let me now someone wants that is the most valuable segment. In Rochester radio akin memorable ones Clinton than from her eyes and you certainly a case of this. Abuzz listener Katie. She has been promoted at work so she's now in charge of a small team of people I think she said five and her email Bible. Who are all. Older than she SOK. To be key. She says as she feels. Like they don't really reeks backed her authority because of her age. Super excited about this promotion. Being recognized from the managers. But now because she's in this tight spot and managing people that are older than her and many you'll have big epic company law and she had his. She feels like this is going to be a big struggle for her say even get the respect to gain the respect. From the people she's managing now because of her age. While. And how many times have you dealt with at that rate that's a very common. Common workplace it's in ninety situation. So array now twenty and thirty world's 2222899. Advice appear in that situation now or if you know someone who has. As a 28 year old yeah mama when I stopped at a high school and went off to do plumbing fulltime I already knew a lot of plumbing because they did it with my. Set they're growing up. So obviously I had a lot of ambition and drive getting into the workforce. Without my dad may have finally got to step job without my step dad in the same company that was worked for and been Alice going off on my quote own. Then all the ambition I showed they'd put me in charge of stuff pretty quick. And because of how knowledgeable I was going in ahead of a whole lifetime avid an advantage over other people yeah. So the guys that we're going to work. Just go to work to estimate the paycheck and go on they really care about. You know the the wheels of the company moving forward and stuff like that is wanted to make third twenty bucks an hour go home I was in charge of those guys and they were all all every single one older than me so. You tell us how are you Mike I think it was as early as nineteen. Charges you know I think T yeah he'd all of my god. Long kid telling me. Yeah yeah so it would be guys come out of either. Get laid off sadly from there. To and from the job that they were with for thirty years in new that would come to this company didn't just didn't make a paycheck and not really no plumbing maybe they knew some other form of construction by just so happens the plumbing division was hiring right anyway so hey Georgia's your helper for to battle in Georgia and he's like sixty something so bad and Omaha some did you feel it until it was uncomfortable at first Katie yes it is on I was uncomfortable at first had Billy Joseph paid George run to the truck and grabbed. The bigger. Piper and she had both if George wants a job and wants to work his way up to probably LeapFrog over you he needs to learn. The sixth site everybody else that's dealt list you know the push back and stuff like that but it I mean it was made it was my future in my career on the line and I'm still trying to. Yeah make a name for myself. So. It's really have to be a little selfish and in that moment where you Buchanan got the more you want to wanna be like you wanna be known as a good leader I think. But at the same time you're working for your legacy in your career and your future resonance stuff like that. 2222899. Is the number generations on the buys. Your generation of twenties and thirties as a root confirm right now. Chime in how would you feel if you're into an easier shot that situation. How would you feel OK but what advice do you give Katie and give us in this spot that's it either buys what you generation. Non. It's mag and I of that. And yet it. At my I don't is being in the attic earring and where you have employees don't under. Sometimes you're so worried about being. Recognized. And having authority you're forgetting that he'd call out when it. No you're may have went in and you're not paying and you've been there longer that. OK that's could so you're advice is really listen. To the feedback. Lean on your staff more than just take charge on the leader. Absolutely it part of being respect and I think a lot to do it giving respect if you wanna eat at a shown how. Hi you wanna be package etiquette that I. The question is can can anything be added to this can you add to that at 222299. Let's go to Disco generation. I. We're. Only 43. My experience with gut this whole work force generation difference. I recently. Worked my way. Earth for the past three years towards getting a promotion. Com and I skipped over a lot of people and a higher age group. Who are now not quite happy about it and now I see you deal with big ears. The hard work that I cook or. To get to where I am I am now putting the hard work towards. Helping them make this decision himself. On. Time exempting them. What are they accepting of it. Com some of them are actually. Someone who. The position that I am now currently garlic or agree we have multiple. Of the position where com. We. MI not doing a good job but unlike. There's some stuff that I wanted to do for a long time that now you get the opportunity to do out just wondered what would you do. To get the different now. So the message is the message really is the don't let up if you're there for a reason and keep doing whatever you did to get there and then everything will be okay. Yeah absolutely like it when it won once someone is struggling a change you have you have an extra second to go help that person not struggle anymore like. I'll means stuff but the play that guy Al AM and then whoever look at career shoulder that he will you do it. And Adobe they'll probably be impressed if it ready and probably respect you a little bit. Aren't very good advice thanks from the twentysomething appreciate amend 2222899. Were into the twenties and thirties. As us old people yeah let's go to him for two months and look all right Spiezio and see any generations on the buy side advice what strange term. You are right okay an hour now or at the wise he's a wisdom part of this. So you know. And led our younger and it led older and I've been managed by younger and older and what I have for me that I used in light as well as always remain teachable. No well and no matter what age group is in front of me or behind me or above mere baloney. Remain teachable be used to and to play and other people that'll continue to learn even from the younger generation. You know it's amazing. It sounds like such a simple thing to do but not a lot of people. Think about well you know we need is it ego gets in the way right. I mean my. Marriage they humility I can really and you want to eat then once you recognize okay well this person. Probably doesn't have as much experience as you but I got something and to land them in the position. Your right always be craving knowledge and teachable is perfectly sat down. Thanks and our shootout our you know he didn't write those down and put them on blacks of evil and hang them Mulder and true ways of attention to get those young kids when they get their best. I don't humility in the student but like other people at least a calendar or something I know about it and I blue blob laughs funny minute bit. Insulated and things are real and generations on the must itemize what's your generation. Oh perfect guy another good to what is your angles. My angle is is I think that dynamic and a company have a lot to play with that and act respectable be respected. And got to be how to act and what my company for twenty years. Ever hit within hurt when he. And she didn't discourage anybody she didn't downgrade anybody should Timor hand it to dot com. Arianna suck my boss is younger than me and has been for twenty years and that's Sandy's husband and I've always had ultimate respect because. He's in there because. He knows more than me about this so when always. Never even thought the age difference really. Series Saturday night an hour my husband work. Oh my gosh owners aren't treat everybody like Turkey on. He's as bad and believe. There was always a mutual respect I think there goes a long way. Yes dish huge dynamic change and it appears to respectable and you don't. These are people and in went down on them because hey I know are you into a. I think how do you act is how people are gonna act. And I think it depends on the company to appear whenever every night I eat. If you don't want to treat him nicely. You don't ever think about that age difference. You know yeah but if you come men and what you're. Still learning on the job. It kind of create a rift there it didn't take away from all your personal period. And doesn't open a whole lot of room to learn something new or respect that. But I advice great business. Greeted him into. Consumers should be in generations and.