Free turkey checkpoint in Brockport

Friday, November 17th


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Okay. Beyond the engine in the buzz I'm. Yeah I'm feeling when mussina. I'll play some guy had. It's an accident from Kuwait this morning news as their I don't know got a chart point oh. Oh no it and you feel guilty you don't like guys reverend. Registration and insurance card don't know I'm I had the new features can turn the corner under your wind should elect appointment June July August and took a moment does right. Right yeah yeah Palin. Did you pull up early earlier when does the. An external aren't familiar your registration sticker and then smelling your breath finally when they don't talk for half a second that is going. See if you're drunk yeah I don't do anything fraud you may intimidate the officers intimidate and. All that happened yesterday amber on board members there's a lot of well I've found britches and a bunch. You're coming up on the straightaway. There's a safety checkpoint. Checked the vehicle inspection and registration. And then. Next thing you know the car comes out of god. Now this tool from our car Mulitalo I don't know I don't know. And he digs indeed you bureau earlier went down completely but I MM MA and you'd be full blown frozen Turkey. Is he via Turkey. Period and out. Birdies. At this age and Wear rubber yesterday playing card please and good job. Every ten for eighteen cars went through they were done. In ten other free frozen Turkey. Believe it's awesome and really. Know they're jumping on this thirty daytime news channel a while. Awesome. While it is not an awesome move like that is great yeah it's a great look for the police Dawson. But I don't know if I would. Except it would you accept it. Yeah every people pretty specific. To that what size and what kind of Turkey. They're getting for Thanksgiving is this. If I said no we do fresh. And Mary and she's out there like why are you on the one usability side. Mario west side. Would you accept the Turkey coming many is really awesome of the officers Cyril. Handout just handout turkeys just for period now would you accept. He will now look I'm thinking about it. I guess if I'm not posting I can always throw in the freezer and heated cup and a weaker TO but I do think it be sick of Turkey by the end because Thanksgiving is. I mean in a couple weeks where do you think about which. Pam and whatever you fish whatever you for Christmas when some talk that he beat this Turkey when so. Offers something free. I don't know lately that I kind of think okay take this guy a move that you know that there we do fresh streak is my husband's a Turkey snap but. I don't want to have her look like a charity case OK so. I'm not kidding if an Oscar go okay old could think and easier. That's not your registration be careful with that it hit me Turkey yeah I think. Oh no don't give it to me I don't I know I don't still even though I don't I humble and I I would feel we're really adapting to Turkey when I really know I could afford it. When this happened we couldn't do last happens to employ a new details are going great and you yeah for another I don't. I mean I. Communist. Or do you guys call me up and Tommy got myself in a car you buy or. How do you know for inappropriate dressing can the bomb anybody out there by more than a Turkey on purpose is to have one in the freezer for later. Yeah it was a night that Turkey had brought four yesterday Audi that's. There is no only everybody I'm glad that anybody deny it or knows somebody who denied a sudden. Rockport police officer given Turkey so yeah like yeah. To be rude but just because it's. Weird to accept it 2222899. Or did you Stephen except attorney general is out there that would deny a free frozen Turkey. There are calls command you to do buzz is please go ahead by as mark and. Pastor Marty. I'd buy Sri album every year. That's the Smart idea there's you there some cheaper this way. Really the last one. I ate I mutual amend my driveway and I'd do one in I'll meant. Where have leftover Turkey sandwiches and IM HP's bottom or even. All of them are huge driveway. I have ordered convention all thank you that's awesome things around. Culture and I've object 100 KM length. It came to. And local grocery store they had a coupon for free wanna do it I'll bet you. And can my job actually give this one every year. Greek. Government to make an incarcerated yesterday opened metro Atlanta but it got everything. And that your religion. Hey how big kid and chest and even taken grossly out of the car. You. Are. Turkey's thank you to the high but is. Important game man chosen field. Just gonna make a recommendation that if you own. Workers do not deter you from the officer I would not favor them out of export import.