Generations- Advice for an 18yr old who wants a Chest Piece Tattoo

Thursday, March 1st


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Out not Ginobili. You've got an angle rights 20s30s 40s50s. Whatever age you are. Everybody's got a little bit of wisdom. That's hardly new generations here 3 o'clock hour. And because she's about to turn eighteen. And she wants to get her first attitude that she's wanted for a long time in her eyes and your bikini team is no way a long time exists as an eighteen. But apparently you can talk about systems thirteen days as she wants to CNET do across their chest. Our eighteenth birthday what advice would you give her she's turning eighteen want to get a tattoo. Honor crossed her chest. There's. Thing is she she can weathered two parents say they should camp to camp right that's what I think what all waiting for eighteen in her eyes was was four. Known as a Tory something mr. stern would 222899. On the I signal for a single forego that to that you want it because they're gonna resents. Yourself for not doing it you've heart penalty I think most I think a lot of places if you're worried about either people judge you or. Corporate or perfection that big a lot more places are really accepting of people with tattoos in the near a lot more than they used to day. You know if you work for American pickers. And I think. Debt that I know somebody loses successful real estate agent she's a very successful reels agent for big companies that we all know and she is tattoos. Honor Chester back her arms and I think on our hands in some spots and she's very mention really successful in a white collar job. Do you regret your tattoo. You know the one that went how old are you when you get your area code. With 24. Point three yet imprisoned right. The guy. Slightly sensitive straight Erica and it's like yeah I think if you got 585 when you're I hit 73 TO on mine which is the New Jersey area this. Jar I didn't know what to get and I got it. While. You gotta just to get something yep pretty much. That's what it did you get a four seed. The regret is they're going to beaver brought down the road and when your eighteen can you really even do that are you even thinking future. Do you even if you were credit in ten years -- still enjoyed fret ten years like people what do we put it on FaceBook connect argument ball what does he look like winners seventy it's like okay. I'm always supposed to make decisions annihilate. Four went on seven years old from my seven year old so I must also enjoyed between eighteen and seventy all because I'm getting ready for seventy I think that's the little left and that's a little. Is it costs to our duty to trade 99. Which going over to pick out what I'd advise which generation. But I'm OK perfect so she wants a tattoo and to a supporter are across her chest issue and the for a lake shoulder this older oil and distillate chest piece yeah. We're Rihanna has got great. Aren't I I would ask if I haven't yet and it. I don't added that I. At eight out of it I lot Ed. Your belt ad may it very you're out of it in anger. A bit tired old. Apple iPad let in college. About what the I know I. Dramatically. IR AB. I way. Thought about and it and the idea or are a bad English is if I had my. I hate being that I that your attitude at least a year I had. I wouldn't have really added it as well began. I would think it buried yet our car did well about where opening it. Everett out but it in and out of your item right it would lead it I'll I'll read it as it. You have the the the tattoo of the spinal on the back your neck that probably won't go well especially if you're Arab. I I wanted as you write at all why they are I'd I'd I'd right. I did it but it Blair. I I didn't I want ill gotten it my way back it up it didn't like Ayers that well I don't know. I think you mean it would black out. People yet epic matchup that Abby bit and I machine that it be. Eyelid. I don't or burial. So coming coming from twenty something this generation. Do you who almost dead but haven't yet and advise against it. We I am I again and that the envelopes it's an. Thank you cool 2222899. Your generation. OK so it with the twenty star in the thirty's will be taken forties and fifties now to to Dubai is what's on that from the thirties. Perspective. Now I would being lying Hannity and highly active active and I want and leave it. And I. Got it. Animal is that two yeah once it's gotten her out eight senior and thanks. Yeah this the stamp right. Dad like and let all and meet or not at alignment error. And I I I I have either of them that. It. When I was older that I love and are more are. Not. Being poor they're coming. Meaning you can get like morning. We know and he teen and you get a tattoo are you really getting it just to say. I dotted. And it's kind of trendy more than it is meaningful when year older in life. And I think ally you know. Is the beauty of getting tattoos at different ages is no it okay this is the type of person that was lousy team and instead used when he five. So you regret putting up with it in your hair but without yeah. There are permanent pictures it I'm saying is that people that he was like a diary of life where. And what the butterfly. And and that I am. I I was immediately married and I call also have my wedding hours I knew. Blue. Dog. Hey I got an idea doctor Arthur over Allendale county the spirit of it freezers. My favorite power and mad part of my life that. Happy and I have a beautiful daughter out of it well I don't my. Okay are with the instrument from the perspective of thirties. Some think he's so much appreciated. By generations of the guys we take case by age and the forties and fifties to just late night. Q2 two sides. Your generation. I and okay. It at your. And then back into it at me. It really in. Real market and it it Matt Mack in what am I out about in your whole body or body. What you want it to make it. Something in that. Meaning of. It has a purpose and in more more than more than just star that's that's cool 101 of the well I. Our feeling when you're young and you make these bold decisions it's only because it is just that a bold decision that you wanna be quote kind of like. Rebellious about your mom and dad never let me do this right. All right my daughter on I want and I they're or body alarm and and you when he won an Olympic baton at I think thank. Etiquette or respect out expect I expect a lot of. You all god that's good angle triggered by older now make or not you know you and I. It's been caught red carpet of the need and that fact is nobody I know. You Berger I think cigar generations on the buzz. All right I'd advise what your generation. I am I eat boring here at all yeah. Yeah. Every pat I've thought about that Eric is. I would need my little old grandmother would it be a hundred. Let her eat pop wrinkled. And wondered about what that looked like a bad day. Oh yeah. Yeah. So that's got a weird to me go because I are supposed to live your whole life not getting what you want airwaves get what you want because they're worried about what you're gonna look like at the end. And checked gee. I don't important banquet at really rare that you didn't lie I. At all. You know I I go our red China because mice are and when he turned eighteen. He got attacked you and he got a tad too nudes. It's on his rib cage and it looks like part of the old. Roman wall that's been chipped away in the bricks are exposed. Whereas this it's this writing on an I mean it's in the Latin minutes like this he still love it yeah it was easier all it took me awhile to get used to it. And it is where you can't really see much got a shirt off. So old I was kind of against him at first and then he got a second one on one on as. In Iran and a shoulder there undecideds are winning way did you give him though he was asking Europe I said you could use MRI of her car payment. Yeah. All right things are. Private my eyed children can't get to all. You know yeah but no more for you right yet not OK I sort of the buzz thanks god generations.